Blind Pilot - And Then Like Lions

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Artist :   Blind Pilot
Album Name :   And Then Like Lions
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   01 January 2016
Country :   USA

And Then Like Lions (Blind Pilot) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Umpqua Rushing Blind Pilot 4:14
2. Joik #3 Blind Pilot 3:18
3. Moon at Dawn Blind Pilot 4:07
4. Packed Powder Blind Pilot 3:36
5. Don't Doubt Blind Pilot 4:04
6. Seeing Is Believing Blind Pilot 3:30
7. Which Side I'm On Blind Pilot 4:09
8. It Was Enough Blind Pilot 3:48
9. What Is Yet Blind Pilot 6:07
10. Like Lions Blind Pilot 4:52

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And Then Like Lions (Blind Pilot) Album Comments

And Then Like Lions (Blind Pilot) Album Reviews

  • Excellent Album

    Maniacal Mini Master
    I was excited to find out that these guys released a new album. I found their previous record a while back and couldn't wait to hear more. This has a similar sound to what I'm used to which is a huge plus for me.
  • Wonderful return!

    Mr. Saturdays
    I love Blind Pilot and was worried they might not return after 5 years with no new album. This was totally worth the wait though. It is beautiful lush rich sounding ear candy. I think the band has really stepped it up without changing or altering the sound we've come to know and love. The lyrics are well crafted and touch and the most human emotions of death, love, joy, sorrow and wonder. It's a blessing to have heard this band and to get new material from them now. I hope they continue to make music and be in our lives for a good while. My favorite is Packed Powder and Then Like Lions. Brilliant works of art.
  • Great Stuff

    Love this band, every few months have to listen to them start to finish, now another great addition to their collection. Saw them live and happy to report they are very talented performers not just recording artists. Though they were opening for someone else--a travesty. I left before main act came on. And I like to think if they must be Lannisters, they're mostly Tyrions...
  • Perfect. Just perfect.

    Words can't describe the beauty and sentiment of this album.
  • Beautiful

    This album makes me want to rip the soul out of my body and give it a big hug while we both cry uncontrollably. This group is amazing and keep getting better!
  • Simply Gorgeous!

    Gabe Cano
    I love Blind Pilot and this new album is wonderful!
  • Another great album

    Vasiliy gr
    Great for summer nights
  • Remarkable album from a remarkable band

    This latest album from Blind Pilots is unique, beautiful, and soul-stirring. It is a piece of well-crafted musical art.
  • Love the whole album

    Look cat
    Love every single song ❤️
  • One of my favorites bands, but they dropped the ball here.

    I Adore Blind Pilot. they introduced me to the beauty of their genre. 3 Rounds and a Sound is something I've listened to, at the least in part, daily for almost 4 years. Unfortunetely, And Then Like Lions, to me, may as well have been one, long, mediocre song and I was very dissapointed. Most of the songs sounded nearly the same to my laymen's ears (I'm no musician, so the nuances of the instruments are not something I'm well aware of) and I was disspointed repeatedly as each track ended. I'm not sure what direction we were going making this album, but I'm just not feeling it. Much love for Blind Pilot and their sound though, I'll never stop listening. Until next time.

Blind Pilot - And Then Like Lions Album Wiki

Blind Pilot is an American indie folk band based in Portland, Oregon, United States. They have released three albums and one EP since 2008..