Cat Power - Wanderer

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Artist :   Cat Power
Album Name :   Wanderer
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Wanderer (Cat Power) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Wanderer Cat Power 1:14
2. In Your Face Cat Power 4:11
3. You Get Cat Power 3:43
4. Woman (feat. Lana Del Rey) Cat Power 4:50
5. Horizon Cat Power 4:24
6. Stay Cat Power 3:58
7. Black Cat Power 3:56
8. Robbin Hood Cat Power 2:10
9. Nothing Really Matters Cat Power 3:12
10. Me Voy Cat Power 4:00
11. Wanderer / Exit Cat Power 2:19

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About Cat Power - Wanderer Album

Wanderer is the tenth studio album by American musician Cat Power, released worldwide by Domino on October 5, 2018. The album is the first Cat Power release since 1996's What Would the Community Think not to be issued through Matador Records. Wanderer was produced by Marshall herself and was written and recorded in Miami's the Pink House and 10K Islands and Los Angeles' Mant Studio, with Marshall playing almost all of the instruments herself. The album features 10 original songs ..

Wanderer (Cat Power) Album Comments

Wanderer (Cat Power) Album Reviews

  • Nostalgic style

    Black is hate part 2. Me Voy is comforting reminder of Chan and a top track followed by the classic style of nothing really matters and the delicate stay. Half of an album done very well.
  • Great sound again

    Thanks Chan for another great album. Love the song ‘woman’ and your version of the ‘what the world needs now’. If you come back to OZ love to catch up again in Byron.
  • Fantastic!!!

    Great follow up to the EXCELLENT Sun album!! As always, great vocals and lyrics if you love Cat Power like I do you'll vlove this! I don't know how Javiizz thinks this is a new Lans Del Rey album, she's feature on one track! VERY good album from start to finish!
  • So good

    Chan Marshall is a true artist.
  • back to basics

    Her best album since You Are Free
  • Always a Cat Power fan

    Ever since the early 90s I've liked everything she represents. Creative, Southern, a definite "indie" - great combination that I relate to. Keep 'em coming and please tour to Asheville and my wife and I will fly there to see you perform (we live in the Idaho mountains). BTW, okay Lana is on the record and that's a nice touch. But I wanted more of Ms. Marshall!
  • Uh what?

    When did background vocals become a feature ? I’m mean good music but misleading
  • Lana and Cat Power is a dream come true

    I can’t even question my existence right now. I deserve to be alive with this masterpiece... Woman , you’re a beast. Thank you!
  • Its Cat Power not Lana del Rey

    Its Cat Powers new album not Lana’s. Lana is featured on one track.
  • LANA

    Omg Lana Del Rey’s new album is here!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Cat Power - Wanderer Album Wiki

Wanderer, Wanderers, or The Wanderer Nomadic and/or itinerant people, working short-term before moving to other locations, who wander from place to place with no permanent home, or are vagrant The Wanderer, an alternate name for the Wandering Jew.