Jimi Hendrix - Both Sides of the Sky

Jimi Hendrix - Both Sides of the Sky album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Jimi Hendrix
Album Name :   Both Sides of the Sky
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   09 March 2018
Country :   USA

Both Sides of the Sky (Jimi Hendrix) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Mannish Boy Jimi Hendrix 5:01
2. Lover Man Jimi Hendrix 3:03
3. Hear My Train a Comin' Jimi Hendrix 7:25
4. Stepping Stone Jimi Hendrix 3:12
5. $20 Fine Jimi Hendrix 4:59
6. Power of Soul Jimi Hendrix 5:55
7. Jungle Jimi Hendrix 3:28
8. Things I Used to Do Jimi Hendrix 3:41
9. Georgia Blues Jimi Hendrix 7:55
10. Sweet Angel Jimi Hendrix 3:54
11. Woodstock Jimi Hendrix 5:19
12. Send My Love to Linda Jimi Hendrix 4:36
13. Cherokee Mist Jimi Hendrix 7:01

Both Sides of the Sky by Jimi Hendrix Album Listen

About Jimi Hendrix - Both Sides of the Sky Album

Both Sides of the Sky is another collection of high-quality studio recordings, dating from 1968-1970. It might surprise some that, 45-plus years after his death, there’s still good material that hasn’t been previously released, but Hendrix was recording nearly all the time at this point, whether they were demos done in his apartment, late-night jamming with friends, working on new material, or finishing/reworking older tracks. The Record Plant recordings have been heavily bootlegged ..

Both Sides of the Sky (Jimi Hendrix) Album Comments

Both Sides of the Sky (Jimi Hendrix) Album Reviews

  • Perfection

    Sinatra Kennedy
    Since when did a place to review music become a chat room for depressed kids?? Good lord. Stop talking about what you THINK it will sound like and please wait until you have LISTENED to it before you come here to write something. This is a very special release and almost all these songs exist here and here only, a few do indeed pop up on random releases but none are on a greatest hits. So this is a treasure of gifts from our man Jimi. These songs show off his amazing talent and I would recommend this to new listeners and snobs alike. Chill out people, give it a rest. Go to Facebook and Instagram for attention... stop waisting the time of those genuinely here to read and write reviews. THIS IS A MUST OWN ALBUM, ignore the HATERS (haters gonna hate). If you are worried that these songs are not actually Jimi playing... You are an idiot. NO ONE CAN IMITATE THIS MAN. Many have tried but none had even come close. Stevie Ray was as close as it gets but he as well does too young.
  • Already in love

    Jimi is the truth!! This is what real organic music is folks.
  • Yessiree

    It sounds as new and fresh as ever!!!
  • Enough is enough!!

    A review 123
    I spent some time listening to this. All these songs I have, these are just different takes. Now this is away to sucker the fans to buy. I can’t see supporting the family anymore. Give us something we have not heard meaning NEW songs , that are not different takes and I will buy it. New Hendrix fans will like this. The die hard fans you should already have these songs.
  • Yes Jimi H!!!!!!!

    Hear my Train A comin? Mannish Boy? Jungle?! Cmon now! Hello somebody!?!
  • Both Sides of the Sky

    I'm sorry but this album should never have been released. Not only is the sound quality bad, but the song titles aren't even loaded onto the CD I just received pre-purchased. Hendrix recorded what will end up in my collection as his LAST sudio recorded album as: Cry of Love, which is a masterpiece and which had to be re-released under a different title to please the fueding family members who evidently are now trying to cash in on unsuspecting Hendrix fans, me one of them. Sad to see his legacy of greatness on such pool display as this.
  • New releases

    chuckles the original
    Half of these songs art new releases.
  • Stan the music man unusual

    Stan the man!!!
    I’m sure from where he’s at it doesn’t really matter anyway
  • Funny

    No crap there are tracks here that had been recorded at other times. If that bothers you then you have no business here and no knowledge of Hendrix.
  • Cheaper to buy the cd on Amazon

    S M Lewis
    $1.00 less to own the cd if you have Prime

Jimi Hendrix - Both Sides of the Sky Album Wiki

Both Sides of the Sky is a compilation album by Jimi Hendrix, released by Legacy Recordings and Experience Hendrix on March 9, 2018. The album was the third release in a trilogy of posthumously released "archival recordings" compilation albums highlighted as intended for a follow-up to Electric Ladyland (1968), starting with Valleys of Neptune (2010), and preceded directly by People, Hell and Angels (2013)..