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Artist :   David Byrne
Album Name :   American Utopia
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   09 March 2018
Country :   USA

American Utopia (David Byrne) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. I Dance Like This David Byrne 3:33
2. Gasoline and Dirty Sheets David Byrne 3:19
3. Every Day Is a Miracle David Byrne 4:46
4. Dog's Mind David Byrne 2:29
5. This Is That David Byrne 4:31
6. It's Not Dark Up Here David Byrne 4:10
7. Bullet David Byrne 3:09
8. Doing the Right Thing David Byrne 3:38
9. Everybody's Coming To My House David Byrne 3:29
10. Here David Byrne 4:13

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American Utopia (David Byrne) Album Comments

American Utopia (David Byrne) Album Reviews

  • Awesome album anf worth the 14 year wait.

    Come on people, what's up with all the negative reviews? It's been 14 years since his last album. He still sounds fresh. What on earth did you expect? All in all though this is a solid album from Mr. Byrne. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. Which rounds out, mathematically to 5 stars. I have heard it many times already. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to go see him live at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis. That is tomorrow! Cannot wait for this.
  • Not cohesive music..

    Jambalaya Crawfish Piya
    Maybe I’m stuck on his ‘Look Into the Eyeball’ record with mellifluous strings and soothing melodies, not to mention songs that had some good hooks. However, American Utopia fails in those aspects. I respect DB for always evolving, but it’s ok to stick with what works sometimes.
  • Oh Well...

    I really tried to give this album a chance and after several listens I've concluded that it's the sound of a genius way past his prime propped up by fabulous musicians. The lyrics are often quirky just for the sake of being quirky and at times come off as the ramblings of a sixth grader. The last 3 songs are worthwhile especially Everybody's Coming to My House while the rest is a frustrating, difficult listen.
  • Classic Byrne

    What a grower-I wasn't sure what to think After a few listens, but after sitting down and listen with lyrics in hand, American Utopia is awesome. The melodies, the imagery, the slow burn songs (Bullet, This Is That), wow, what an album. Everyday Is A Miracle is just unbelievable Byrne songwriting. It's Not Dark Up Here is an incredible sing.
  • So disappointed.

    I may never pre order an album again. This was just painful. I really hoped to hear some of his vocals from the Talking Heads but they just weren''t there.
  • Great!

    Chelley lynn
    I love David’s music. This album is proof of his changing sound. He can go from one sound to another and while it may not be everyone’s taste, I think it’s great.
  • Pretty great album

    I’ll admit, after hearing the first two songs that were released, my expectations for this album were in a different place initially. During my first listen, a few of the songs got me to come back for a second listen and I’m glad I did. With the exception of a song or two, this is a very solid album. Some of the moves he made are difficult to digest at first and feel out of place but they really fall into place after an extra listen or two, like Every Day is a Miracle and I Dance Like This (still kind of iffy). The only real track I feel is weak is Dog’s Mind. Standouts: Everybody’s Coming to My House, This is That, Every Day is a Miracle, and Gasoline and Dirty Sheets.
  • Excellent

    Very enjoyable album put out by one the great minds in music.
  • David Byrne interviewed on The Daily Show

    Nice interview with David on today's (March 13) The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Explains some of his thinking behind his new album.
  • It’s a problem

    … creating a masterpiece while still having a long time to go. It happened to Dylan. For Byrne, it was Speaking In Tongues.

David Byrne - American Utopia Album Wiki

American Utopia is the seventh solo studio album by the American rock musician David Byrne. It was released on March 9, 2018 through Todo Mundo and Nonesuch Records. The release is his first solo studio album since 2004's Grown Backwards, and serves as a musical component of a larger multimedia project titled Reasons to Be Cheerful, which attempts to spread positivity. Byrne announced the album and posted its lead single, "Everybody's Coming to My House", online on January 8, 2018..