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NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:29
2. 3:46
3. 3:01
4. 3:48
5. 3:03
6. 5:25
7. 3:46
8. 2:56
9. 3:45
10. 3:08
11. 3:23
12. 3:13
13. 2:58
14. 2:39
15. 3:51

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate (Deluxe) Album Comments

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Incarnate (Deluxe) [Killswitch Engage] Album Reviews

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- Sonds Like another Great One!5 star

I like both singers, and most everything this band does. THanks Killswitch Engage.

- Ehh5 star

Disarm the Decent was amazing this album is...idk how to describe it..but Jessie’s screams sound more brutal on this album but the songs are blah to me unfortunately..and stop comparing Jessie to Howard they’re both amazing.

- Good but4 star

They need Howard back

- 1st review5 star

This is my first review as I really never cared to leave them. However I have to tell everyone that if you are a metal head and don't buy this one, there is something wrong with you. This is by far KSE's best album and one of my favorite albums to boot. Happy listening.

- Absolutely beautiful5 star

Killswitch Engage always knows how to create the most melodic, inspirational, feelgood yet heavy-as-hell songs. Incarnate's Hate By Design and Until The day reflects this vibe. \m/

- Loyalty rips off GoT's2 star

Great job copping House Martell's motto in GoT's...."Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Was this on purpose?

- About time!5 star

So glad Jesse is back in the band. Was not a fan of Howard and this album proves Jesse's vocals are far better. Really like the album!!

- Its Mushroomhead all over again5 star

People are so scared of progression and new eras. Howard was a great frontman and just from judging by Hate by Design, Jesse is going to be a great frontman. You guys are like Mushroomhead fans. You think that progression means that the band is ruining their once great sound, but really it just means that we're past the sound of the old album and we're moving on.

- Shred5 star

Your face off

- Still Love 'Em New Style Though5 star

Still love KSE they have always seemed to be able to find that perfect balance between harmonic vocals and screams. Also the harmonic vocals have an almost otherworldly punch of power to them Howard or Leach doesn't matter. This album as with the last, but especially this one, is not truly metalcore (sorry to disappoint). Despite the screams listen to the instrumentals. Now close your eyes and think to Pantera's 13 Steps, Walk, or The Great Southern Trendkill you still have the screams and the instrumentals are eerily similar to what you have here. This is if nothing else the epitome of thrash metal. Now combine that genre (one I grew up on in the '80s) with that perfect balance of screams and harmonic vocals (especially in this album) and this is definitely an excellent evolution in sound. As far as who really has more soul or heart behind their vocals (emotional power) neither they're dead even and that's why even though the voice has changed some that raw power is still there.

- Redifined your life!!!!5 star


- One of their best5 star

There's no need to mourn the departure of Howard Jones any longer. Jesse Leach's vocals are stellar, ranging from brutal screams to soaring harmonies. It's not only one of the best with Jesse on vocals but clearly an upgrade from where the band left off with Howard. This album is full of heavy, catchy riffs, well written songs and dynamic changes. Everything that has always been good about Killswitch Engage is here on this album. \m/

- Seriously!!?1 star

This is not the band I remember! Howard Jones was awesome! This is a huge failure... Every song sounds the same. Bring back the heavy breakdowns and PLEASE GET A NEW SINGER!!!!!

- The Shredder5 star

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!!! The tricked out Salem Witch Maxon OD808 is driving the 4x12s on this one as Adam has constructed some amazingly tasteful riffs. KSE are relevant, they are the vanguard. Love Hate by Design. And for all involved, both Jesse and Howard rock, this band is just pure power.

- Great album!5 star

People will have mixed feelings about this band, whether it's cause Howard isn't the vocalist anymore, or whatever reason. Personally, I think Jesse's been doing great in this band. Though I do think it'd be cool for Howard to do one last album with this band, I love that Jesse is back. He and the other guys in the band were able to bring me that same feeling I had with Alive or just breathing. Others can think whatever they want about this album or this band, but I love both the album and band. They carry something special that keeps me listening. Always (no pun intended lol).

- Vocals are atrocious2 star

Love everything except the vocals.

- So good.5 star

Went out and bought this album today and I gotta say this is freaking great! Jesse's vocals are so powerful and the lyrics always resonate with me and are easily relatable for others. This definitely isn't an album to skip over in metal this year. I'm going to say that this is my favorite album of this year other than Devildriver and Architects.

- Meh3 star

Man theve sounded horrible since Howard left its's so mainstream now.I'm dissapponted in Jessie he was decent when he was first in the band but now hes bringing the band down with this less hard more poppy BS.

- Wow KSE5 star

Unbelievable!!! KSE!!!

