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Artist :   Joan Baez
Album Name :   Whistle Down the Wind
Genre :   Alternative Folk
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   02 March 2018
Country :   USA

Whistle Down the Wind (Joan Baez) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Whistle Down the Wind Joan Baez 4:49
2. Be of Good Heart Joan Baez 4:02
3. Another World Joan Baez 2:57
4. Civil War Joan Baez 4:22
5. The Things That We Are Made Of Joan Baez 5:10
6. The President Sang Amazing Grace Joan Baez 3:20
7. Last Leaf Joan Baez 3:05
8. Silver Blade Joan Baez 3:55
9. The Great Correction Joan Baez 3:43
10. I Wish the Wars Were All Over Joan Baez 3:35

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Whistle Down the Wind (Joan Baez) Album Comments

Whistle Down the Wind (Joan Baez) Album Reviews

  • Must not miss this opportunity...

    rodney snow
    This is a heart wrenching beautiful album by a beautiful singer who voice has matured as perfectly as she has... She is not afraid to open and share her heart with us for one last album... I am literally without words... Thank you Ms Baez...
  • Oh

  • Thank you Joan

    While I could never do her justice, playing and singing her songs put me through college. Dr. Erile Sue Casey
  • Still Incredible After All These Years

    This album, in my opinion, is one of the best. Joan sings these incredible songs from the heart, steeped in Americana. Throughout her brilliant career, she has comforted several generations with her voice, lyrics, class, style, and grace. She seems to get better with time. Joan will always be legendary, relevant, and real.
  • Depressing as hell

    Jesus Joan show a little positivity would ya!
  • Need more be said, Joan Baez

    Her voice is huskier now. But it's Joan Baez. Still an important voice for change and Justice.
  • True to Joan

    I have followed Joan Baez for many years. I loved her music first, because my parents did. In the late 60's and early seventies growing up on her ballads and musical protest of injustice. Later on Joan's activism again clear in her songs, but evident in her life became and still are, so important to me personally. I love this album, as I did her Birthday Celebration, because she continues to share herself, her humanity and her insight in the venue of song and music with the growth and the wisdom that is reflected in her now 75 year old voice. Still beautiful, still true.
  • Thanks Jackson the space dog

    I saw the review of this album on Jakson Reviews Animation Youtube so I knew I had to get it.

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