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M3LL155X - EP [FKA twigs] Album Reviews

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- shes an icon5 star

her best work

- FKA twigs is on a new level5 star

This is probably the most underrated EP i've ever heard. Keep up with the good work

- Possibly Her Best Work5 star

In my opinion this is FKA twigs best album taking weird and almost creepy sounds and imagery to create a surreal experience, while still keeping her music enjoyable. Some of the best tracks on the album are I'm Your Doll and Glass and Patron. Through the album she repeats the words "pose for me" words that almost sum up the album perfectly

- Strange, unique, unsettling, amazing5 star

I totally get a lot of the one star ratings here. FKA twigs' music is weird, really weird. It's unconventional and makes you feel funny in your no-no square. I can't help but love it. She's definitely not for everyone, but if you're willing to try something more avant garde and experimental (think a more sexual, more intense Björk), then I think you'll love this. I think what she's doing with music is exciting and original. Can't wait for LP2!

- Sounds very very bad1 star

Spooky and scary and demonish and pukey and just plain terrible. Give this away free and use it to kill bugs.

- Definetly not Mainstream5 star

To all the people giving this one star definitely are not giving it justice because this is not what they're use to. Stick to your own music because Twigs makes music in a very subjective genre. This isn't something that's going to play on the radio and in the clubs. This is something for a smart person to be challenged by and once they dig deep into it they will realize how brilliant she is. Her lyrics are deep poetry reflecting her life and her fame. The transitions aren't weird, they're formulated and yes they are ambient and psychedelic. That's where the beauty comes from. To anybody interested the Critics have given this Ep a perfect score, don't listen to the opinion of these basic Kristen Stewart loving chickens. Twigs is definitely a generation ahead when it comes to music, Trip hop is all over the radio now and I think more mainstream artists are taking note of her. Maybe this is weird now but when we look back on this I'm sure it'll be a classic. Nothing's creepy about the cover learn what art is not everything is going to be a nice happy photo shoot put in a square. Twigs really reflects the meaning of her music onto her album covers by getting he greatest photographers and artists involved in her projects.

- Inspired, personal, and visionary music5 star

FKA Twigs has stated that, as her music becomes more popular, it is liable to spread to people who won’t and cannot understand her; which is fine—she is uninterested in them anyway. M3LL155X, like LP1 illustrates that contradictory dynamic excellently: The songs are at once magnetic and hypnotic for many, and repulsive to others. (Some have even gone as far as to say her artistry is the work of Satan himself, blessed be his name.) It’s a testament to her talent that FKA Twigs’ work has elicited such a sharply divided response. She’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ for everyone happy that ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ won the Oscar. She’s that gourmet ish you buy because your partner always buys Folger’s and when you drink coffee you want to actually taste it. So if you’re the type who likes art that is both beautiful confrontational, then succumb to FKA Twigs’ siren songs collectively known as M3LL155X. You'll end up outside your comfort zone, and liking it. If you like your bubble just the way it is, then The Eagles’ greatest hits compilation is that way →

- What even is this1 star

I'm really ashamed that this pop-IDM stuff even exists, let alone be in the "Electronic" genre.

- Amazing5 star

Fka Twigs did it again and made an absolute incredible album😍.

- Best EP to come out of 20155 star

I didn't like anything FKA has put out before this EP. I didn't like anything from EP 1 or 2, and LP 1 wasn't anything special at all, it just seemed like boring barely produced art r&b. This, however, is her best work. It's braver, sexier, fiercer, and most importantly, it's evolved. Her vocals are stellar and haunting, the production on this thing is just oozing with atmosphere and majesty. It's glitchy and industrial, and each track is just so heavy and thick. It's one of the most infectious things to come out of 2015, and I really think that it's a must listen for music to come out of his year

- Best Work Yet.5 star

Just Excellent. Enough said.

- Queen5 star

Absolutely love her sound and Presence

- I am a woodland dark lord5 star

I love this EP. Makes me contort my body in weird positions. Mothercreep and Figure 8 are my favorites.

- GREATTTT5 star

This is honestly so good, u don't understand why some people don't like it! My favorite song from this album is "In Time" So freaking good!!!!!!

- Artistic5 star

This is such a unique style of music and the sounds and her voice are just so haunting. They give me chills! Congrats on this album. I love it! Especially Glass and Patron :-)

- A New Direction for Twigs4 star

The classic ethereal, spacey noise of FKA Twigs meets a new voice. In this EP, Twigs lets her shrills and wails become louder and her lyrics are more melodious and audible. This new production leaves an imprint of new value but erases classic Twigs noise.

