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Artist :   Three Days Grace
Album Name :   Outsider
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   09 March 2018
Country :   USA

Outsider (Three Days Grace) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Right Left Wrong Three Days Grace 3:56
2. The Mountain Three Days Grace 3:18
3. I Am an Outsider Three Days Grace 2:42
4. Infra-Red Three Days Grace 3:50
5. Nothing to Lose but You Three Days Grace 2:52
6. Me Against You Three Days Grace 3:29
7. Love Me or Leave Me Three Days Grace 3:04
8. Strange Days Three Days Grace 3:10
9. Villain I'm Not Three Days Grace 2:55
10. Chasing the First Time Three Days Grace 2:55
11. The New Real Three Days Grace 3:00
12. The Abyss Three Days Grace 4:09

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Outsider (Three Days Grace) Album Reviews

  • Stop hating!

    I don’t post reviews online with anything when there are many times I know I should. I’m starting here. I keep reading everyone hammering this album mostly because it’s not the same vocalist. I get the die hard 3DG fans are upset. I am not. Because I’m a fan of music as a whole. From that prospective, this album is WAY more than I though it was going to be. I feel like there were few times where the lyrics left me wanting a tad more, but there still good. I will say certain times they were on the basic side, okay sure. Basic also works perfectly here. The musical riffs and melodies are great in my opinion. I want to learn them on my guitar and that’s a statement. I downloaded the album off Apple Music, but because I love the album so much, I’m going to buy the physical cd just to support the group. Everyone that gave this album a one star should be ashamed. Your hurting it’s review because you don’t approve of the change. I can’t wait to seem them with Disturbed in Massachusetts this February!
  • Has some good singles

    No Gontier doesn’t mean bad band, even if he was the better singer
  • Beg for Adam to come back

    Your music without Adam sounds forced and boring. I don't want to listen to karaoke... I change the radio station unless it's a song from one of the old albums. Saint Asonia with Adam sounds more like the original 3DG...
  • Hot Garbage

    Generic sound, generic lyrics. Crazy how I just don’t like anything new with the exception of a few songs, yet I can listen to any of the first 4 albums from beginning to end.
  • Outsider

    I just love it!!
  • Different and good

    I like this album because they experimented with music that’s kinda out of their comfort zone, and I think they did good.
  • The band died with Adam Gontier

    They would have been better off renaming the band when they brought in a new singer. I bought every album, but I haven’t bought anything since Adam left.
  • Loveee

    I freakin love this band sm! I bought this whole album and I really hope I like it but I’m sure I will. Their one of my fav rock bands
  • Hang it up guys

    There’s no hope for this band anymore. Matt is a horrible singer and the songs are the dumbest by far. Time to hang this band up. Not the same without Adam.
  • Amazing Album

    Three Days Grace is back and with a message. For a long time I have been a fan of three days grace for a long time and they became a big, no, HUGE influence in my life. I always enjoyed their music, company, and overall atmosphere. They have continued to thrive and make up for being a great bang that has not only influenced me, but everyone that surrounds the 3DG community. It’s a shame that Adam( Lead-vocalist) has left the band, but that did not stop Three Days Grace from making music again. This album shows that the band has not given up and will continue to make great content and great music. Matt, you are an amazing singer and I enjoy your talent and you should keep doing what you do best. Keep the Three Days Grace life alive!

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