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Back from the Edge (Deluxe Edition) (James Arthur) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Back From The Edge 3:53
2.Say You Won't Let Go 3:31
3.Prisoner 3:58
4.Can I Be Him 4:06
5.I Am 3:11
6.Train Wreck 3:28
7.Safe Inside 3:42
8.Sober 3:06
9.Phoenix 4:09
10.Let Me Love The Lonely 2:52
11.Sermon (feat. Shotty Horroh) 4:32
12.Remember Who I Was 2:58
13.Finally 4:21
14.The Truth 4:20
15.Skeletons 3:57
16.If Only 4:03
17.Coming Home For Summer 3:49

James Arthur - Back from the Edge (Deluxe Edition) Album Comments

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Back from the Edge (Deluxe Edition) [James Arthur] Album Reviews

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- This hits different

This is a really good song. When I first listen to it I got chills down my spine and was really surprised how good he was!!


I love it so much I can’t even describe it! (I’m listening to the album while writing this btw). Train wreck is my absolute favorite song right now, I loved it so much I decided to look more into James Arthur and the album Back From the Edge just touched my heart, it’s so beautiful. I love his voice and the strong emotions he carries in his music. I never thought music could be so beautiful until I listened to this. I listen to music all the time, I love it so much, and some how this album made me love music even more. I love this album so much! ❤️❤️❤️

- best music

hands down one of the best artists out there, dude deserves so much more recognition.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best EvEr!!!!!!! Say you won’t let go is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

- ❤️


- Tone of VOICE!!!

The mellow dark yet soft sounding voice he has is AMAZING!

- Oh mayyyy GAWD


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Don’t ever give this song hate. And the people that hate is just sad because they can’t do it the same way.

- 💕❤️🥰

Songwriter ahead of his time ❤️ I Am, Train Wreck and Let Me Love the Lonely 🤯🤯🤯

- 😍💯🤩

Please do another album your voice is amazing! This album literally gives me life🤩😍😭😍😍

- Keep it up!

Really great! He is so creative with the lyrics and the best is perfect!

- I love your music

I love you and your songs

- Love!

Love James! This is a great album!!!

- Amazing!!!

My favorite artist by far.

- James arther is just sO AWEsoME

First james arther song i ever heard was say u wont let go and i loved it right away.I want to rate him 100000 cause hes so good at singing


This album is the best thing i have heard in years crazy talent 🙌🙌

- One of the best singers I’ve heard these days.(no autotune)

The best singer by far these days. No autotune like the rest of the artist that are today. Love his music!!

- Nice to hear you

This album hits a level of the best of you. No puppet masters heard in the background just great music and words set to an honest heart .

- Talent

James vocals are goals.

- Pssst... James?

Next time you are with Calum Scott, I’d like you both to FaceTime me. I have some interesting questions about your song! And Calum I miss you! Ashley misses you!!! Texas awaits!! Since I’ve heard your song... it’s an all the time favourite! Who writes songs like these?!

- well done James

i live your new music James! i love how you put your emotions in to your music and that’s what made me love your music. your music helps me get through my day, and that i THANK YOU! for. keep it up man i love your music! 👍🏼

- Sweet


- Underrated and Underappreciated

Everyone loves "Say You Won't Let Go", which to be fair is a gorgeous portrait of everlasting love, but I feel like no one talks about "The Truth", "Safe Inside", "Can I Be Him" (I -CRIED-), "Coming Home for Summer" and ESPECIALLY "Sermon". James Arthur is just a master of these angsty yet beautifully satisfying ballads, and I for one cannot wait for his next work.

- Inspired

Absolutely love the album

- Woah

So catchy

- Powerful

Just powerful...

- Awesome

This is the best song ever and I can't believe you're not popular I hope you can be popular summer day and thank you

- Engaging, exceptional gem

Delightful, romantic and gives me all the feels.

- *screams and singing at the same time*


- Incredible

True feelings and brilliant vocals!!

- Dude.. Unbelieveable

Idk if I’m the only one.. but does anyone notice that he sounds like Michael Bublé in his low register? But this entire album is amazing.. I’d there’s any two songs that you should hear, it’s remember who I was, and let me love the lonely!

