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Parachutes is the Grammy award-winning debut album by English rock band Coldplay, released on July 10, 2000 in the UK and on November 7 in the U.S.. Parachutes quickly shot to number one in the United Kingdom, staying in the top ten for thirty-three weeks. The album produced four hit singles: "Shiver", "Yellow", "Trouble", and "Don't Panic". In the United States, the album peaked at only fifty-one on the Billboard 200 yet, it still managed to sell over two million copies within a year. Parachutes won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 2002. It was placed at #14 in Channel 4's 100 greatest albums of all time and in 2006 at #33 in NME's 100 greatest British albums. Despite the album's critical and commercial success, lead singer Chris Martin said that Coldplay looks beyond Parachutes. "We know that's terrible music," he said, "and we always try to think about what we can do next."

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Parachutes (Coldplay) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Don't Panic 2:17
2.Shiver 4:59
3.Spies 5:18
4.Sparks 3:47
5.Yellow 4:29
6.Trouble 4:30
7.Parachutes 0:46
8.High Speed 4:14
9.We Never Change 4:09
10.Everything's Not Lost 7:15

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Parachutes [Coldplay] Album Reviews

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- It’s good

So Yellow is my favorite Coldplay song. It ventures into slightly abstract concepts and that is what makes it so good. You don’t need a lot sometimes. This album proves that. Yellow is the stand out here for me. It’s one of the few songs that I still have a personal connection to. Everything’s not lost is also pretty good. The album can get a bit experimental. For example, Sparks is kind jazzy. I think it would benefit Coldplay to get in touch with their roots more often. Good first impressions are what this album is all about.

- Yes.

This song is amazing. Definitely should listen to it. 💕

- Can we get 6 stars?

This was my very first album and it's still my favorite. Why don't they do albums like these anymore. Like, we need more stuff like this.

- I need more stars

This deserves six stars!

- At their best...

They peaked here in my opinion, nothing sounded as raw as this album. I will always love this album.

- Is this magic

Is Coldplay hacking my mid right now?! This album is pure litty Fire!!! This is so chill and calm and relaxing and is super great! Coldplay you are the best! Keep making music till you simply can’t anymore! After all this being said I do miss the old chill rock or just rock at least from Coldplay. The new pop stuff is good, but this is a lot better and shows more talent!

- A classic

I tend to disagree with those who say this early Coldplay band sound is but a distant memory. I think various songs on their later albums call back to their classic parachutes sound. That is, a sound that achieves so much with so little. Parachutes may be the most successful minimalist album of the century. Rarely venturing any further than dry guitar tones and a simple acoustic strumming pattern, each track is simple in its approach to melodies and rhythm and doesn’t lose itself trying to prove anything, which is remarkable for a debut album. As for Chris Martin’s lyrics, it’s the cherry on top of an album that’s simply a delight to kick back to.

- ❤️


- Amazing!

This has to be Coldplay’s best album and my favorite album by them! Yellow, Sparks, Spies, Shiver, Trouble, and Don’t Panic, are my favorites. 💛

- Great Start For Coldplay

Amazing Album I’m glad To Hear Coldplay Since Pet Shop Boys Put their Viva La Vida Remix

- Classic Coldplay

Coldplay is awesome!

- I’m Susy

Love you Coldplay

- Thank you

For agreeing for this song to be used in CRA.

- This album is amazing

This is one of my favorite Coldplay albums for a Rascón, it’s so good!!!

- It’s probably really good.

I can’t stand Coldplay. I’ve tried to like them. I’ve really tried. But I can’t. I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Imagine Dragons, having memorized every song THEY put out since 2009. I’m also a fan of The Score, and I like lots of songs from AJR. Many fans of Imagine Dragons and The Score are also fans of Coldplay. I’ve tried my hardest to like this, but I just don’t. It’s probably amazing; I just don’t hear it.

- A good work of cohesive music

This album marks what made Coldplay great once. Music that is relevant to real life and not electric dance music. Songs like Shiver and Yellow connect well with real life. The whole album is a great comprehensive piece. The latest Coldplay albums not so much.

- Amazing Band

I got into Coldplay when viva la vida came out and didn’t listen to parachutes till later and it is in my opinion Coldplay’s best work. 10/10

- Please respond to us


- Art in sound form

Every track is irresistible. I could go on and on about how amazing this album is. My favorites are spies, trouble, everything’s not lost, and high speed.


The album is a snooze. I'd check Hopes & Fears by Keane Instead.

