Gregory Alan Isakov - Evening Machines

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Artist :   Gregory Alan Isakov
Album Name :   Evening Machines
Genre :   Singer/Songwriter
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Evening Machines (Gregory Alan Isakov) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Berth Gregory Alan Isakov 4:53
2. San Luis Gregory Alan Isakov 4:32
3. Southern Star Gregory Alan Isakov 2:19
4. Powder Gregory Alan Isakov 3:12
5. Bullet Holes Gregory Alan Isakov 3:29
6. Was I Just Another One Gregory Alan Isakov 2:57
7. Caves Gregory Alan Isakov 4:49
8. Chemicals Gregory Alan Isakov 3:19
9. Dark, Dark, Dark Gregory Alan Isakov 2:59
10. Too Far Away Gregory Alan Isakov 3:24
11. Where You Gonna Go Gregory Alan Isakov 4:01
12. Wings in All Black Gregory Alan Isakov 3:43

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Evening Machines (Gregory Alan Isakov) Album Comments

Evening Machines (Gregory Alan Isakov) Album Reviews

  • Unique

    no nickname needed to express
    Love this album - some songs could of Segue in sequence - not a fan of long fade outs -Favorite track on this for me 👉🏻👉🏻 “Too Far Away” ❤️ absolutely beautiful.
  • Best album of 2018

    This album is the best album to come out in 2018. It’s a masterpiece!
  • Ethereal

    He does it again...
  • I CAN'T!!!!!

  • Expanding Universe

    Each new album Gregory puts out is like finding another gold mine after blasting a f-ing cave with dynamite. "San Luis"is probably one of the most balanced songs I've ever heard oustide of his classic, masterpiece "Master and a Hound". I'm loving the atmospheric sounds throughout. I only wish Gregory would've released the other 12 tracks that he recorded. But if I know this guy, he'll probably play most of them live or save them for a timeless bootleg. I think all 12 released tracks go together perfectly. It's like one giant, cosmetic chiasm. Give it a listen and it won't be long until you start smelling the morning dew again.
  • My lord

    I went and saw him perform tonight, and he’s somehow even better to hear in person than on the album. This man has an incredible amount of talent that deserves to be recognized by a larger audience. What a peaceful, beautiful concert it was.
  • His best album yet

    This music takes me away to another place. Best listened to when driving solo on an empty highway around 3-4 am.
  • Awesome

    Nice to hear an artist that stays true to his sound while still evolving with new music.
  • This album speaks to you

    Like all the albums before, the stories in the songs just draw you in. Evening Machines is pure magic and each song is beautiful! I love this album and this band just keeps progressing musically. Their raw talent is so rare and we are so lucky to have a band like this in our grasp!
  • Amazing

    This album is amazing. Alot of the songs I just listen to about a 100 times in a row. San Luis being my favorite, but there are so many good tunes here.

Gregory Alan Isakov - Evening Machines Album Wiki

Gregory Alan Isakov is a singer-songwriter born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He and his family emigrated to the United States in 1986 and he was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.Isakov's music combines indie and folk, featuring instruments such as the guitar and banjo — and he is widely known for the songs "The Stable Song", "Big Black Car", "If I Go, I'm Goin" and "Raising Cain". Isakov has released seven albums, most recently Evening Machines in October 2018..