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Artist :   LEDGER
Album Name :   Ledger - EP
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   6
Relase Date :   13 April 2018
Country :   USA

Ledger - EP (LEDGER) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Not Dead Yet LEDGER 3:36
2. Warrior (feat. John Cooper) LEDGER 3:29
3. Bold LEDGER 3:30
4. Foreigner LEDGER 3:57
5. Ruins LEDGER 3:57
6. Iconic LEDGER 3:55

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    -Sasha Adair
    I absolutely love love this album! I love Jen and glad that she is doing her own Solo Project! I actually always wanted to hear her voice more:)
  • Top review

    Mr Mushrum
    Jdizzleforizzle said it perfectly
  • Jen is so good as a solo Artist

    Great effort put in sure to subscribe to skilletband🔥🔥🔥

    Prestin D
    I have been listening to skillet for almost 8 years now and let me say this is what we skillet fans need it’s awesome I have always looked up to Jen she is the solid reason I became a drummer and this is EP just shines her beauty and talent! LUV U JEN!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘
  • So amazing!!

    I cannot wait for more of her music!
  • Obsessed

    This album has been on REPLAY! Even have my 18 month old mouthing the words 🤟🏼 Great declaration! Keep it coming Jen ❤️
  • Overall a good debut EP from a talented Drummer/vocalist

    As a fellow fan of Skillet, I was pretty curious to see what their drummer/singer Jen would create as a solo artist. I always thought that Jen had a unique voice and her work with Skillet makes the band better, especially live. The energy she brings is incredible and I was excited to see what kind of music she would make. 6 months later, I gotta say that this EP has aged pretty well and I enjoy a majority of it as a whole. The first single “Not Dead Yet” is a catchy tune that while I don’t come back to a lot, I think it’s a solid jam with a catchy chorus. Warrior is another solid jam, which at first I didn’t care for. John Cooper’s feature is good, but it makes it sound just like a Skillet B-Side. Thankfully Jen’s vocals stand out as something unique. Bold is an electronic tinged anthem that reminds me of Starset and Unleashed Era Skillet. This may be a shock but I actually really enjoy this one a lot. You would think a song this simplistic would be a least favorite, but Jen’s voice carries it all the way through. I just really like the vibe of it as a whole. Foreigner is the most diverse track on here and I honestly really enjoy it. This one is unique because of the lyrical content. I like how Jen portrays Christians as foreigners, and how we’re not home yet. There’s some pretty creative lyrical content and that really makes the song stand out. Jen’s vocal performance is very good too. Ruins is my favorite song on the EP. This ballad is absolutely beautiful. Jen’s voice really shines here and it blends beautifully with the piano and light strings. It seems like the song is talking about a lost relationship or even a conversation between her and God. It definitely has a lot of depth to it, and this is one I still come back to frequently. Iconic closes out the EP with a punch. It’s a very fun pop/rock song with some buzzing electronics that carry the song. While I do like Jen’s vocals a lot, some of the lyrics are kind of cheesy and cringey. It reminds me of the song Famous from Unleashed, but this is a better version of it imo. Definitely a solid way to end the EP. Overall this is a good debut EP from a very talented Drummer/vocalist. I can’t wait to see what she does next!
  • ❤️

    This is awesome. Jen rocks
  • Love it!

    I love her voice and this album is even better then expected! I hope she comes out with more side albums. :)
  • Does she still sing in skillet


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