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Artist :   Tonight Alive
Album Name :   Underworld
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   12 January 2018
Country :   USA

Underworld (Tonight Alive) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Book of Love Tonight Alive 3:08
2. Temple Tonight Alive 3:29
3. Disappear (feat. Lynn Gunn) Tonight Alive 3:42
4. The Other Tonight Alive 3:52
5. In My Dreams Tonight Alive 4:07
6. For You Tonight Alive 3:22
7. Crack My Heart Tonight Alive 3:31
8. Just For Now Tonight Alive 3:58
9. Burning On Tonight Alive 3:19
10. Waiting For the End Tonight Alive 3:39
11. Last Light Tonight Alive 3:51
12. Looking For Heaven Tonight Alive 4:09
13. My Underworld (feat. Corey Taylor) Tonight Alive 3:36

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Underworld (Tonight Alive) Album Comments

Underworld (Tonight Alive) Album Reviews

  • Sooooo Good!

    One of my favorite albums from them!
  • Love it

    I really like this!!! It’s perfect on repeat!
  • Loving the new sound

    Jenna said they’d be using their old sound as inspiration for the new sound, and they did just that. “Underworld” may not be the musical experience that “Limitless” was, but the lyrics are punk, the music is punk, and they’re... punks. It’s old school music with an electric twist. It’s been on repeat for me since the day it released.
  • Pretty good

    Words w friends (5stars)
    From what I’ve heard so far, much better than limitless. I accept artists change, but limitless was just eh for me. Still great lyrics though. I’m happy to get a more rock feel from this album though. It’s tough to match their first two albums though.
  • Love this record

    Just me1
    A true masterpiece, in my opinion. It will be on my permanent playlist.
  • Meh

    Sounds too hopeful
  • WOW

    Take all my money
  • Not a fan of this band but!

    With this album, Tonight Alive has taken huge strides in finding the sound that works for them. This album is full of gems. The band uses the darker sounds to their complete advantage here. It fits them and they should continue to explore this sounds because it suits them. Well done
  • Solid comeback 👌🏼

    I discovered tonight alive randomly on iTunes the day what are you so scared of released and fell in love so fast. After limitless was released I was majorly disappointed and thought they were gone cause of the terrible pop sound they transformed into but they learned from it and although it’s not as heavy as I’d like it to be like on previous albums, it is SIGNIFICANTLY better than limitless. If you stopped listening to them because of that album. Come back now. I did and I’m happy that I did.
  • I think it’s better than the last album :)

    I have been listening to this band since the other side album. I was a little diappoited the last album limitless. But when I listened to singles of this album, I feel excited. it will be greatest Can’t wait for the rest of the album!!!

Tonight Alive - Underworld Album Wiki

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