Hillsong Worship - There Is More (Live)

Hillsong Worship - There Is More (Live) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Hillsong Worship
Album Name :   There Is More (Live)
Genre :   Christian & Gospel
Tracks :   17
Relase Date :   06 April 2018
Country :   USA

There Is More (Live) (Hillsong Worship) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Who You Say I Am Hillsong Worship 5:29
2. You Are Life Hillsong Worship 3:23
3. The Passion Hillsong Worship 4:32
4. God So Loved Hillsong Worship 4:31
5. Be Still Hillsong Worship 8:07
6. Remembrance Hillsong Worship 5:35
7. Valentine Hillsong Worship 5:19
8. Touch of Heaven Hillsong Worship 7:07
9. Lettered Love Hillsong Worship 3:42
10. The Lord's Prayer Hillsong Worship 6:08
11. New Wine Hillsong Worship 8:10
12. So Will I (100 Billion X) Hillsong Worship 7:04
13. Seasons Hillsong Worship 4:39
14. Who You Say I Am Hillsong Worship 3:11
15. Remembrance Hillsong Worship 5:10
16. Touch of Heaven Hillsong Worship 6:17
17. The Passion Hillsong Worship 3:58

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There Is More (Live) (Hillsong Worship) Album Comments

There Is More (Live) (Hillsong Worship) Album Reviews

  • so will I

    Great album
  • Phenomenal Worship

    “So Will I” ministers to my entire being. The Spirit of The Lord flows through every word, healing springs forth... I love it so much. Thank you Lord for placing this song on the hearts of Hillsong.
  • One hundred billion failures disappear...

    Lord of the heavens, God of mercy, Jesus. The one who never leaves one behind. We can never love you or praise you enough. We can never understand. But you are faithful when we are faithless. And I am determined, that if the stars were made to worship, so will I. If you were willing to fight and die for the world, then so will I. Come soon lord Jesus.
  • Love it!!!

    Beautiful worship music that has touched on so many of our struggles in life. It reminds me that God is on my side and brings me closer to him. Thank you for the beautiful lyrics and music.
  • Love

    Love hillsong live
  • <><🙏✝️ = ❤️😀☮️

    Family Church in Middletown NY sings some of these songs during worship
  • Love Christian music❤️

    I hope whoever just scrolls through this takes one to two minutes out of 1,440 minutes of their day to read this. I don’t have these songs downloaded or anything but they are great singers and I just love listening to this type of music. It gives me hope and courage, it leads the path of my life, and has powerful meanings. I just recently went to a Christian concert and it sure gave me hope and made me feel good about being me and made me love who I am and my family way more than I did before.(and I already loved my family so much. Me, ehh) Right now a few of my friends and family are having troubles and I pray that whatever happens the lord keeps them safe. Don’t let anyone bring u down or tell you that you are less than anyone else. You are special and deserve friends and family who care, love, and accept you for who you are. You are loved by the lord always. Thank you for whoever took the time to read this I hope you find to trust the lord and always be you.
  • Remarkable Worship Album

    There are only about 3 songs I’m not really “into” all that much in this album, although all the lyrics are awesome. Incredible job Hillsong!
  • The Best Hillsong Yet!

    I eagerly await each new Hillsong release, and There is More is a truly stellar offering of worship, my all-time favorite Hillsong album. There is More is a wonderful reminder that there is immeasurably more to our God that we can think or imagine, and this album captures that sentiment.
  • Will lift you to higher ground!

    Hard to put into words..but your spirit will know... When you listen to this ...simply beautiful ...

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