Lindsey Stirling - Brave Enough

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Artist :   Lindsey Stirling
Album Name :   Brave Enough
Genre :   Dance
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   19 August 2016
Country :   USA

Brave Enough (Lindsey Stirling) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Lost Girls Lindsey Stirling 4:35
2. Brave Enough (feat. Christina Perri) Lindsey Stirling 4:23
3. The Arena Lindsey Stirling 3:52
4. The Phoenix Lindsey Stirling 4:04
5. Where Do We Go (feat. Carah Faye) Lindsey Stirling 4:15
6. Those Days (feat. Dan + Shay) Lindsey Stirling 3:46
7. Prism Lindsey Stirling 3:32
8. Hold My Heart (feat. ZZ Ward) Lindsey Stirling 3:29
9. Mirage (feat. Raja Kumari) Lindsey Stirling 4:22
10. Don't Let This Feeling Fade (feat. River.. Lindsey Stirling 3:36
11. First Light Lindsey Stirling 3:23
12. Love's Just a Feeling (feat. Rooty) Lindsey Stirling 3:49
13. Something Wild (feat. Andrew McMahon In .. Lindsey Stirling 3:44
14. Gavi's Song Lindsey Stirling 4:32

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Brave Enough (Lindsey Stirling) Album Comments

Brave Enough (Lindsey Stirling) Album Reviews


    I love her music she is so amazing with the violin. First light is a truly inspiring song while the arena always gets me pumped and happy. I just can't...she is so talented
  • Concert!!!

    Can’t wait to see her LIVE Friday! I ❤️ Lindsey.
  • IM IN LOVE 😍

    bebe Dream
    I LOVE! That’s all I can say! I cried to Something wild. Keep it up!
  • Ths is so cheesy!

    Why s this in the Dance Music section? It should be in Pop or next to the Coors. NO DJ IS PLAYING THIS!
  • Violin Maestro!

    Lindsay Sterling is brilliant with her music!Those Days,The Arena and Lost Girls are some of my absolute favorites!

    I really love Lindsey Stirling and listening to her AMAZING music!! This was definitely worth the wait!! Love you Lindsey!!!

    I loooove this soooong!!!!!
  • ❤️🔥❤️🔥🎻🎻

    OMG Prism is absolutely SPECTACULAR
  • Amazing

    Carmon Shadows
    Lindsey Stirling has done it again!!! Her amazing tracks are filled with an amazing melody and a hard beat! This is what I call music!
  • Seriously Amazing-A work of true art

    Every once in a while you’ll see something unique, but Lindsey combines some of the most different musical elements- dubstep, electronic, and classical- to create something so sheerly unique and beautiful that she was able to make her music her life. People pushed her away for the same reason others absolutely adore her- she’s different. I never ever want to listen to another artist again!:) Jk as long and Lindsey’s there somewhere! I love how she’s able to collaborate with other artists and still receive the spotlight in her songs. Also how she comes from a humble background and tries to understand and meet her fans- unlike most other artists who honestly don’t care about the people behind their success. Lindsey is truly unique and has created an amazing community of Stirlingites who know what it means to support each other to the end. I hope she knows that we will support her forever and ever!!!:):):):):) I love this album and the tour especially because of all the love and effort she put in it. She was grieving for her best friend and still she wrote the album and planned the tour and learned all the dance steps. She’s truly one of a kind!! I know most people are upset and sometimes angry about the amount of guest singers but im not BECAUSE i know SHE wrote those words and SHE was behind all the vocals so really i dont think that it took away from her talent because she is talented in SONGWRITING and she wrote those songs so really its all her there! Thank You Lindsey Stirling for all you do for us!!! I hope i get to meet you someday!

Lindsey Stirling - Brave Enough Album Wiki

Brave Enough is the third studio album by American electronic musician Lindsey Stirling, released independently on the imprint Lindseystomp Records on August 19, 2016. The album features Christina Perri, Dan + Shay, Lecrae, and several other vocalists. The album is composed of six instrumental tracks and eight tracks with featured vocalists. .