- You know I love you so

I think Coldplay is one of the most influential artists of the 00’s decade. Coming from a man who has primary been involved in hip hop and hard rock, I would say Coldplay is an alternative group with some intimate melodies and underlying meaning in their lyrics. Yellow is a classic hit that really set the tone for the decade of music to come and the Parachutes record was a great beginning for a band that has not ceased making quality music since

- Incredible!!!

Wish they sounded like this all the time ☹️

- This is not Pop album

Itunes says it's pop album. Actually it's not pop album.

- The most beautiful album I've ever heard

Sooo good

- Masterpiece

What a masterpiece, this album is truely a gem

- Fantastic album

What's wrong with iTunes, making this masterpiece be in the "pop"genre and my purchased songs are gone.

- I Miss This Coldplay

I miss this iteration of Coldplay. Their newer stuff has not attracted me whatsoever.

- Total Chill

I was introduced to Coldplay via this album in college, and I've been a fan ever since. I still revisit Parachutes often and it's one of the four Coldplay albums I can listen to the whole album without skipping tracks. (Viva, Ghost Stories, and Rush of blood...being the others) "Trouble" is probably my favorite here, but "Yellow" and it's earnestness is great, "Shiver", "Spies" and "Sparks" are standouts as well. Great album for all chill activities!

- Put me to sleep

Unless I wanna go to sleep I don't see what's so appealing about this album.

- Amazing

My favorite album

- Great...

Except for yellow

- Coldplay

The album that started it all!

- Still great!

Coldplay has always been one of my favorites, the songs I personally like in this album, are Don't Panic, Spies, and Everything's not lost. Don't regret buying the album at all. I hope you like this album as much as me.

- Amazing for a debut album, they really grew after this!

My personal favorites from here are Sparks, Shiver and Yellow, this album is simply unforgettable!

- amazing

again great

- Great begginings

This is the album that couldn't go wrong since there aren't old and new fans here. This album is a fantastic debut album Featuring dark vibes And alternative guitar work from Johnny Buckland Great tracks like Yellow, Shiver and Trouble Shows off Chris Martin's great falsetto voice And all of them are equally great!

- A Masterpiece!

Every track on this album is great and transitions perfectly to the next. A great debut album from Coldplay to kick off their amazing career! Recommended tracks: Dont Panic Shiver Trouble High speed Trouble

- YES!

even after all this time, this is still a masterpiece. still in love with the album, actually in love with all their music to be honest

- Wow!

16 years since this album dropped!!

- No words

Wow, just wow. Coldplay you are the best band that there is and will ever be I can't even begin to explain how AMAZING this band is. This is such a great album Top 3 songs in this album 1. Yellow 2.Don't panic 3.Trouble

- Terrific!

An amazing debut album by the greatest band of the decade! Great album!

- Umm

Uhh, what happened to this album and the other ones? This one says it's a Pop genre. I already this whole album, but it's telling me to buy it again?

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- Classic

Such an underrated album, don’t panic, spies, yellow they’re all amazing

- Amazing

My favourite Coldplay album along with Viva la Vida because there isn't a single song that disappoints

- For You?

Why isn't the song 'For You' on there? Or did I mistake it for one of the singles that came from this album? Anyways album is still amazing!

- Essential

Terrific album and sound...the start of something album that can draw u back years later because it's alive and quiet both with it

- Breakthrough album is a classic

Not just filled with classic songs, but a classic album overall. Would have to be in the Top 10 of the naughties. Had Coldplay not made this album, they probably would never have surpassed Nickelback in terms of greatness and popularity. I

- Coldplay

This album is completely amazing, with lots of great sound flowing through the whole thing. My person favourite is 'Shiver'

- Best album that is consistent in quality

This album will always be their best. every song is unforgettable and should've been a hit. shame they've changed direction in recent years. hopefully when they come to melbourne they play songs from this album

- 10/10

Amazing album!!!!!

- Perfect

Coldplay is Amazing!

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- Parachutes

A brilliant debut album from the boys

- Still holds up today

Re-listened to this on a whim and I can’t believe how good the WHOLE album still sounds. While there other material has progressed and hey have moved on as a band. This album has to be one of the greats. The starting blocks for what they would go on to achieve

- The Best

The nostalgia of this album is real. I haven't listened to it in roughly ten years since I was younger but I still remember all the tracks and most the words. Best £5 I ever spent!

- Spot on!

If this is not one of, if not the best album they've ever done then I'd be shocked!! Worth every penny!!

- A masterpiece

This is a very special album to me. I was six years old when this album came out and it is still good to this day. Nostalgia relived to whoever grew with Coldplay, and it's a must listen to anyone else.

- One of my favourite albums!

Every track on this album is fantastic. I have so many memories of this record from when I was a teenager. Great times and great music. Thank you for the memories Coldplay!

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