- Eep

Kinda bland tbh

- Best artist in the world

Seriously I’m very picky about the music I like but James Arthur is hands down the best artist/musician to ever live

- Long live the king!

Amazing album

- pulled me out the"Train wreck"

Amazing voice to heal the hopeless and learn to love themselves again!!! 😍😘🙌🏼Thank you James😘❤️️

- Amazing

James is amazing

- 💜❤️

He has one of the most amazing voices ever.


I'm in my 50's, and I absolutely love this voice!! I saw his audition on the X Factor for the first time today and went searching to see if James had an album. I knew with that voice he would be in the music industry! Thank you, James! I purchased this album. Way to go kid!!❤️

- Undeniably beautiful

I just don't have the words to explain it, the entire album and its raw emotions speak for themselves.

- Madaaj

One of the best albums of 2017! I just love it

- New fave- LOVE

Loving this album! So genuine and beautifully written.

- Say u won't let go!

Adore his voice particularly in this song. When he promises breakfast, I can imagine his puppy dog expression.

- Amazing

Simply amazing.

- That voice tho🙏🏾

Beautiful lyrics to go with that gritty and bold voice! Just glorious

- Yes


- Best album of 2016

The creativeness and lyrical twists keep coming throughout the entirety of this album. The vocals deliver and the emotion is truly felt in every song.

- OMG💖💖💖💖


- Trash

Worst song ever

- In love


- 🔥LIVE🔥

OML, I thought this album was fire🔥, and and immediately assumed that it was edited✒️ to a crazy amount! Boy, was I wrong❌! James Arthur came to Indy✈️last night 🌃and performed live. It was one of the best 👌 performances I have ever been to in my life!! 👤I am so proud 😊 to say that James Arthur is my favorite artist!💖💖🎶

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Didn't know of James until the X Factor, just happened to Youtube winners just to check them out and found James. Even at his young age then his voice was awesome, emotional, and different. I absolutely love him, I have everything he's put out availalbe from iTunes. Can't go wrong buying this album. Can't wait for his next full album. Everyone makes stupid mistakes, and he's learned from them, so move on and give this album and him a chance you won't be disappointed. Absolutely love him.

- Gross

This song is so cringey and annoying and is just an anthem for h*rny white girls. The lyrics are so cheesy and belong in a teen's romance movie.

- Amazing voice and meaningful lyrics.

By his look I thought he was a rapper but as soon as I purchased say you won't let go on iTunes and read the above little piece saying that he had one X factor I purchased the album. What an incredible voice. I was not disappointed it is one of my favourite cds and my four-year-old son absolutely loves it as well. As it turns out he also does rap LOL. Just not on this album :-) I saw him live in Toronto in 2016 and he was great. Unfortunately I arrived late to the OneRepublic concert and I'm totally missed him but I'm sure he put on a great show. :(

- So overplayed

Liked it at first then the radio killed it

- Ed Sheeran meets ROCK!!

This isn't pop. It's rock. It's soul. It's Ed Sheeran meets rock. He's awesome. Buy it. Buy it. I'd give it 10 stars if I could ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Drop more songs album is to good what's the hold up???

- Great stuff!!

Love this album sounds great

- James Arthur

I've been following James since his X-Factor win, such great talent and so misunderstood. I love this album and its truly his best one yet. Some of my true favorites are, Can I be Him, Safe Inside,Remember Who I Was, and Train Wreck, these should be on the radio! You will not be Disappointed. Truly inspiring music!

- Say you won't let go

Amazing voice ❤ love you James ❤

- Excellent achat 😍

L'un des meilleurs cd des musique. J'adore tous les titres de l'album. Une voix mélodieuse remplis d'émotions.

- Fabulous


- James Arthur!!!

