Joe Satriani - What Happens Next

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Artist :   Joe Satriani
Album Name :   What Happens Next
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   12 January 2018
Country :   USA

What Happens Next (Joe Satriani) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Energy Joe Satriani 3:27
2. Catbot Joe Satriani 3:38
3. Thunder High on the Mountain Joe Satriani 4:46
4. Cherry Blossoms Joe Satriani 4:29
5. Righteous Joe Satriani 3:34
6. Smooth Soul Joe Satriani 3:51
7. Headrush Joe Satriani 3:35
8. Looper Joe Satriani 3:43
9. What Happens Next Joe Satriani 4:24
10. Super Funky Badass Joe Satriani 7:35
11. Invisible Joe Satriani 4:11
12. Forever and Ever Joe Satriani 4:04

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About Joe Satriani - What Happens Next Album

Wiki: Satriani consciously went in a more simplistic direction than on his previous album, Shockwave Supernova - as opposed to an alien alter ego, this time he wrote songs “about a human being, two feet on the ground, heart pumping, with emotions, dreams, and hopes. That seemed to be the direction I really was yearning for". He referred to it as an 'internal artistic rebirth' and collaborated with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes and producer Mike Fraser. ..

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What Happens Next (Joe Satriani) Album Reviews

  • Five and a half stars!

    Duh Duke
    So, this is what SatchJoe is so great at - each track is so different, both from what he’s done afore, and from each other. Joe doesn’t just rock, he entertains! The listener goes from headbangin’, to beboppin’, to swingin’ (still rock, but swingin’!), to swayin’ to a sweet melodic piece, holdin’ high their lighter app! Just a lot of fun. I love rock mixed with just about anything, and SatchJoe rocks to just about everything! One of my favorites, only slightly behind the Alien! Great work, Joe. Above and beyond! Captain Duke California
  • Joe is a fine wine, gets better with age

    Listened to Satch since the beginning, he truly is amazing. Carry on Joe!
  • Not really a power trio

    I think this is the best album JS has put out in years. Teaming up with Hughes and Smith gave this project a solid hard hitting rhythm section that sounded GREAT! Problem I have is sythesizers and pedals that give Joe that same sound every time. When you have backup as strong as Hughes and Smith you dont need that echo, reverb or keyboards. I liked it, but dump the keyboards and the effects and just play down dirty and raw. Smokes effects board is at least 6 ft long, cut 4 feet off that.
  • Bob

    I love this his new stuff it’s great buy it u won’t be disappointed
  • Awesome!!!!

    Great playing on this album!! Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith are a kickass rhythm section!!!
  • Really Awesome

    Just purchased and listened to it 3 times in row. There is not a bad song on it. I rate all 5 Stars. And I can hear the influence of Glenn Hughes. Just wish he would have sung a song or two with his unique voice. Going to listen to it again.
  • Love it

    Classic Joe excellent offering.
  • The same Satriani album, but different, groovier

    I've been a Satrinai fan for 30 years or so. That said, I didn't expect a dramatic departure from him his formulaic style and sound. Until I heard Glenn Hughes bass. Something sparks in this album and I have to believe it's Glenn's playing and Chad's steady back beat. Joe soars, as he does, but Glenn keeps him from wandering. Listen to "Headrush" for Glenn's unique sound.
  • Simply incredible. Maybe his best ever

    If you haven't already, stop everything you're doing and listen to this album. It's a "double whammy" - incredible, truly unforgettable music and just an unbelievable tone with his guitar, etc. I'm surprised there are so few reviews.
  • The Same

    I’m a huge Satriani fan but I’m not crazy about this music. It’s mediocre. The younger musicians music is better to me lately. Plini,Micic to name a few. 🤭

Joe Satriani - What Happens Next Album Wiki

What Happens Next is the sixteenth studio album by guitarist Joe Satriani, released on January 12, 2018 through Sony Music..