Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto

Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Tenacious D
Album Name :   Post-Apocalypto
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   21
Relase Date :   02 November 2018
Country :   USA

Post-Apocalypto (Tenacious D) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
2. desolation Tenacious D 1:17
3. HOPE Tenacious D 1:59
4. cave women Tenacious D 1:26
5. MAKING LOVE Tenacious D 2:56
6. scientists Tenacious D 1:17
7. TAKE US INTO SPACE Tenacious D 1:56
8. i’ve got to go Tenacious D 1:50
9. FUCK YO-YO MA Tenacious D 1:34
10. reunion / not so fast Tenacious D 1:08
11. DADDY DING DONG Tenacious D 1:45
12. chainsaw bazooka machine gun Tenacious D 1:00
13. ROBOT Tenacious D 2:26
14. marCH Tenacious D 1:23
15. turd whistle Tenacious D 0:39
16. COLORS Tenacious D 2:20
17. who’s your daddy? Tenacious D 0:48
18. JB JR RAP Tenacious D 1:31
19. WOMAN TIME Tenacious D 1:23
20. SAVE THE WORLD Tenacious D 0:44

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Post-Apocalypto (Tenacious D) Album Comments

Post-Apocalypto (Tenacious D) Album Reviews

  • To short on songs and effort

    Their weakest album
  • Hurts me to say...but

    Epiphone G400
    Only 2 good songs on a 21 song record? YIKES! The D might be done. I'll keep the tattoo though.
  • Take a hard pass on this one!

    I've loved all of Tenacious D's previous albums. But this one is utterly useless. Nothing is even remotely funny about any of it and the "theme" of the whole thing is ridiculous. Save your money folks, and hope that their next effort makes up for this train wreck.
  • Robbery

    No cuts no buts no coconuts
    The album is about 30 minutes long, and is politically geared. The D have been poisoned by California. Like the sharks say on SharkTank... For that reason... I’m out.
  • 100% Political agenda

    Boooo I loved Tenacious D But they let this political obsession blind them from their true rock form Save your money.
  • Terrible

    Been a fan of the D since day 1 and I’m truly embarrassed for them for putting this album out. It’s awful and anyone defending it is delusional.
  • Great album

    Loved rage kage and jables since the beginning
  • Kyle Please...Respect! Long live the D!

    Valkor Von Fierce
    This album gets better, and funnier with EVERY LISTEN! My only complaint is that they had to really edit all of the dialogue from the animated movie. Please go out and watch all 6 full episodes. This is a brilliant D album and a true masterpiece. More than the music, it's the actual Story itself which is hysterically brilliant!
  • Garbage - Please Stop

    This is soooo ponderous. Please mercy kill this crap.
  • I expected better from the D

    I love Tenacious D but this album is honestly not that good. First off, the songs are too short and not that good. The best song is "Making Love" and is actually good enough to save this album from one star. I legitamly enjoy this song. Each of the other songs have their good bits but fall flat. I know Tenacious D can do better and I hope they do so in the future.

Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto Album Wiki

Post-Apocalypto is the fourth studio album by American rock band Tenacious D. Produced by bassist John Spiker, it was released in North America on November 2, 2018, by Columbia Records. In addition to core members Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the album also marks the return of John Konesky (electric guitar), Spiker and Dave Grohl (drums), who have all performed on previous Tenacious D albums. The album features songs and audio snippets from Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto, the band's animatic YouTube series to support the album..