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Artist :   Steve Perry
Album Name :   Traces
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   10
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Traces (Steve Perry) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. No Erasin' Steve Perry 4:07
2. We're Still Here Steve Perry 4:06
3. Most of All Steve Perry 4:23
4. No More Cryin' Steve Perry 4:29
5. In the Rain Steve Perry 4:06
6. Sun Shines Gray Steve Perry 3:57
7. You Belong to Me Steve Perry 4:07
8. Easy to Love Steve Perry 4:03
9. I Need You Steve Perry 2:59
10. We Fly Steve Perry 3:56

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Traces (Steve Perry) Album Reviews

  • The Legend is back!!!

    One of the greatest voices in rock and roll has returned after a 25 year hiatus!! And it’s amazing!!! Voice is incredible as always!!
  • Needs Journey

    Lacks guitar, lacks the punch of his great songs of the past. These songs are unlistenable to me.
  • No more Cryin’, he is back!

    Dad of ten
    So thankful that Mr.Perry found his inspiration to sing again. Music isn’t the same when the “bigs” are not involved in it. I found the songs soulful and a great base beat. Journey was my introduction into music and I’ve been a fan/follower ever since.
  • Welcome Back!

    Obviously this is not 1984 and this is not a Journey release. I've listened to this entire release a couple times now, and although a few are not happy with slower arrangements failing to test the limits of his voice, one must remember that Steve went MIA for over 30 years and he is now a 69 year old guy! I can appreciate why and how this project came to be. He is not a slave of the big 'Music Machine' and doesn't have to release anything if he doesn't want to. Traces is a pretty mellow release, and I appreciate his efforts with each of these songs coming from his heart with the newfound relationship and loss of his girlfriend. I'm hoping this could possibly lead to more releases down the road, but for now I'll take it. Traces- No Erasin' and No More Cryin' are comparable to earlier (slower) Journey work. After listening to CD's from yesteryear and jumping right back to Traces, his voice is more scratchy these days, but again, I'll take it as will most of you.
  • Traces

    Thank you Kelly Nash!!! Steve is back!!! Songs r great!!! As usual ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Weak..really ?

    What is this, Ballads are us? Weak songs, no drive, nothing more than love songs. Give me a break Steve. This is what you been spening time writing all these years? Agggg!
  • Just listened to the whole CD and thought it was very good. The orchestral backing was excellent. His voice sounded fine to me. Definitely worth a listen and download.
  • Thank You Steve Perry

    I’m so happy that you are back. Your story is a inspiration. Thank you for your music
  • LansB

    Lans B.
    Arguably the greatest voice in rock. I fell in love with Steve’s pipes the first time he recorded with Journey and have listened to him through the decades. This album is like finding something that will enrich my life in immeasurably. The only singer who gives me goosebumps. Many moons ago Grace Slick called his voice “the best voice in rock.” The matured tone to his singing adds a new soulful depth. Excellent band and production value. Welcome back Steve. This man missed you a lot.
  • Traces

    Keith the traveler
    This is pure Steve Perry as always! From a listener from the beginning!

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