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Artist:   Bruce Dickinson
Album Name:   Skunkworks
Genre:   Metal
Tracks:   24
Relase Date:   19 February 1996
Country:   USA

Skunkworks (Bruce Dickinson) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Space Race 3:47
2.Back from the Edge (2001 Remastered Vers.. 4:15
3.Inertia 3:03
4.Faith 3:34
5.Solar Confinement 3:19
6.Dreamstate 3:49
7.I Will Not Accept the Truth 3:44
8.Inside the Machine 3:27
9.Headswitch 2:13
10.Meltdown 4:34
11.Octavia 3:14
12.Innerspace 3:31
13.Strange Death In Paradise 4:52
14.I'm In a Band With an Italian Drummer (2.. 3:52
15.Rescue Day 4:09
16.God's Not Coming Back 2:16
17.Armchair Hero 2:42
18.R 101 2:06
19.Re-Entry (2001 Remastered Version) 4:03
20.Americans Are Behind 2:51
21.Inertia (Live) 3:53
22.Faith (Live) 3:23
23.Innerspace (Live) 4:10
24.The Prisoner (Live) 5:44

About Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks Album

Skunkworks is a hard rock album released in 1996 by Bruce Dickinson. Originally, Bruce intended for Skunkworks to be the debut album of a band by the same name. However, the label would not publish the record under any other name than Bruce Dickinson. Consequently the album sounds quite different from Bruce's other solo works. Most songs in this album have the central theme being science and/or related themes. Furthermore, the songs are relatively short, with most running around 3 minutes. ..

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Skunk Works is an official trademark for the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs (formerly Lockheed Advanced Development Projects). Skunkworks or Skunk works may also refer to: Skunkworks (album), alternative rock album by Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks project, a project typically developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of innovation.