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SUPER SLIMEY (Future & Young Thug) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 2:24
2. 2:39
3. 3:24
4. 2:26
5. 2:46
6. 3:09
7. 2:46
8. 3:19
9. 4:02
10. 3:07
11. 3:40
12. 2:58
13. 4:02

Future & Young Thug - SUPER SLIMEY Album Comments

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SUPER SLIMEY [Future & Young Thug] Album Reviews

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- ❤️5 star


- Basura1 star

Trash all he been dropping is basura

- Good5 star


- Instant Classic 🔥5 star

🔥 2 of the greatest and most unique rappers (whose voices compliment each other perfect; Future is lower and gruff, Thugger’s slippery delivery hits the higher notes more often) combine on this album for great results. It is to me a fair equivalent to say this is the equivalent of Watch The Throne by Hov ‘n Ye. I hope they work together again, I recommend this if you dig these rappers. And if you dig ‘em, if you miss this - you’re missing out on some dope work on the real. 🔥

- Best Rap collab5 star

This my jams 24/7!!!!!

- Yes 🙌🏾5 star

Mink flow and killed before...my top tracks

- fire5 star

That's what i'm talking about 10 out 10

- 🙌🏼5 star

W/o a doubt one of my favorite albums/tapes from this year.

- Give it some time5 star

Took me a minute to really like this album but it's something I listen to everyday now

- Superslimy5 star

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥one of the best albums of 2017 every song is heat🔥

- Hating1 star

I love future but not this

- Horrible1 star

Not worth it

- Feed me dope 🤙🏼4 star

Feed me dope is definitely a banger! Don’t know how I feel about young thug, lol. But Future killin it for real.

- Dope4 star

Straight up banger my G 🔥🔥

- Dibbidy dibbidy dibbidy dah1 star

Dibbidy dibbidy dibbidy dah. Whoopity dippity dah Dibbidy dibbidy dibbidy dah. Whoobily dibbibity Dah. Garbage!

- Solid album but no Hits4 star

Good listening Mixtape but not on the level of What a Time to be Alive. 4/5

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

🎵We want all da smoke🎵

- It’s alright..1 star

All tracks Sound the same

- I can't understand the words they are saying1 star

I can't understand them

- 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩1 star

Straight trash

- Yuh5 star

Straight heat

- FBG X YSL5 star

Dope collab album this is a classic

- Whaaaattt1 star

Pure garbage. How is this crap music. OMG. I can’t believe people listen to this pure crap

- 🐍🐍🐍5 star

I love how KD is on the album cover 10/10

- Sounds Good!5 star

Good music 🎶👌👍!

- Listened to it on Apple Music5 star

Wow! More rappers should get together and collab. This is a great album!

- 10005 star


- Trash1 star

Not good, y'all need to do better

- 👌🏾5 star


- What is this?1 star


- wow soo cool1 star


- What a disappointment..1 star

Seems like all Future just doesn't even put much thought into writing. Young thug is just annoying asf. So yes... this was disappointing

- Litt🤙🏼💯5 star

This is his best album yet💯🐐

- For the culture5 star

fire bro i swea fo god

- I’mDEEDS1 star

I did not have to listen to this album to know it’s bad

- What I expected4 star

It’s pretty good but could be better 👀

- W5 star

Eeiesdvv is w you earn what e èq we can a

- come on guys(future + thugger)2 star

with the talent level in the studio, this is a disapointment

- No1 star

I listen to both of them but this was trash

- What1 star

Every song sounds the same, it sounds like they caught these guys sleeping and recorded them talking in there sleep and made it into a album

- Not better than drake and future2 star


- Worst than garbage1 star

Real hip hop please come save us

- Opposite of A Classic1 star


- 🔥5 star


- Bahahahaha1 star

This is funny bad BAHAHAHAHA.

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Stupid fire 💯🔥

- Dope game5 star

Love the back to back flows

- Yeah how great1 star

Two non rapping rappers got together to make a non rap album full with auto tunes and BS, don’t support this junk when there’s real rappers still out there

- Just...really bad1 star

Man, Atlanta rap has gone strait to the gutter, if you can even call this gibberish ‘rap’. No message, no rhythm, no punchlines, no flow, no purpose. Just stop

- Bleeding ears1 star

Can’t believe this is what “rap” is now. I’m un-relatable lyrics with a basic beat. Lazy Rap the new movement


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juke, - Dodo dodo!5 star

Future & Young Thug Tha 🐐s

Unknown person 284401 - Amazing5 star

Fire and lit

Deregulation 457808895 - Fire 🔥5 star

Most of the album imo is straight flames some of the lyrics are mumbled tbh but it’s just something about thug future the beat that makes it sound sick

OGlyricalGenius - wack1 star

mumble rap

Jxhxijdbxnsjkductcyhshs - 🦅🐍5 star

All songs are bangers, none get skipped🔥🦅🐍🔥

Alejandro R A - 🔥🔥🔥5 star


iamabeastnoiaintgonlie - god damn4 star

its lit

my m8s - 😀3 star


Thebo644271 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

to much sauce

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Kamran Bird - 🦅 X 🐍5 star

Everyone who says this album is trash is trash themselves. You people seriously don’t appreciate the vocals and art gone into these songs. Future and Thug are legends in the modern era of Hip-hop

bbfarf - Ggg5 star


Karisque_Dreamwyn (Campee) - Dope.5 star

Super dope as heck.

jonnysedge - Every song sounds the same1 star

Fed up of listening to this style music on the radio. Literally every song in the charts at the moment sounds like this. Bring back some actual decent music and get this genre out the charts and leave it somewhere where people who like it can listen to it but not on the radio.

Ryan 333 - future and young thug1 star

this whole album is irratating a load of rubbish really

Pierroquet111 - Where is the creativity?1 star

What a garbage!! In French we say: CACAPHONIE💩! Look like 2 kids playing with a electronic keyboard!

FGBBOSS17 - 🐍🦅5 star


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CardashCourt5 star

@_KennySeals: Again Super Slimey don’t get enough credit... that album is priceless 🔥

Stoopsound5 star

We didn't appreciate Super Slimey enough

Nate29165 star

Huncho jack > Super slimey

2ndTalks5 star

Like half the future songs I like are from Super Slimey, btw. Thug and Future bring out the best in each other

Jeddi_achraf5 star

@EmaMlls @Super_slimey__ @okumiie OK merci de me laisser m'en sortir

Jeddi_achraf5 star

@EmaMlls @Super_slimey__ @okumiie Je te demande pardon c'était archi de débile de ma part

Jeddi_achraf5 star

@Super_slimey__ @okumiie @EmaMlls Les gens supprimez tout je mexcuse

Ismaarenia5 star

@Super_slimey__ @SSara29069494 Il est oh le update wsh ???

Super_slimey__5 star

@FArcanos @LloyydMan @roob__s Jsjsjsjaoao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Azur93E5 star

@Super_slimey__ @_acelyaaaa 3?

Super_slimey__5 star

@Azur93E @_acelyaaaa Jte donne 2€ tu supprimes

Azur93E5 star

@Super_slimey__ @_acelyaaaa Attend mais je me souviens t’es le mec qui s’est fait arrêter a la frontiere pour détou…

DeJourMurphy5 star

just got off work riding home w the shades on w super slimey blasting... this shit a vibe 😭

_jadeeeed5 star

@doppo_oroch @2tBaaw @Super_slimey__ ptdrrr

Doppo_oroch5 star

@_jadeeeed @2tBaaw @Super_slimey__ heureusement t'es fan de prison break

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