- a band that always delivers5 star

killswitch keeps on proving why they're a quality band. every album is a start to finish quality. this album is just as good. 100/10. worth the 12 dollars.

- Intensely awesome5 star

I know we all have our debates over who's better vocally and for a long time I have been a Howard fan, but I gotta say this album is they're best so far. Everyone of them are on their game and at the top of it as well. This album beats end of heartache hands down as far as rhythms and beats As daylight dies for vocals.

- We Carry On5 star

What an amazing song! Such a positive and uplifting record. Jesse is here to stay and for you Killswitch Howard only fans, you need to give this and the last record a few more chances because you don't know what you are missing. The last album has helped me get through some of the toughest parts of my life, and this album only gives me the hope to continue onward on my path as a positive determined individual. Get some Boys!

- Good4 star

Not a bad album but still prefer Howard over Jesse

- No Howard, No Buy-ey3 star

Sorry… just not a fan of Jesse’s vocals, really a shame, sorry KSE

- Fail.1 star

Yet another disappointing album. Should have changed their name when Howard left. I can't stand it, I have to change the radio when hate by design comes on.

- Hmm3 star

I have to say that this is a miss. The sounds seem muffled. Disarm the Descent was much more interesting to me than this. I like it at the first few songs but then it gets a bit boring. Overall it's decent, I'm just not going to revisit this.

- maybe3 star

heard the entire album from a friend. and im in no hurry to go out and purchase it. im a fan. just not a big as fan as i thought.

- Killswitch Killed5 star

Enough Said :)

- Yawn.3 star

Another album for octane.

- Love it!!5 star

This album is pure epicness I will always love end of heartache best but this may be as good if not better than alive or just breathing!.. KSE make life better

- AMAZING5 star

saw these guys live in kansas city last weekend and it was one hell of a show old and new music all mixed really well!

- Eh3 star

Few good songs but it really sounds vanilla to me, doesnt sound anything like killswitch, last album sounded way different

- Amazing album5 star

What more can I say! KSE always produces amazing albums. This one didn't disappoint. Have to say Strength of Mind is just NASTY! (In the best way possible) it always gets me pumped!

- If & When...5 star

KSE does a Greatest Hits album, "Alone I stand" NEEDS 2 B on it, along with a couple of songs that the band did w/ Howard Jones!!! Click yes if you agree!!!

- Top 5 favorite albums of all time5 star

This album is one of the best albums I've ever heard! I love it!!


this is some stunning metal

- FANTASTIC!!!5 star

I didn't get into Killswitch Engage until The End Of Heartache and have been a hard core fan ever since. I have all their albums and this is by far in my opinion is the best. I love the entire album...there isn't a song on this album I don't like. Matter of fact they haven't come out with a song that I don't like. The first two tracks...MIND BLOWING!!!

- Yes5 star

So much better than the last one maybe better production not sure but just sounds better good job guys

- Eh2 star

Better than the last KSE album. Miss Howard. :(

- Finally, A return to greatness4 star

This is what the last album, jesses return, should have been. This album carries the emotional spirit that made us love them so much…It great when a band evolves musically but when they lose that core emotional spirit that made us fall in love in the first place…its over…The last album was a disappointment for me personally. But this seems to recapture that old familiar feeling i used to get. And I am not referring to riffs or beats, I am referring to the feel, the emotional impact of the message as a whole. I Hear that again with this album.

- Killswitch misses Howard3 star

Don't get me wrong I really love this band but it doesn't have that feel when Howard was there. That being said, the album is good but Jesse is known for his screaming and mix of the band with occasional singing. On this one it's just to much. Just my opinion but disarm the decent was better and this is probably one of their lower end albums.

- Eh3 star

Why did Howard have to go he's so much better then Jesse is now sorry Jesse liked you when you first started up now idk what happen dude

- Mind Blown!!!!!!5 star

This album is by far one of the best albums I have ever listened to by Killswitch Engage! I am just amazed and can't stop listening to it. The other albums are great to but I like that Jesse came in and just went in with a bang! 🙌👌👌😁😄😄

- Killswitch!!!5 star

There's definitely some new stuff on this record which is awesome. After all this time as a band they could've just easily just phoned in another record but they keep pushing themselves to get better. Incarnate definitely shows how far they've come. Well done fellas.

- KSE fan5 star

Good stuff. Hard to live up to all the awesome music they've made over the years.

- KSE4LIFE5 star

Have every song every album best band ever. This is album is so so brutal a must have!!!! 🤘

- Bad2 star

I love the guitars, but the vocals are just horrendous

- A W E S O M E5 star

Buy this, Buy this, Buy this!! Support the band! Great album! Great guys too! Love this record. Jesse is awesome!

