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Artist :   Pastor Marlon Lock
Album Name :   Unleashed
Genre :   Gospel
Tracks :   7
Relase Date :   19 August 2016
Country :   USA

Unleashed (Pastor Marlon Lock) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. You Covered Me Pastor Marlon Lock 4:26
2. Be with Me Pastor Marlon Lock 3:35
3. Running Back to You Pastor Marlon Lock 3:31
4. Do Pastor Marlon Lock 3:08
5. Get Yo Praise On Pastor Marlon Lock 3:42
6. Hang On Pastor Marlon Lock 4:48
7. Hang On (Remix) Pastor Marlon Lock 3:37

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Unleashed (Pastor Marlon Lock) Album Comments

Unleashed (Pastor Marlon Lock) Album Reviews

  • Refreshing!!

    Good to hear a fresh sound within GOD's music! Blessings and congrats my man. MILWAUKEE stand up!!! S/O to all who had a hand in this project, you all did an amzing job.
  • Angelo

    Best album I heard in a long time!! Every song is good!!
  • Self employed

    Great Message

    Tamika Glasper
    Giving me so much life right now, Great job Pastor T!!
  • A different spin on gospel

    This album is the perfect example of what's missing in the Gospel world today. For a long time, gospel music has been placed in a box of "this is what it's supposed to sound like." Every now and then, you'll get artists who venture slightly outside of that box, but none willing to go all the way. This album steps completely outside of the box, and is going to touch people who don't normally listen to gospel… Which should be the goal! People will be drawn to Christ by this album...great work!
  • Outstanding!!!

    All I got to say is pop it in and just press play!!!
  • Pastor Marlon Lock Unleashed

    Amazing Project
  • Love it!!

    Thaddeus Hannah
    This Project is sooooo Hot!! I love Every song!! #OGHBYRG

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