Wow...wow...wow. I find it amazing that James Arthur didn't hit world-wide fame with his first big single 'Impossible'. If you haven't watched the 42 minute journey through UK X-Factor, it is a must see. You can find it on youtube. Also worth checking out on youtube is his live, acoustic version of 'Impossible'. As you can hear in 'Say you won't let go', 'Can I be hm' and 'Impossible', James' voice is up there with the best of the world. I came across him a year ago online all the way from Canada and I haven't stopped listening since. I hope he will tour here!!!

- Lit af

This album is by far one of the best ones I've heard in a long time

- Wow💯

One words: WOW😍

- Hot!!!

As soon as I heard James on the X Factor I fell in love with his voice. And I was so excited and happy he won and he got the recognition he deserved. First album good, but second album fantastic. Well done. ☺️💥👏🏻

- Fantastic voice and songwriting

I preordered, I was not disappointed. It was worth the wait, the journey may not have been easy but the result is beautiful and powerful - voice and song writing. Pure talent, great to see it shine through, I can't stop listing to it.

- A Must Have

Such a great talent. His voice and vibe is truly amazing and is super underrated. Forever a fan. 10/10

- once you hear it you can't unhear it

The perfect cross between Zayn and Michael Buble's voices!!!

- Awesome!

Another great accomplishment. He is so underrated. Keep them coming James. Long live King Arthur!

- Similar Sounds

Bought this Joseph Arthur and couldn't help but notice the similaries in vocal stylings to Josef Salvat who released a great cd called Night Swim in Feb. of this year.Back from the Edge is ok...but if you really want to listen to greatness...try Night Swim.There are a few good tunes on Arthur's but overall I give it a " nice sensitive guy in a hoodie sideways thumb"


Safe Inside is so beautiful along with the rest of the songs :) I ♥️ you James

- Safe and good

I feel like he had limits with this album, he is such a versatile artist he can do pretty much any style.. but still, not disappointed.

- Amazing!

Love this whole album!

- great!

only 3 songs out and already bangin asf. good on you, james.

- 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Amazing.... That's all I need to say

- Operation C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K

What a voice!!! There's not enough good words in the world I can use to describe this man. I cannot wait for this new album. It's been a tough few years for him, but what's past is past, and it's time to move on. Still hoping that James will make it big here! If he ever comes to Calgary, I'm there in a heartbeat.



- James Arthur

This singer is SO underrated, but SO good!! SYWLG is a true diamond, and he WILL be an all around the world superstar!

- When I was young this is me

I had a crush on a boy in my class but later that year he went to a different school and that broke my heart 💔 Ps I’m a fan of yours

- Amazing

Love love love

- Breathtaking

Absolutely gorgeous. On repeat 24/7.

- Say what you will

James much has been said about your growing pains as an artist. But this is simply, truly, plainly, a superb pop album. This is a first class act of a true artist. An overwhelming, powerful, tour de force. If you achieve nothing else in your career - and you will - this was mountain top.


I don't know why everyone else is complaining. It has heart and soul poured into these songs.

- Great Album

Love all the songs and can't wait to see what he does next...

- Go James

Great songs. ❤️️👏🏻



- So good

Definitely worth the download - beautiful song I could play over and over again.

- ily

great song

- sounds exactly like another song

the verses in this song r sooo similar to in your arms by envy

- Heartfelt, passionate, emotional, virtually impeccable.

This is an album that comes around very rarely. Someone with this much emotion and passion in their music, making it so easy to believe every word sang, is as refreshing as it is unexpected. A pop album that shows the desperation of a man not fit to deal with the consequences of fame. Love, regrets, anxiety, addiction, suicidal tendencies- James covers it all, with a crazy voice that can adapt to basically any beat. Do NOT pass this one up.

- Amazing

James Arthur sings from the heart in this album and his voice is amazing, every song is worth a listen, flawless album.

- Worth the wait

Love his songs

- Great comeback

After a few years absent he's back with a new album and it's heart felt and raw everything a James Arthur album should be.

- Excellent

10/10 great album. Amazing voice

- Shitest song ever

This song is so bad it should not by on iTunes

- This is it!

OMG! I love it! His voice!!!

- Looove this song:)

Finally, a song by an actual man about real love instead of some stoned teenage boy rapping a song about a stripper on a motorbike. <3 this song!!!

