Jake Miller - Overnight

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Artist :   Jake Miller
Album Name :   Overnight
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   7
Relase Date :   19 August 2016
Country :   USA

Overnight (Jake Miller) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Overnight Jake Miller 3:37
2. Good Thing Jake Miller 3:57
3. Parade Jake Miller 3:28
4. Could've Been Me Jake Miller 3:24
5. Superhuman Jake Miller 3:21
6. Tell Me You Love It Jake Miller 3:30
7. Astronaut Jake Miller 3:34

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Overnight (Jake Miller) Album Comments

Overnight (Jake Miller) Album Reviews

  • Love you Jake!!!

  • GREAT.

    emerson day
    this album is fireeee 🔥
  • Get it 🖤

    Love. Be proud 🖤
  • Jake Miller

    Great album! Such a talented guy! Can't wait for your debut!
  • Jake Miller is great

    Jake Miller is a great singer. Overnight is my favorite song on this album and he is cute.
  • Awesome EP.

    "Overnight" is an amazing song and the EP is a banger!
  • The Best

    I have been a huge fan of you since you came out. Overnight is one of your best albums yet. Make the music that makes you happy. That's all that really matters.
  • Well

    Sorry but no :/
  • Seriously

    Ryan Conklin
    Why is this popular
  • Underwhelming

    I remember listening to Jake's song A Million Lives. I feel in love with it. Now I come back and I see a generic version of Shawn Mendez and also basically what everyone else is singing about and what they look like. Don't get me wrong I still love Jake, but he got noticed from his inspirational rapping, not what he's selling now.

Jake Miller - Overnight Album Wiki

Overnight is a 2003 documentary by Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith. The film details the rise and stumble of filmmaker and musician Troy Duffy, the writer-director of The Boondock Saints, and was filmed at his request.Duffy is presented as a victim of his own ego, and as the film progresses and his fortunes fade, he becomes increasingly abusive to his friends, relatives and business partners. According to co-director Montana, "Troy seemed to revel in the attention of Hollywood's lights and our cameras. Only three times during the production did he ask not to be filmed. It was on those occasions that he threatened us.".