- Killswitch Delivers again!5 star

I have been following Killswitch since my freshman year of high school, when I first discovered “As Daylight Dies” from an iTunes suggestion. Since then, I have bought every song and album they’ve put out, and I am not disappointed by anything they put out. Incarnate is arguably the best work they’ve ever done, which is hard for me to say, when you can stack it up against the staple of metalcore, Alive or Just Breathing, especially when you’re me and you got the “Top Shelf” Edition with bonus tracks like “Untitled and Unloved” and the track that dethroned my favorite Killswitch track “Rise Inside” with “When The Balance Is Broken”. Incarnate brings back the grit that AOJB had, but unlike most of Killswitch’s positive outlook lyrics in most of their albums, this one is probably their darkest and feels more personal than any of their other ones, touching on themes of violence, rape, loneliness, depression and anxiety which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. The album kicks off with “Alone I Stand”, which talks about resisting and walking your own path, and ends on either “Ascension” for the standard edition of the album, which is a message to find your calling, or, if you got the special edition here, ends on “Loyalty”, which I believe was used for Game of Thrones if I remember correctly, which kind of self-explanatory. Probably my most favorite tracks on the album here are “Triumph Through Tragedy”, which is borderline deathcore, “Embrace The Journey…Upraised”, “Quiet Distress”, and “It Falls on Me”. All in all, this album is what you expect it to be from Killswitch Engage, with the same formula they’ve been using for the majority of their career (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?) Although their are a few tracks that aren’t as strong as the others, this is my favorite one from them to date, which is hard to say when once again, putting it up against Alive or Just Breathing. 10/10

- Great Album!5 star

The riffs are great and the songs have great hooks.


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lnbtrum - Awesome!!!5 star

Love this Album

Nub4Life - Tight and Hard AF5 star

Excellent album. Beyond expectations. Thoroughly impressed.

Zelta - Any True Fan5 star

Would know that this release is the best KSE album ever released. The End Of Heartache and As Daylight Dies will forever be masterpieces, but this is the KSE album to top them all. There really is no contest when it comes to the songwriting and musicianship on this album. This is the defining moment for this band and it is unlikely that they will be able to top this album in the years to come. Could not recommend more if you are a fan of metalcore.

jeangraf - Ok, not as great as Disarm the Descent3 star

Its an ok album with some cool parts on it. The intro riff to “Hate by Design” is one of these cool moment, sounds a bit like a homage to the late Jeff Hanneman - quite a bit of 90s Slayer in there. While listening the first time to Disarm the Descent, I had many “f**k-yeah" moments, this album I had to warm up to and still have more “yeh-ok” moments.

Block4375 - Perfection!5 star

This album is perfect, front to back, beginning to end. Every song is perfectly constructed, from the insane guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats and Jesse's killer vocals. Like wow... He's always been good but this album shows how much he's improved, even since "Disarm the Descent" in 2013, which was another amazing album. Great job guys! Can't wait for the next album 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Nink chi - Metal is trash1 star

Every song sounds the same. If ur among the ppl who from the start enjoy metal then ur call but I highly recommend u don't start trying to get into it. Unless u want to hear 5 guys in their mid 40's scream to a chopped and screwed Elvis beat I suggest u listen to some good music

0101001100 - Exceptional5 star

Another solid album. This band is a well oiled machine that shows no indication of wear and tear.

Mightydenis - Masterpiece 👏5 star

This monster of an album is an 11outta10! Excellent follow up to "Disarm"! Where other "similar" band have opted for a more "radio-friendly" version of themselves killswitch puts petal to metal once again!!! The music is killer, Jesse is an animal and AdamD is an evil genius! WELL DONE GENTLEMEN 👏👏👏👏👏

TREVG88 - Wow.5 star

This album is awesome! Love the sound. great job Killswitch!

Renren981 - A gift to ears and heart!5 star

Guys, this is an another masterpiece! I'm a big fan since 10 years now and never get disappointed! This new album is a pure art again!! Good job!!

Burley D - Times of killswitch5 star

"cut me loose" my personal fav....I'm getting a "times of grace" vibe from some songs...not complaining...just kinda makes me want Jesse and Adam to do another album!!

BaseTown2 - Yes5 star

"Cut Me Loose" and "Alone I Stand" are such cool songs, looking forward to the rest of the album :)

Noah big D - Killswitch engage5 star

Damn, killswitch engage never disappoints me. Great singles, can't wait for the album to drop!

Dustymma - So far , so good!4 star

2 singles are great can't wait for album to drop !

ChrisMo99 - 🤘5 star

Can't wait for the album to come out!

commishiswise - the price is right5 star

always quality metal and at a time when most bands only release 10 tracks for digital sale they drop 15…there is a reason they got 5 mil followers on Facebook alone nevermind the legions that hate Facebook but love killswitch…. gonna be another grand slam….

