Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born Soundtrack album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
Album Name :   A Star Is Born Soundtrack
Genre :   Soundtrack
Tracks :   35
Relase Date :   05 October 2018
Country :   USA

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Intro Cast 0:20
2. Black Eyes Bradley Cooper 3:03
3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cast 0:42
4. Fabulous French Cast 0:19
5. La Vie en Rose Lady Gaga 2:59
6. I'll Wait for You Cast 0:19
7. Maybe It's Time Bradley Cooper 2:39
8. Parking Lot Cast 0:31
9. Out of Time Bradley Cooper 2:52
10. Alibi Bradley Cooper 3:03
11. Trust Me Cast 0:31
12. Shallow Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:35
13. First Stop, Arizona Cast 0:10
14. Music to My Eyes Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:19
15. Diggin' My Grave Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:57
16. I Love You Cast 0:19
17. Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga 3:30
18. Unbelievable Cast 0:28
19. How Do You Hear It? Cast 0:14
20. Look What I Found Lady Gaga 2:55
21. Memphis Cast 0:24
22. Heal Me Lady Gaga 3:16
23. I Don't Know What Love Is Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 2:57
24. Vows Cast 0:17
25. Is That Alright? Lady Gaga 3:11
26. SNL Cast 0:13
27. Why Did You Do That? Lady Gaga 3:04
28. Hair Body Face Lady Gaga 3:22
29. Scene 98 Cast 0:34
30. Before I Cry Lady Gaga 4:18
31. Too Far Gone Bradley Cooper 1:26
32. Twelve Notes Cast 1:03
33. I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 4:41
34. I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga 5:28

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A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Comments

A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) Album Reviews

  • A great surprise!

    Loved both the movie and the soundtrack. As soon as the movie ended I downloaded the soundtrack. I’ll be listening to it for the next few weeks I’m sure (and driving my family nuts). And Bradley Cooper—-WOW! Amazing!!
  • Amazing!!

    Can’t stop playing these songs!!! The movie is a tear jerker!!! Love this album!!
  • Amazing Soundtrack!!!

    I love this soundtrack and Bradley Coopers “Alibi” is THE BEST!!! I would LOVE to hear it playing on the radio.
  • !

    PUPPIES at day
    This is a great movie and the music is WONDERFUL!
  • Shallow

    Awesome Song ♥️ Love it !!!

    No joke...I don’t remember the last time I even wanted to purchase an entire album, but this one...if you have seen the movie you MUST buy this album. If you haven’t seen the movie you will STILL want to purchase it. I love the random audio takes between the songs and I can literally see those scenes again in my mind when I hear them. And by the way, for those who haven’t seen the film yet: you are truly missing out!!
  • Perfect

    This stunning soundtrack is the star of the movie. Lady Gaga hits every note perfectly both acting and singing. Unrecognizable at the beginning of the movie in a gorgeous way, she transcends the role completely. Not only is this compilation Oscar worthy, but it stands on its own as a true work of art.
  • What a soundtrack!

    There is not one song I don’t like on this album. I haven’t even seen the movie and I’m already in love with the music. Lady Gaga at her best. Bradley Cooper!Who knew?! Simply one of the best soundtrack to date. How refreshing to hear music and lyrics that just pulls you into a story. You don’t hear it much any more and to find a whole album dedicated to it. Priceless.
  • Awesome

    Best story love, life, fame and heartbreak covered them all. These two did an amazing job. The music was amazing by both artist. I loved Lay Gaga before and even more now. And who new Bradley could sing too way to go❤️ Lissa104 Rae
  • Phenomenal!! 💫💫♥️♥️👏🏼👏🏼

    Jude Finelli
    I LOVED this movie from start to finish. I’m been a fan of both Gaga and Bradley but to see them together on screen was pure magic!! I didn’t know Bradley could sing and I truly love his voice.. Gaga is truly a star in every sense of the word and I am deeply inspired. Well done!!👏🏼👏🏼

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