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Artist :   Various Artists
Album Name :   Pete's Dragon (Original Motion Picture S..
Genre :   Soundtrack
Tracks :   28
Relase Date :   12 August 2016
Country :   USA

Pete's Dragon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various Artists) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Dragon Song Bonnie "Prince" Billy 2:28
2. Something Wild (feat. Andrew McMahon In .. Lindsey Stirling 3:43
3. Nobody Knows The Lumineers 3:08
4. Something On Your Mind St. Vincent 2:59
5. So Long, Marianne Leonard Cohen 5:38
6. Gina Anne Bosque Brown 2:40
7. An Adventure Daniel Hart 3:04
8. Are You Gonna Eat Me? Daniel Hart 2:31
9. Brown Bunny Daniel Hart 1:01
10. Reverie Daniel Hart 2:52
11. Tree Fort Daniel Hart 1:03
12. North Star Daniel Hart 1:25
13. Bedtime Compass Daniel Hart 2:15
14. Timber Daniel Hart 1:19
15. Breathe Daniel Hart 2:27
16. Gavin Knows What He's Doing Daniel Hart 3:42
17. You Are Not Alone Daniel Hart 1:58
18. Elliot Gets Lost Daniel Hart 4:26
19. Takedown Daniel Hart 1:44
20. It'll Be Just Like It Used to Be Daniel Hart 2:03
21. Follow That Dragon Daniel Hart 3:01
22. Elliot at the Bridge Daniel Hart 2:19
23. Abyss Daniel Hart 1:35
24. Go North Daniel Hart 1:44
25. Saying Goodbye Daniel Hart 5:03
26. The Bravest Boy I've Ever Met Daniel Hart 2:46
27. The Dragon Song Revisited Bonnie "Prince" Billy 2:34
28. Candle On the Water Okkervil River 4:01

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Pete's Dragon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various Artists) Album Comments

Pete's Dragon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various Artists) Album Reviews

  • Big Fan of the Original - Big Fan of the New One

    Great soundtrack overall - I love the music for the film. However - this rendition of Candle on the Water - is worse than a hipster trying to play guitar for the first time. This person can not sing, and this is really a poor version of this classic piece. Helen Reddy is probably completely baffled as to why this was the direction they decided to go with this newer version. It's awful - it's not good - but the rest of the soundtrack has some good music from the movie and a few good songs - but just steer clear of this Candle on the Water. The movie is not very similar to the original, the only similarities are that Pete has a Dragon. It's still a good film - the Original is best, and will always be BEST I
  • Gem 💎

    Nobody knows was good, but Something Wild was INSANE! Lindsey Sterling’s genius EDM violin music andAndrew McMahon in the Wilderness’ awesome singing voice? Epic.
  • Love it

    I love the movie and my dad loved it also it had great message on the movie I also love the song something wild when I heard on the ending credit.
  • Wonderful music

    Nea walker
    Loved the sound track of the movie 🐲❤️
  • this movie was kinda cute and had feeling!

    🎵ITunes player🎵
    i like ''something wild'' allot!... but candle on the water, yeesh... sorry it just... i.. its too slow and not like the classic... and it... nope sorry the singing's too Country and etc.... sorry.. nope.
  • Candle on the Water cover

    Jorge Bor
    Wow...someone took a dump all over that song. Hopefully Okkervil River never records anything ever again.
  • Don't listen to the bad reviews

    This is a great soundtrack love it so much
  • Yes!

    I saw this movie with my friends and we enjoyed it.
  • Beautiful!

    Ok, so if you were hanging your expectations on getting a new and beautiful update of the lovely "Candle on the Water" you will likely be disappointed. Whereas the original was a poignant little ballad of friendship, hope and loyalty, the remake is dirge like and funereal. It doesn't however feature in the new film, fortunately. That said, this album, like the new movie is otherwise beautiful! I am loyal to the original movie but I tried to divorce myself from expectations once I realized it would not be a musical. It is an entirely new story and setting and wonderful in its own way. Give a listen to "Something wild" which is upbeat and bouncy and also to "Reverie" which contains the Elliot and Pete flying sequence. I've seen the new movie twice and, while I was unsure of it the first time, once I saw it again with my little girl, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it for its own sake. Enjoy!
  • Petes Dragon

    Chris rockway
    Dose anyone know what track is used in petes and Eliot flying scene.

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