Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

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Artist :   Nipsey Hussle
Album Name :   Victory Lap
Genre :   Hip-Hop/Rap
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   16 February 2018
Country :   USA

Victory Lap (Nipsey Hussle) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Victory Lap (feat. Stacy Barthe) Nipsey Hussle 3:58
2. Rap Niggas Nipsey Hussle 3:46
3. Last Time That I Checc’d (feat. YG) Nipsey Hussle 3:45
4. Young Nigga (feat. Puff Daddy) Nipsey Hussle 3:56
5. Dedication (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Nipsey Hussle 4:05
6. Blue Laces 2 Nipsey Hussle 4:10
7. Hussle & Motivate Nipsey Hussle 4:18
8. Status Symbol 3 (feat. Buddy) Nipsey Hussle 5:05
9. Succa Proof (feat. Konshens & J. Black) Nipsey Hussle 3:21
10. Keyz 2 the City 2 (feat. TeeFlii) Nipsey Hussle 3:05
11. Grinding All My Life Nipsey Hussle 2:55
12. Million While You Young (feat. The-Dream.. Nipsey Hussle 4:24
13. Loaded Bases (feat. CeeLo Green) Nipsey Hussle 3:11
14. Real Big (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) Nipsey Hussle 6:22
15. Double Up (feat. Belly & DOM KENNEDY) [B.. Nipsey Hussle 6:01
16. Right Hand 2 God (Bonus Track) Nipsey Hussle 3:07

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Victory Lap (Nipsey Hussle) Album Reviews

  • TMC 🏁💙💲

    Philadelphia tom
    I love you Nip you will forever inspire me and always be a iconic soul in my eyes. Thank you for all that you have done. Soon as VL released I was SUPER excited and played it all throughout 2018 and till this day, watching your favorite artist grow and develop into everything they said they wanted to be is worthwhile. I know for a fact God opened his Heavenly gates and welcomed you with open arms God bless you and the whole entire All Money In family, your legacy will not die at all... NAYBORHOOOOD.. Salute all the way from Fayetteville, NC!
  • ™️©️🏁💙💙💙💙💙💙

    The best album I heard in my life long live nip and his music
  • Great album

    Samiyah Dulin
    Some people just come and say a album was the best when the person is dead , but the love that’s in these reviews really feel genuine BEST RAP ALBUM OF 2018 .
  • Only1NipTheGreat!

    Keeping it OG with the dope story telling rhymes SelfMade the only way!

    Lansingburgh LLC
    Im drooping an album dedicated too him
  • Amazing!

    Truly an amazing album, from start to finish! #VICTORYLAPFOREVER 🏁
  • R.i.P

    R.i.P Nip bump’n you every day!!!
  • 💙Rest Easy Young King 💙

    Simply the Best 💯

    Nuns d,cmsban
    Love this masterpiece ❤️❤️💙💙
  • R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle! Your legacy will live on...

    Update: 5/24/19 I finally listened from start to finish! Brilliant and captivating! I could see why Nipsey held his head so high! Nipsey invites you in and you feel honored to be there, he is as he says - prolific and gifted! Victory Lap is currently my favorite album in any genre! Nipsey and his team did themselves proud. Everything is perfectly placed and noticeable, even the backing vocals are distinct and refreshing. The featured vocals sound authentic, not forced and blended naturally with Nipsey’s unique, raspy-funkiness. Genuinely excellent, every song was worth its weight on the album. I look forward to listening to the rest of his collection and so very sorry he is gone from this world! RIP Nipsey Tha Great!💙🙏🏽 Original review... If you don’t read any further than the first line... just put your support behind this brother’s life work, his legacy, he was the truth! Forgive me for my lengthy “review”, but in a way, this was the best place to show my support, as a review of Nipsey Hussle’s album... Although I grew up on Rap and HipHop music and was a real fanatic for years, I somehow over the last 10 years or so, temporarily withdrew from the genre. Recently, now 40 years old I started longing for the music I enjoyed in my youth and slowly started going down memory lane, while I worked, listening to my old music from 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G, Ice Cube, Wu Tang Clan, Nate Dogg, Eminem, Naughty by Nature, Queen Latifah, to name a few... I had never heard or known about Nipsey Hussle, and can’t believe that I missed out on “knowing” him through his music and philanthropy while he was alive! My husband and I recently started watching The Breakfast Club interviews on YouTube and one of the videos that kept coming up in the recommended section was their Nipsey Hussle 2018 interview. So out of curiosity I Googled his name and found out that he was a west coast rapper of Eritrean descent, and that he looked like my brother’s twin. I decided that in the coming days I would listen to the interview and find out more about this person. He also reminded me of Snoop Dogg (who I love), and I thought it strange that I had never before heard of this rapper... since although I was not heavy into the Rap scene I was very much aware of the names and songs in the bright lights. On Monday April 1st 2019 I turned on the television and clicked on YouTube to find, along with the Breakfast Club interview I was planning on watching, there was another radio broadcast (Ebro, I think) popping up with Nipsey’s name in the title along with words such as - remembering the late, great... The hairs on my forearm rose and I immediately felt gutted. So I again googled his name to find out, he was only the day before, senselessly and horrifically murdered by someone who seemed to be a jealous hater...imo So I spiraled into what I would call my way of mourning. How could I be mourning a person who, only days ago, I had never heard of? I watched most of his recent interviews and decided, without listening first, to purchase Victory Lap, The Marathon and Crenshaw (I plan on purchasing ALL of his albums and songs as my way of helping his energy and legacy live on). I realized, after watching a whole lot of his interviews, the reason I felt so affected by this tragedy was that the world needed to feel affected by this tragedy. This guy, Mr. Nipsey Hussle, exuded humility and truth. He had a spirit of giving. He was on another level, he was conscious beyond his years. He was very much self-aware and believed strongly in self-sufficiency. He was very much connected to his roots and his community, he was a forward thinker, a problem solver, an empowering, kind human being... he was a movement in itself. If I, who only “knew” him in his death, feel so affected by this tragic loss of life, I can only imagine what the folks who actually knew and loved him must be feeling since he was physically taken from their world. All I know is, it hurts, I feel gutted... I now continue to feel connected to his energy and spirit. I will further get to know him through his body of music and remember him through his music. If Nipsey was alive and well today, I would have still sought out his music and watched all his interviews, because he was worth getting to know. The only difference being that I wouldn’t be doing it while feeling gutted. I look forward to getting the rest of his music and watching more of his interviews. I look forward to seeing how this tragedy will lift his community up to heights unimaginable. I truly feel inspired by this being, his drive, his passion and dedication. I am truly humbled by his legacy. This marathon continues... it’s a marathon relay, the baton has been passed to the inheritors of his legacy, all those who now feel inspired by his greatness, may you continue to let his light shine... Be inspired by his journey and transformation. May his spirit Rest In Peace and the light he left behind, shine through eternity. May God bless Ermias Joseph Asghedom “Nipsey Hussle”, his family, friends, community and fans through their grief. May peace come to and be with all of you always!

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