Walker McGuire - Walker McGuire - EP

Walker McGuire - Walker McGuire - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Walker McGuire
Album Name :   Walker McGuire - EP
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   5
Relase Date :   12 January 2018
Country :   USA

Walker McGuire - EP (Walker McGuire) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Mysteries of the World Walker McGuire 3:38
2. Lost Walker McGuire 3:49
3. Til Tomorrow Walker McGuire 4:09
4. 18 Forever Walker McGuire 3:21
5. Best Kinda Bad Walker McGuire 3:39

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Walker McGuire - EP (Walker McGuire) Album Comments

Walker McGuire - EP (Walker McGuire) Album Reviews

  • Amazing

    Big fan ! Each song as good as the last
  • Keep them coming

    My entire family loves you guys. My girls love the color pink. My mom loves what’s here name and till tomorrow. For grandma it’s mamas table. My wife and I dig it all. So keep them coming guys you’re great.
  • Great

    Although I was hoping for more songs, I know you guys are just getting into the big scene here an I love every bit of it! Been a youtube follower since 2013!
  • Finally

    Great album!
  • Alright

    Doesn’t blow me away, but is respectable.
  • Great songs and talent!

    Loving this album! Great lyrics, harmony and rhythm. These guys are so good. Hope they keep rolling out good music for many years to come!!
  • King

    You guys are the best! Talent and persistance will out. Keep on keeping on.PAJ
  • Fresh sound, great harmony!

    Obama's pooky
    These guys have a fresh sound and have great harmony & melody. I've been following these guys since they got together and they're only getting better each day.
  • This is awesome

    Every single song is great. I’ll be listening to this over and over
  • Amazing Songs!

    Such great voices, I first saw them at a Kane Brown concert and instantly fell in love. These guys are going to make it big someday! Lyrics hit home, unique voices, and hilarious in concert. Can’t wait to see them again soon!

Walker McGuire - Walker McGuire - EP Album Wiki

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