- Famous because of her boyfriend1 star

I usually only write positive reviews to help promote my favorites, but this is so bad I have to warn the world! It is my duty to let you know there is nothing new or artistic or even enjoyable about this album. One song says "dress me up I'm your doll". What does that even mean and why is someone else dressing you up, weirdo? Her breathy, whisper of a voice is annoying and makes think she can't sing. They will give anyone a record deal these days.

- Ethereal5 star

I really hope she knows how beautiful and far out her imagination is. I love her and her music so much and I hope she doesn't read all this stuff other people write. I will never understand the criticism and negativity and hate. People who comment anything less than support confuse me so much. Who is anyone to restrict the space someone else occupies? Let freedom exist and advocate positivity, otherwise you'll stand alone with your mirrors.

- Was in love by the 2nd listen...5 star

I loved the first LP and was excited to check this one out…I won’t lie…it didn’t hit me with the first listen…not sure why. It’s more complex…for those who don’t like it I’d have to say they probably would find Miley Cyrus more agreeable. FKA Twigs is an ARTIST…if you want ear candy, you probably won’t like it.

- Beautiful5 star

Watch the video she made for the EP. She is amazingly talented

- Interesting!5 star

I found her new music to be quite interesting. I feel like the negative reviews though are from Kristen fans.

- FKA Twigs5 star

Amazing EP ❤️.

- Fka twigs5 star

Very impressed every song is excellent and you should listen to the whole ep for the best experience; favorites are in time, glass n patron, and doll. Can't wait for an full album

- Snatched5 star

My weave burned itself as soon as I hit play.

- Breathtaking5 star

It's really sad that people come here and review her work because they are little Twilight fans. Twigs music is melodic, haunting, evocative, creative, and beautiful. She has a light, lilting voice that spans octaves, and she pairs her vocals with beats and off-kilter sounds that lend a dissonance to her music that I personally love to hear.

- FKA Twigs1 star

Every song sounds the same. The voice is like cats mating. To high and screechy. Can't understand the words. This is music?

- Her best music yet5 star

What the title says. Glass and Patron is my favorite song off the EP. Definitely do yourself a favor and pick it up.

- Fka Goddess5 star

She's done it again kids. I don't know what all these bad reviews are talking about but all I can say is after listening to M3LL155X I experienced numerous eargasms. With her beat-dropping sounds and heavenly voice, Tahliah does not disappoint when it comes to this album. A+

- Killin it5 star

Her voice and creativity are astounding. And if you don't get it. Then that's a shame because this music is art. But it is only meant for those with an open mind and heart.

- Petrified...1 star

When I listen to this album (particularly "Figure 8") I feel like a young child in a dark room. afraid. PLEASE do NOT throw your money away on this "Music" (it's like buying trash)... This isn't music, It's the sound of every nightmare you've ever had. Think before you buy.

- Weird:/1 star

umm what is this her songs are odd and weird??

- Electric Possibilities5 star

I don’t know why I looked for FKA twigs — but I know empirically, her music — both EPs and the album — are ear worms. Literally. It’s good! Pick a sound and follow it, there are so many to choose from, and then it’s anchored on several hooks in a song. I imagine twigs and her people said, you mean we can do this this and this, on top of that hat, and on and on? Lovely.

- I am in love5 star

I am so glad I came across her on tumblr! Best moment of my life. Twigs is a visionary and freaking genius

- Pretty awful1 star

If I could give no stars I would, but sadly I can't. I really don't know how anyone with ears could vibe out to this.

- Addicted5 star

I have been listening to this EP nonstop….. watching the videos, i must also learn how to vogue

- Adore her5 star

I absolutely love her creativity, dedication, and passion in what she creates and does

- This EP is Gold5 star

Once again this isn't the type of music that's for the massive, this album has some deep lyrics that opened doors that I didn't even know existed

- Brilliant work of art5 star

Yet again twigs delivers more wonderful music. Fearless in her art and sound, it may not be for the more casual of listeners (as you can see by the opinions of some reviewers). I say put yourself up to the challenge and see what you think of it yourself, you may realize that you've discovered a talented and truly unique artist.

- this doesn't even deserve a star1 star

how do I unhear what I just heard #byefelicia

- can do better2 star

eh its 50/100 the album cover is v creepy tho

- Amazing5 star

Love her sound.

- Absolutely Not5 star

i bought this album as i was walking down the street and my weave instantly flew off my head and into oncoming traffic i am devastated. my local wig shop has banned this album due to all the wigs flying off the racks and walls. absolutely not.

- TERRIBLE1 star

I wondered what some of the fuss was about and decided to give her a chance, there are zillions of wonderful singers out there, she is not one of them, sorry.

- yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee5 star

best one yet

- Love it5 star

Wasn't disappointed, didn't expect to be. She amazing as always!

- Neo-Soul5 star

I've been waiting for this since LP1 dropped and hearing some of these songs at lollapalooza I knew they weren't gonna disappoint. Glass & patron and In Time are mesmerizing but Figure 8 is my track. The sounds of future with Tahliah's siren-esque voice beckoning us forward.

- LOVE5 star

This album is one of Twig's best yet! Fav song is "In Time"💕

- Refreshing5 star

Her music is hypnotizing and creative. The videos to this EP are amazing.. it's art.

- Twigs is too much for you; Let the adults talk please5 star

The fact that this intensely awaited release is pissing off people with user names like "ImSoFancyYouAlreadyKnow" weighs heavily in its favor. If I wasn't already familiar with Twigs's work, I'd probably buy this EP just because of the priceless responses from these folks. Apparently they've had their heads in jars for the past two years, because it sounds like these mouth-breathers are confused and insulted that this isn't easy, ready-made stadium teen pop. Where have you guys/girls been? FKA Twigs is NOT a mainstream artist. She has more in common with a panther or a direwolf than with any of the vocal pop diva teens of any generation. She makes beautifully twisted and artistically challenging experimental R&B, dance and hip hop, and her musical influences range from Portishead, Bjork and Broadcast to Aaliyah and Missy Elliot's famous work with Timbaland. I'm so glad so many people seem to be creeped out and unsettled by M3LL155X, the year in the making Young Turks follow up to 2014's LP1 (one of the best albums of that year). It means FKA Twigs has become successful not just artistically; not just commercially... But also personally. She is doing all the right things, and pulling them off without a hitch. This is one of the best releases of 2015. If you stumbled into this thinking you were gonna find some tasty Adelle-pop, go back in time, familiarize yourself with this whacked and wonderful artist, and give M3LL155X another listen once you have some idea of who this is and what she's set out to do. Brava!

- Awesome.5 star

I love how all of these Taylor Swift and Fetty Wap fans are dissing the album. Utterly hilarious.


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TyraBanksy - Great!5 star

This is very good. You can definitely see the evolution from EP1. She's more mature, more complex. I love this. I love love love mothercreep.

porcelains tramp - snatched5 star

scalped as usual by her true excellence

floralgoth - Best so far.5 star

I’ve known about FKA Twigs for a while and while I did enjoy her last couple projects, nothing really “wowed” me until now with M3LL155X. ‘I’m Your Doll’ is one my favourite tracks, her erotic and vulnerable lyrics work with the beat to produce an incredibly catchy tune. The track ‘In Time’ is Twigs at her most frustrated, with plenty of trap instrumentals. ‘Mothercreep’ is an all around well-written track. My only con is that the first track ‘Figure 8’ ends too abruptly.

eurythmic atoms - bow beside born bowie throne changes names5 star

bow your head, because i can see you all the same. where Bowie left off on Aladdin Sane, Fka Twigs picks it up and rearranges the game. trip queen hop scene avant garde underground, ethereal, visceral, evocative, and real; a songstress by name. I am Fka Twigs and I am inside your brain.

Garland67 - Oh dear......1 star

This music is very difficlut to listen to. I love unusual music but I can hardly describe the awkward sound on display here. She has a nice voice but the music does not do her justice. It's just too esoteric and clumsy. Sorry.........

Pincerz - EP33 star

Twigs nice job, I'm Your Doll is my favourite, keep up the art like no other and music that has the ritual too summon our animal spirits. See ya twigs!

EthiopianGoddess_XO - Goddess <35 star

FKA Twigs is the embodiment of perfection. Her voice takes me to another world. This EP is hypnotic, sensual and impressive, just like her. Well worth the $$

Pooki246 - Great!4 star

This is a great EP! Not amazing, but worth the listen!

MusicAddiction!! - Creative5 star

Every song is very unique and I love the production on this EP. Twigs outdid herself again and the 16 minute video that goes along with these tracks is very creative. Figure 8 & In Time are my personal favourites :)

Adrian Faz - Icy beats bouncing off of glaciers5 star

This EP must be geared to provide a sensory overload - I'm obsessed.

KingWray007 - Legend in the Making5 star

Queen. Exactly what the music industry NEEDED.

shamboksa - Wow5 star

Amazing as usual

Chivengi - Some of her best work.5 star

This EP is a new and improved side of Twigs and every song is very strong and amazing in its own way. Amazing project! My favorite is Mothercreep.

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