- Loveeeeeeee

Such an amazing artist ! Love these songs so far they are so beautiful ! Best vocals 😍

- Stale

Boring, generic not good, don't waste your money

- Boring

Just boring.

- Loved it

Loved James on X factor his voice is so unique. Excited for his new album just know it's going to be heartfelt and genius.

- Finally!!!

Love this guy!! Sooooo happy to see a new album :)

- Amazing

Is about time we got new stuff! 😁

- yawn

sounds like every other song that has been released for the past few years

- Great

Finally creating his own style of music. If you like this song, I highly recommend you download his previous work. The James Arthur Project - Undiscovered Acoustic

- <3

Love this heaps !

- Beautiful

Gorgeous song.

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- Love This Album

Excellent from start to finish

- Rubbish

Rubbish album couple of great songs the rest is rubbish

- Mixed Thoughts

Quite frankly I don’t actually like the guy. When I hear him sing I can only hear the cigarettes he has smoked however I will give him some credit for his determination. Yes he may be a homophobe but good on him for getting back up.

- Can’t wait for next album

I absolutely love every single song on this album 🤩🤩

- Awsome


- One of the best albums out

Truly believe this is one of the best albums written

- Yuk

Less than a year old and already £3.99 lol. Should have yellow reduced price stickers all over it...was £3.99 now 20 pence! I still wouldnt!

- James Arthur is the worlds greatest ❤️

It's a beautiful amazing emotional album it makes you think, smile, omg cry and it makes you think.James is an artist in his own category you can't put him in any except his own ❤️💋

- Wow

Best album I've heard since Ed Sheehan X. Love all the songs. Back to his best. Want to see him live now in concert that is 👍

- Who buys from homophobes

What a load of tosh from a homophobic none talented wannabe pop star - this will be over before you know it. Longevity is not seen in your future - whenever he appears on radio i have to switch over - sorry cannot support bigots.

- Every song is amazing. So catchy!

Heard various songs released on the radio but finally got around to listening to the album after hearing 'Sober'. So glad I did, just as good as his first album!! Well done James :)

- Awful

Forgettable drudge from him again

- Back from Edge!

James Arthur - the worlds most talented, genuine singer/songwriter. The most beautiful, humble guy you'll ever meet with the voice of an absolute angel. His voice touches everyone's heart with his music being so raw, honest and full of passion telling a story and making it so relatable. James is soaring and no one deserves this more than what he does. He literally came back from the edge, rock bottom. Never giving up never losing determination. He is an inspiration to all and I am bursting with pride that he is back where he is supposed to be, singing to the world ❤️ - HIS BIGGEST FAN (Beth Bilton)

- Inspiringly Awesome real talent

Every song is performed with such you emotion! it's why I love this artist he has the ability to reach the soul which makes him outshine other artist I love Ed Sheeran but James Arthur your on another level!!!!!! Well done keep them coming please!!!

- WOW !! So catchy,the video is perfect

I just want to keep listening. Always believed James is a a world class artist !!

- underrated

really glad he's back and making great music again.

- Awesome album!

Fantastic song writing and a voice I could listen to all day!

- Stop the hate ❌🛑

Would give actual album 4 stars but all these comments are appalling. All these haters. The world these days... xxxx

- Amazing Album!!!

Wow beyond words... purely amazing BUY HIS CD

- Best Album in a long while ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Album in a long while... this guy is an absolutely amazingly talented guy... the lyrics are so brilliant, depicts his life & dreams. Well done James, keep up the great work. You're a Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Brilliant

Fantastic album, raw songs can't wait to see where he goes next 👍🏻 xx

- Alphaone23

Great album by a great talent, emotional and touching, great voice!

- This is amazing

What a ##### song you are ####### mental

- True artist 🙏🏻

True Artist, amazing album, Sings with raw passion.. Love this album...

- Actually amazing

Especially train wreck😉

- First Album

This is what James Arthur's first album should have been! What a come back.

- Poor


- Amazing but no acoustic!

