Eric Church - Desperate Man

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Artist :   Eric Church
Album Name :   Desperate Man
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Snake Eric Church 4:00
2. Hangin' Around Eric Church 2:29
3. Heart Like a Wheel Eric Church 3:15
4. Some of It Eric Church 3:15
5. Monsters Eric Church 3:20
6. Hippie Radio Eric Church 2:54
7. Higher Wire Eric Church 2:43
8. Desperate Man Eric Church 3:28
9. Solid Eric Church 4:18
10. Jukebox and a Bar Eric Church 3:12
11. Drowning Man Eric Church 3:47

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Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Comments

Desperate Man (Eric Church) Album Reviews

  • Some of it!

    This will be his number one all time greatest hit!
  • Buy the Entire Album

    Love it. All of it. Didn’t think there’d be another Eric Church album that I would listen to repeatedly as much as I have Chief. None of mainstream pop crap they call country these days. Thank you for new country I can listen to.
  • Trash. 0 Stars

    The debut single desperate man is basically him saying he is a desperate man because this album is trash. Make America Great Again!
  • Pop Country! The whole album sounds desperate!

    Just like his lyrics he’s a desperate man!!
  • Poor experimental album

    Chef J 85
    Sort of a catchy single, song Monsters under the bed was decent to however the the rest of album isn’t a typical Eric Church album. To experimental & nothing catchy which is why it has faded away . To much pop country garbage filler here.
  • Jumped the shark

    He’s done, he lost his edge. Too much Jack & Coke Zero, not enough heart.
  • What in the world?

    What happened to Eric Church? He used to release quality albums. This is pure garbage.
  • Excellent!!

    Eric stays true to himself with soul worthy lyrics & heartfelt songs. Made me smile & appreciate his talent all over again. Song writing to the likes of Waylon, Cash & Dylon with a little bit of Springsteen rock. Love it!
  • Grate songs

    Buzz 30
    Way to to go 👍
  • Desperately Good

    Pours his soul out - love it.

Eric Church - Desperate Man Album Wiki

Desperate Man Desperate Man (album), by Eric Church "Desperate Man" (song), the title track The Desperate Man, a 1959 British film "A Desperate Man", an episode of American crime drama series NCIS.