Twenty one pilots - Trench

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Artist :   Twenty one pilots
Album Name :   Trench
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

Trench (Twenty one pilots) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Jumpsuit twenty one pilots 3:58
2. Levitate twenty one pilots 2:25
3. Morph twenty one pilots 4:18
4. My Blood twenty one pilots 3:49
5. Chlorine twenty one pilots 5:24
6. Smithereens twenty one pilots 2:57
7. Neon Gravestones twenty one pilots 4:00
8. The Hype twenty one pilots 4:25
9. Nico And The Niners twenty one pilots 3:45
10. Cut My Lip twenty one pilots 4:42
11. Bandito twenty one pilots 5:30
12. Pet Cheetah twenty one pilots 3:18
13. Legend twenty one pilots 2:52
14. Leave the City twenty one pilots 4:40

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About Twenty one pilots - Trench Album

Trench is the fifth studio album by American musical duo Twenty One Pilots, released on October 5, 2018 through Fueled by Ramen. It is the band's first studio album in three years, after the breakthrough success of their previous album, Blurryface (2015). Recorded in secret during a year-long public silence, it is a concept album which explores mental health, suicide and doubt, themes prominently featured in the band's previous works, framed in the metaphorical city of Dema and the surrounding valley known as "Trench". ..

Trench (Twenty one pilots) Album Comments

Trench (Twenty one pilots) Album Reviews

  • Not as good as Blurryface or Vessel

    Demon Hunter Fan
    Melancholy is the best way to describe this album. There is some good songs on here but I got sick of it fast. Their prior two albums I listened to forever and the songs just always seemed great. This new album depresses me and I don’t like listening to it anymore. Maybe that’s because a lot of it feels like it’s written about his own depression. TOP is capable of much better, higher energy and more positive music than this. Blah. :(
  • Yass

    I liked their earlier work better but this album is just fire ||-//
  • Amazing

    Great as always
  • ✅✅✅✅✅

    cartey boy
    Chlorine is the BEST YO!
  • wow

    Summer Rizzotto
    In my opinion, this and blurry face are the best albums of TØP. My favorite songs are chlorine and jumpsuit. I would totally recommend those songs. I love them so much and keep up the good work TØP
  • Amazing

    How could can you not be in love with every single song!?!!
  • in LOVE

    i love this album and this band so much 10/10 recommend
  • A bit disappointing..

    There are some great songs on here (Specifically, Neon Gravestones, Pet Cheetah, and Nico and the Niners) but I found myself skipping a lot of the songs on here and couldn’t get into a lot of them. Compared to the rest of their albums, I’m sad to say this isn’t as good.
  • Wow

    Plasmatale Sans
  • Brilliant

    So many emotions. The concept is brilliant. I have no words to express how great this album is.

Twenty one pilots - Trench Album Wiki

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