Muse - Simulation Theory (Deluxe)

Muse - Simulation Theory (Deluxe) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Muse
Album Name :   Simulation Theory (Deluxe)
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   16
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Simulation Theory (Deluxe) (Muse) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Algorithm Muse 4:05
2. The Dark Side Muse 3:47
3. Pressure Muse 3:55
4. Propaganda Muse 3:00
5. Break It to Me Muse 3:37
6. Something Human Muse 3:46
7. Thought Contagion Muse 3:26
8. Get Up and Fight Muse 4:04
9. Blockades Muse 3:50
10. Dig Down Muse 3:48
11. The Void Muse 4:44
12. Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) Muse 3:32
13. The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version.. Muse 3:54
14. Propaganda (Acoustic Version) Muse 2:58
15. Something Human (Acoustic Version) Muse 3:46
16. Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) Muse 3:57

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Simulation Theory (Deluxe) (Muse) Album Comments

Simulation Theory (Deluxe) (Muse) Album Reviews

  • Worse album released

    As far as I can tell this is the worse album Muse released.
  • Great Album!!!!

    Great Album!!!!
  • My review

    I just can say that it’s a really good album 👍🏻
  • Muse at Their Best

    Gifford Bishop
    Songs Ranked from Best to Worst: 1. The Dark Side 2. Blockades 3. Algorithm 4. Pressure 5. The Void 6. Propaganda 7. Break It to Me 8. Thought Contagion 9. Dig Down 10. Get Up and Fight 11. Something Human
  • Great album but

    Kid Millenium
    I’m upset ...they don’t have the super deluxe
  • Amazing!

    Probably my favorite Muse album, ever!
  • You can do a good job 👍🏻

  • YESSIR!!?

    This album rocks my world out!!! I love the way that this album is different because Muse is always looking out for new styles in the best way possible!! I’ve been listening to them my whole life and at age 15 right now, I can tell you that I will never frown upon them not because they don’t sound like they were in the 2000’s, but because of experimental changes, new styles, new pulses and rhythms! I LOVE MUSE. For those slightly confused about the styles, the styles added in the Second Law was more EDM influenced, and this one is more purely electronic based than actual EDM. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. BTW: I LOVE THE ACOUSTIC VERSIONS OF THE SONGS THIS TIME AROUND! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY LISTEN TO THOSE TOO!!
  • Ridiculously excellent

    These dudes are heaven sent. Try listening without a critical ear and experience truly a masterpiece of music. First round I was comparing this album to all their others and that will jade your first impressions. Listen with your eyes closed and let it melt in in your soul, it will find you. Like I said directly sent from above, it enriches your appreciation for music and how it comforts your soul is truly magical or should I say a miracle from above. Love it guys, hope you keep making music that continues to inspire me.
  • Amazing

    Simply put

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