Eric Church - Desperate Man

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Artist :   Eric Church
Album Name :   Desperate Man
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Snake Eric Church 4:00
2. Hangin' Around Eric Church 2:29
3. Heart Like a Wheel Eric Church 3:15
4. Some of It Eric Church 3:15
5. Monsters Eric Church 3:20
6. Hippie Radio Eric Church 2:54
7. Higher Wire Eric Church 2:43
8. Desperate Man Eric Church 3:28
9. Solid Eric Church 4:18
10. Jukebox and a Bar Eric Church 3:12
11. Drowning Man Eric Church 3:47

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Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Comments

Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Reviews

  • Not feeling it. I tried.

    Clayton Ezell
  • Loved it.

    Hispanic and Lov'n Her
    It’s a great album.
  • YES! YES! YES!

    This is one Church's best albums! Drowning Man is my new favorite song!!!!
  • Listen to the entire album a few times

    It took a few times of just letting it play while I did house work or driving and the album proved to be be just as brilliant as all of them. Absolutely love it!!! The lyrics in many of the songs are so capturing if you really sit down and listen. If you’re a true Eric lover you will love it too!
  • Garbage

    Music is terrible! On top of that, you're a sellout. Good luck selling albums to all the anti-gun haters you joined out there. You sir lost my respect and that of many others as well!
  • The man!

    What album are people listening to giving these bad reviews?!? Monsters is one of my all time favorite tracks. Some of it. Heart like a wheel. The swampy lead single is awesome. Church is the man. Church. Combs. Stapleton. Real music.
  • Perfect

    He can make anything sound great
  • Country is dead

    please stop this crap
    This so called crap you call country music is a joke when do country songs rap with a beat from Britney Spears and the lyrics are horrible if you’re not crying over loosing a women your getting drunk on a pontoon with a sunburn going up down up down gawwwdd this is terrible I am forced to listen to this crap day after day at work but I got my dirt road cred and I’m going to get my outside on psh
  • Good stuff

    Mike Bow
    I like Eric’s change with music!! Keep on keepin” it real!! Love it
  • EFC Fan

    Great album. If you’re an Eric Church fan, you’ll understand this album and enjoy it.

Eric Church - Desperate Man Album Wiki

Desperate Man Desperate Man (album), by Eric Church "Desperate Man" (song), the title track The Desperate Man, a 1959 British film "A Desperate Man", an episode of American crime drama series NCIS.