Weezer - Make Believe

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Artist :   Weezer
Album Name :   Make Believe
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   10 May 2005
Country :   USA

Make Believe (Weezer) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Beverly Hills Weezer 3:16
2. Perfect Situation Weezer 4:14
3. This Is Such a Pity Weezer 3:25
4. Hold Me Weezer 4:22
5. Peace Weezer 3:53
6. on Drugs Weezer 3:34
7. The Damage in Your Heart Weezer 4:03
8. Pardon Me Weezer 4:15
9. My Best Friend Weezer 2:47
10. The Other Way Weezer 3:16
11. Freak Me Out Weezer 3:26
12. Haunt You Every Day Weezer 4:37

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  • Ha! What a joke!

    This is total garbage. For God's sake why, Weezer?!?! No song on this album is tolerable. "Beverly Hills" is just garbage pop music, and other than that trash, no other song is notable. If I were to delet anything from this universe, it would be this cancerous album. The entire Weezer fanbase agrees, too.
  • Way better album than anyone thinks

    This is the most fun weezer album and it's not bad in any way. Raditude however was trying to be fun but did not succeed at all

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Make believe is a form of play. Make Believe may also refer to:.