Donal555 - Masterpiece5 star

First 2 singles are epic, can't wait for the album. Way to go Killswitch, living up to high expectations.

Moses8 - Not a bad song on this album5 star

This is just awesome to the max.

Boof18 - Could possibly be album of the year5 star

First two songs are f%#king amazing from the first listen... Then the rest of the album just grows on you every time you throw it on.. Reignite makes you wanna stage dive into the nearest crowd.

Linkin park sexy - Mosh pit where you at5 star

This could easily be the Metal album of the year

Chunford - Everything you wanted from them.5 star

They absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one. Jesse's the best he's every sounded, some tracks are the heaviest they've sounded... you need this in your life.

ChloChlo92 - Love from Australia!5 star

Amazing. Top quality stuff!! Haven't been this excited for an album in a long time and I'm incredibly impressed!

Bronco2211 - Excited!!5 star

Can't wait for this album to come out!!

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gabriellahtarrant - Solid Album5 star

🤘🏼Purchase well spent. I can listen to this album start to finish and not have to skip a single track. They still have that classic KSE sound too 👌🏼 highly recommend.

Stumpy252 - Killswitch forever5 star

Absolutely love this band, definitely my favourite band, it was Killswitch that got me into this style of music and it coached me on a personal level to be able to deliver my own vocals in my band, could never live up to Jessie though, but Howard was good aswell, keep rockin it guys and Thank you!!!

Hugh Jarse - Fantastic album - a grower5 star

My fave KSE albums are AOJB and Disarm - and this carries on from where Disarm leaves off. Some nice variety, great hooks and melodies, and memorable and uplifiting lyrics. Best band. End of.

LonelyStoner. - 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻5 star

My favourite band of all time haven't released a song I dislike. So glad that they've written another powerhouse of an album, this really demonstrates that Jesse is not in Howard's shadow and that the band will still continue to make great records.

Thesimpletonnamedsimon - More depth with each playthrough5 star

If you're in favour of Howard over Jesse then listen to Devil you know instead. This is the development with Jesse that I always wondered about when he first left. They're a different band to when Howard was there. However they still come up with chaotic discord which morphs into melody and harmony. Beefy riffs, monstrous drum beats and meaningful, spiritual lyrics that I can associate with. Thanks KSE!

TheTorn0utlaw - Blown away5 star

Massive fan of Howard more than Jesse, but this album blew me away with how well made it is. Disarm didn't really cut it for me compared to AojB album but god damn, worth the purchase. 11/10 would listen to again.

Bruboy - Good album but sad to say it's not their best4 star

The more I listen to it the more I like it, it is a grower. Looking at the other reviews, there seems to be a divide between fans of Jessie and Howard. I became a fan of KSE during Howard's "reign" and KSE quickly became my favourite band. After getting their back catalogue, it was only then I realised that Howard wasn't always the frontman. I do like their earlier albums with Jessie and he is unquestionably talented, but for me, As Daylight Dies is where the band peaked. I will always be a KSE fan and always look forward to hearing new material but I personally dont think this is their best.

Soulblades - Awesome!!!5 star

This new album is ace their best work yet I'm glad Jessie is back he made it better but Howard was great \m/

Crzyfsts86 - Incarnate5 star

Awesome album from KSE Heavy and hard with true lyrics don't believe sparky150689 he can't be a true fan if he prefers Howard.

Mr Morrow - Amazing album!!!5 star

So glad Jessie is back. I didn't mind Howard but for me it's Jessie all the way. This album is epic best thing I've heard in years!!! I'm afraid if I keep listening to it I may like it more than alive or just breathing and that is my favourite album in my collection. Keep up the good work guys. I think your peaking 😝

Mike Snotfactory - Bit bland3 star

By KSE’s high standards this seems quite a bland new record. Some decent tunes, but seems to lack the standout moments of their last album. No need to bring back Howard, just need to get some better hooks.

RLV503 - Awesome5 star

A great album! I feel like I can relate to the lyrics alot, and Killswitch Engage have blown me away once again!!!

mattyu2010 - Classic Killswitch.4 star

Absolutely loving the first three songs released and they all sound like classic Killswitch tracks. What an amazing band, and what amazing musicians. Not rating 5 as the whole album isn't out yet, but I would if I could.

Sparky150689 - oooohhhh dear !1 star

all im gunna say is bring back howard jones for the love of all that is metal and sacred PLEASE!!!!!

Sonus User - Great first two songs5 star

First two songs are great. Really good follow up album in the second spell with Jesse back in the band. Heavier than the last album but with more melodies squeezed in. Can’t wait for the rest of the album and hopefully a UK tour!

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