For me the best thing about your music is listening to the lyrics and just your voice. Although your music has changed my life I'm a little disappointed that they're all edited and we don't get to just listen to your voice.

- Mint album

This album is amazing can I be him is by far the best song!💪🏻

- Refuse to buy or listen to this

Following James's homophobic comments I refuse to buy or listen to his music. People say that he made a mistake a few years ago. But if it was a mistake he has never admitted it was or said anything to the contrary that I am aware of. It seems that the record company and James just thought the public would forget if a suitable period of time lapsed. I am also not aware of any interviewer addressing these comments with James. Why would this not happen?

- One of the best albums out !!

Amazing album 12 and 17 up there with my favourites ! Back on top !! ☝🏼

- Fab album. You've been missed !

Great music 🎶👍🏻🥂🍾🎸🎼🎉

- No Credibility X Factor Rubbish

Manufactured talentless homophobe given exposure that someone like him wouldn't have got a few years ago. Seems the more arrogant, narcissistic and horrible person you are, the more successful you become. Another formulaic X Factor Cowell puppet off the production line; avoid.

- Dear James Author

I love say you won't go it is the best song ever I listen to it all the time that's why I love it so much

- Great Album

I love this album and that beautiful voice. Welcome back James Arthur x

- Amazing

Well James, you have done it again, a very well deserved success. A brilliant album with such relatable lyrics, I find myself singing them all day long. Never fails to brighten up my day.

- Obsessed

This is amazing. Can't stop listening 🙈 phenomenal

- Life is to short

I believe you are the only person that can ruin your career, You have the potential to be one of the Great artists of our time, Keep singing and playing and, "Believe" in your self.

- Best album ever...

Absolutely amazing album. Got on iTunes and the cds in the car. Well Done Mr Arthur.. TopBanana.....❤

- Good

album is good I'm glad he's back making quality music

- Bad


- Alright!

I like his voice.. I loved the James Arthur Project accoustic album, I quite liked the first one and this one's ok. You either love his voice or you don't. I think its pretty good. He behaved like a plank but then ( unfashionable as it is to say it and I love him and have everything he has ever put out.. sometimes more than once) so did George Michael. So we just build bridges, get over stuff and enjoy the listen. Good luck James and RIP GM.

- Favourite album of 2016

Was never much of a fan on XF and didn't make much to his first album but stumbled across his first single since his break 'say you won't let go' and thought it was brilliant so checked out this album when it was released and haven't stopped listening since! Honestly, every single song could be a smash hit and I haven't yet got bored of any of them. Such emotion when he sings, I feel the lyrics. Best album for me of 2016 and definitely worth the price.

- Depressing

I get fed up just looking at him...............

- Amazing

The album is amazing, every single song on the album could be a single. I can't stop listening to it

- Amazing

I think this one of the best albums I have bought in a long time. Every track is different and so so good! Could listen to it all day!

- Brilliant

So glad that he is back doing what he is fabulous at. Such a brilliant album. Such a fan from day one of james and glad the wait is finally over to hear his amazing voice again and really enjoying the new music. It's moving, motivating, beautiful and deep. 👍🏻👍🏻 don't make us wait so long for the third though please 🙂

- Expressive

Both brilliantly expressive sounding music and album that displays very relatable lyrics. A pleasurable listen for those who are a fan of this particular genre.

- Ms

Amazing album! Lets appreciate him being an artist and moved on from the past

- Underrated

Full of emotions, mature pop. This album is a masterpiece, I have no idea why people are hating this?

- can i be him!


- Truly an exquisite gem!!!

Buying this album has been one of the best decisions I made recently. A refreshing experience hearing these songs full of heart against the generic and auto-tuned songs we hear these days. They take me back to the golden music era of the 90s for sure!!!❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Good rhythm

Love the sounds and the rhythm.

- Say You Won’t Let Go is Love

SYWLTG is on repeat in my playlist. Beautiful melody and it’s James' voice and heart in this song that makes it number one! Rightfully deserving on top spot James!

- Back from the Edge is a Masterpiece

I've listened to @JamesArthur23's new song for a couple of times. Am I going to stop? No.

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