Big Thief - Masterpiece

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Artist :   Big Thief
Album Name :   Masterpiece
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   27 May 2016
Country :   USA

Masterpiece (Big Thief) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Little Arrow Big Thief 1:58
2. Masterpiece Big Thief 3:50
3. Vegas Big Thief 2:19
4. Real Love Big Thief 4:17
5. Interstate Big Thief 3:24
6. Lorraine Big Thief 1:53
7. Paul Big Thief 3:03
8. Humans Big Thief 3:23
9. Velvet Ring Big Thief 2:35
10. Animals Big Thief 2:59
11. Randy Big Thief 3:09
12. Parallels Big Thief 4:23

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  • Brian Swaldi is an idiot

    This is a great album. In Brian's Swaldi's review of Hamburger Helper, he gave the product four stars for being so "helpful."
  • Raw emotion on every track

    I Got Rocks
    This is my favorite album of 2016. Every song has a melodic quality that draws you in and keeps you attentive. I saw Big Thief live in San Antonio and they did not disappoint. Lyrics, rhythm, this album has it all. I can't wait for their next one.
  • Pretty good

    Dont read the BrianSwaldi review, it's really dumb
  • Heard them on NPR

    Heard them on NPR tiny desk series and had to hear more. Really good set of songs, especially "Real love" and "Masterpiece".
  • Never heard them before

    Ethan Helenihi
    Saw an ad on my instagram feed, a small 30 second audio and totally felt it. Reminds me of an early/mid 2000's rilo kiley. Also an Saddle Creek! Pretty good indie alt band.
  • You saw the masterpiece, she looks a lot like you

    Fish >((((">
    How can you deny such a great line?^ Fantastic title track to a stellar album. Tender, honest, and not at all lacking on the rock factor. No wonder NPR loves them
  • Masterpiece?

    Do you know how bad of an idea it is to call an album "Masterpiece"? If you do it, it had better be Exile on Mainstreet level awesome. You can only call yourself the greatest if you're Ali or Jordan in the music world. It's not for a slightly less than average and fairly boring album. And if this is their masterpiece, that's not saying much. The album lost a star rating for the total lack of tact and thought that went in to the title.
  • the biggest (fan)

    biggest (fan)
    eeeeeeeeeeeeee this is so hot hot hot and will only get hotter

Big Thief - Masterpiece Album Wiki

Masterpiece, magnum opus (Latin, great work) or chef-d’œuvre (French, master of work, plural chefs-d’œuvre) in modern use is a creation that has been given much critical praise, especially one that is considered the greatest work of a person's career or to a work of outstanding creativity, skill, profundity, or workmanship. Historically, a "masterpiece" was a work of a very high standard produced to obtain membership of a guild or academy in various areas of the visual arts and crafts. .