Midland - On the Rocks

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Artist :   Midland
Album Name :   On the Rocks
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   22 September 2017
Country :   USA

On the Rocks (Midland) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Lonely for You Only Midland 3:50
2. Make a Little Midland 3:02
3. Drinkin' Problem Midland 3:41
4. At Least You Cried Midland 2:39
5. Burn Out Midland 3:09
6. Out of Sight Midland 4:23
7. More Than a Fever Midland 3:43
8. Check Cashin' Country Midland 3:50
9. Nothin' New Under the Neon Midland 3:47
10. This Old Heart Midland 3:14
11. Altitude Adjustment Midland 3:27
12. Electric Rodeo Midland 3:20
13. Somewhere on the Wind Midland 3:18

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On the Rocks (Midland) Album Comments

On the Rocks (Midland) Album Reviews

  • Best purchase gamble

    I just got into country, and have just been listening to some singles here and there. Then I heard Midland’s Drinkin Problem and bought this album on a whim, and I absolutely do not regret this purchase one bit. The whole album is beautiful and if I had to chose a fav song it would be Electric Rodeo. You will not regret this purchase, just press buy :)
  • Nice! Old School Country!

    Good to hear some Real good old country music that I thought was all gone. Not like the junk that’s out that’s supposedly country, I mean PoP music 🤦‍♂️ Keep it up and see y’all at the show! 😊
  • Love love love

    It’s great!!!
  • Very Cool

    Keep it comming Midland! Love the sound!
  • Real country has returned!

    With a breath of fresh air comes Midland. Old school country music with a touch of modern. What a delight! I can’t stop listening. I suppose that’s what the band was aiming for???
  • Yikes! This is the BEST!

    Dang it! Where has Midland been in my life? I Shazamed "Drinking Problem" and found this entire incredible album!!! These guys are awesome - clean country sound, clever lyrics, and who can't love those suits??? I haven't heard such a rock solid album since the glory days of Brooks and Dunn in the early 90's. I rarely purchase an entire album, but can’t recommend this one enough. You will have no regrets. PS: Nashville crapville, keep your paws off! These guys are the genuine deal.
  • Good Ole Country Sound Back

    I love these guys.True authentic country sound is back! Great lyrics and amazing songs. You know it’s a winner when your 4 year old begs you to re-play the album over and over! It’s just that good!
  • Back to country

    shell from EP
    Excellent country music!!! Not this "rock country". Great to dance to!!! Nice to hear traditional country voices & music still makes the rounds. Highly recommend the album!!
  • Great country album

    Michael Tatman
    If you like country, you will like this album!
  • Amazing album

    Ole No. 1
    Simply a great album. Their songs are great and their voices blend so well. Not a single track on the album that you skip when listening. And the nudie suits on the album cover are stone cold awesome. Hope they stick together and keep kicking country music in the butt because these guys are the real deal.

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