Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures

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Artist :   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Album Name :   Wrong Creatures
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   12 January 2018
Country :   USA

Wrong Creatures (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. DFF Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 1:54
2. Spook Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 3:45
3. King of Bones Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 3:56
4. Haunt Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5:50
5. Echo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5:13
6. Ninth Configuration Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 6:52
7. Question of Faith Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5:19
8. Calling Them All Away Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 6:45
9. Little Thing Gone Wild Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 3:19
10. Circus Bazooko Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5:42
11. Carried From the Start Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 4:49
12. All Rise Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 5:40

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Wrong Creatures (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Album Comments

Wrong Creatures (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) Album Reviews

  • Great album

    Solid album that will a favorite.
  • Proper quality

    Every time I listen to this, I’m liking it more and more. Start to finish it’s a top album. Great example of a band that continues to get better. BRMC never disappoints
  • BRMC

    Great album this band keeps surprising me!!! You have to let this album wash over you a couple of times before you can write a true review
  • What happened to them?

    What a total disaster this is. What could've been a golden, superb, way to kick of 2018 in rock, turns out to be a huge major disappointment. Oh well, still have their past albums to listen to. To each their own, for those who like/love this. Maybe i need to give it another chance. But, as of right now, i just can't see me changing my mind and liking this.
  • Wrong

    It is ok, big fan of BRMC but there is a point of music and a point of too slow. Wish they had a little more spark back in their music. I like albums with a few slow dark songs but this album is stuck on moody songs. Not my favorite and sort of bummed since I have been waiting for a new album and this is not worth buying.
  • From the beginning

    I've been with them from the beginning, but this album is just feeling the void. Not their strongest piece of work and a weak effort from a big fan.
  • Will they ever stop making killer tunes?

  • Some of you are deaf

    I don't understand the negative reviews. This is a decent record. I'm an old man and probably shouldn't even like this kind of music, but I do. I haven't disliked anything from BRMC. If they recorded the same album over and over, you'd complain. If they got all poppy and manufactured, you'd complain. Seriously, let's be thankful they haven't sold out like every other band whose first record was great. This is an album with a good mix of BRMC's styles. Dig it!
  • Their Best Album Yet!

    ( )
    I've been a fan since their first release. This is their best album yet - Album Of the Year material. Perfect from front to back. Been listening to this album nonstop since I bought it.
  • Not their best effort...still good...not great

    Nature Of Threat
    I've been a huge fan of theirs since the debut. Seen every tour....and they can be hit or miss. Thier debut is brilliant...the follow up is lacking.....then they came out with their game changing Howl that really showcased the depth this band is capable of. The follow up Baby 81 was a strong follow up returning to some of the shoegaze sounds of their earliler works...while incorporating some of what they introduced us to with Howl. Then came the brilliant Beat the Devils Tattoo which was another high water mark for them. Their last album Spectre at the Feast had a few gems on it..but it felt a bit bloated at times and the faster songs felt a little bit forced. I've listened to Wrong Creatures now 5 times and it still has its charms...but there is just nothing on it that grabs me in the same way as their other albums have. They are still one of the greatest bands to come out of the last 20 years and I am sure this album will grow on me....but it is certainly not their strongest effort.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures Album Wiki

Wrong Creatures is the eighth studio album by American rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The album was released through Vagrant Records on January 12, 2018.Four songs were released as singles in late 2017 ahead of the album's release: "Little Thing Gone Wild", "Haunt", "Question of Faith", and "King of Bones". A limited edition package with a clear vinyl edition of the album, a black BRMC-branded Hohner harmonica, and a 'Black Cassette EP' was released in late April 2018. The EP contained three new unreleased songs and an extended version of the album's opener, "DFF"..