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Artist :   Three Days Grace
Album Name :   Outsider
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   09 March 2018
Country :   USA

Outsider (Three Days Grace) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Right Left Wrong Three Days Grace 3:56
2. The Mountain Three Days Grace 3:18
3. I Am an Outsider Three Days Grace 2:42
4. Infra-Red Three Days Grace 3:50
5. Nothing to Lose but You Three Days Grace 2:52
6. Me Against You Three Days Grace 3:29
7. Love Me or Leave Me Three Days Grace 3:04
8. Strange Days Three Days Grace 3:10
9. Villain I'm Not Three Days Grace 2:55
10. Chasing the First Time Three Days Grace 2:55
11. The New Real Three Days Grace 3:00
12. The Abyss Three Days Grace 4:09

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Outsider (Three Days Grace) Album Reviews

  • It’s not bad!?

    cookies crisp 999
    The album is not that bad. The vocals are good. But I wish I could hear the guitar more
  • A couple really good Songs on here!

    I love this new Album. Matt is doing good so far as the new frontman!
  • Terrible Songwriting

    comojo dragon
    But this is coming from a guy who needed help writing a song called Porn Star Dancing.
  • Pretty good

    I’m not a three days grace fan but this was good.
  • Great New sound

    I’ve only listened to 3 days grace on the radio, liked many of their tunes. I heard right left wrong and can’t stop jamming to it. Didn’t even know it was 3 days grace. Strange days is an awesome track too. Their new sound was a good business move (more mainstream). Love the new singer! Keep jammin!
  • Meaningless

    I’ve loved TDG for a long time and don’t get me wrong, this album sounds good and in terms of sound, it sounds like TDG with a slight change due to the new singer. What makes this album bad is that it’s meaningless. TDG’s first three albums you can hear full emotion like music is apart of their soul and their experiences. This music sounds like... it’s a hobby. Example: Right Left Wrong. Good song, but come on, the singer sounds like he’s singing to sing and the lyrics convey nothing.
  • Adam was awesome but why the hate

    Adam was awesome, but we need to face the reality, he’s gone, and honestly this album us great. It does lack that Adam wonder, but it is still a good album. Stop the hate!
  • Quit being butt hurt

    A lot of people are just on here crying that Adam left. Get over it and move on the band and Matt’s voice work well and they continue to make good music. Find more bands and quit littering the comments with how hurt you are that a band is able to survive and adapt.
  • I love it

    Great 👌🏻
  • Really uplifting

    It is just really a simple song, but it ... kind of like brings you up shows that you can do any thing and when you fall down you get back up again Over all it is a really good song to listen to if you are in a bad situation but again we all have different song favorite but I think this is a good song

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