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Artist :   Paul Pfau
Album Name :   See You Better - Single
Genre :   Singer/Songwriter
Tracks :   1
Relase Date :   19 August 2016
Country :   USA

See You Better - Single (Paul Pfau) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. See You Better Paul Pfau 3:11

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See You Better - Single (Paul Pfau) Album Comments

See You Better - Single (Paul Pfau) Album Reviews

  • See you better

    Awesome song. Beautiful writing. Can't wait for the release!❤️😘
  • Flawless

    Case G.
    Absolutely beautiful sound, and haunting lyrics. Definitely a perfect ending to a great American love story! ;-) Highly recommended!!
  • Great

    Aloha Y'all Marshall
    Love this song. I'm a fan of Paul's strong, distinctive voice and this is my favorite song yet!
  • Loved this song!

    Heard it on Sirius this morning, had to check it out!
  • Pfantastic new song from a talented young man with an old soul

    Ali Olasin Scott
    Paul's music never disappoints. Pfans have been waiting for new music and the 'Great American Love Songs' cannot be released soon enough. This single is a great teaser. 'See You Better' combines truthful lyrics that hit all the right emotions for someone who has been married for decades and it offers a beautiful melody that you can listen to on repeat over and over again.
  • Can't get enough of this song!

    Paul Pfau is an artist who deserves much more attention! This song beautifully captures a lifetime of love. Can't wait for the full EP in September! #GALS
  • Such a great song!

    Beautiful song from Paul's upcoming Great American Love Story EP! I heard him play it live and it touched my soul. The studio version sounds just as good! Check it out. Lovely...
  • Tells a story

    Skinner me
    Such a great song - tells a beautiful story about how much love a man has for his wife and how much better she looks to him each day:night ... A great love song! A must download
  • Another great somg by Paul Pfau

    Can't wait for the album!

    song is great and tells a wonderful story!

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