Kane Brown - Experiment

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Artist :   Kane Brown
Album Name :   Experiment
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Baby Come Back to Me Kane Brown 3:45
2. Good As You Kane Brown 3:12
3. Lose It Kane Brown 3:00
4. It Ain't You It's Me Kane Brown 3:12
5. Short Skirt Weather Kane Brown 3:14
6. Homesick Kane Brown 3:25
7. Weekend Kane Brown 3:47
8. Work Kane Brown 3:05
9. One Night Only Kane Brown 3:12
10. My Where I Come From Kane Brown 3:02
11. American Bad Dream Kane Brown 3:18
12. Live Forever Kane Brown 3:04

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Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Comments

Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Reviews

  • This is Country.

    Not Pop. Get that through your head. It is modern COUNTRY. If you want the classic stuff then don’t listen to this album. The songs are great. But They are COUNTRY!!! Take a modern pop song of today and compare it to this. You could easily distribute each song in a category. Y’all need to chill.
  • It ain’t you it’s me ❤️

    Daddy gold
  • Greatness

    For one: he does sing his own songs. I’ve been to many concerts and met him every time (9x) second: he may be new country but he is still country. It’s evolutionizing. Just because he sounds different, does not mean a thing. Thirdly: he’s honestly the most down to earth person I have ever met. He’s nice, caring, funny. Honestly if you dislike him you a psycho.
  • Garbage

    ‘Nuff said!
  • Diana Bushmire writing about Kane💙🙏

    I think he has a great voice and feel he has every right to be a ballad type singer voicing feelings that we all have! I’m old and like older country style music but there is something about Kane Brown!!! My all time favorite is King George!!! Look at some of the newer country artists—— they start crossing over and many of you don’t complain!!! Maybe in several years we will have a King Kane!!! Give him a chance. All music is good for the soul‼️❤️🙏💙
  • ❤️✨Emma✨❤️

    Emma Grace!
    I absolutely love Kane brown so much! I love his music so much! I hope you make more albums cause they are the best!
  • OMG I’ve listened to this album so much since it’s came out

    Taylor Loves Kane Brown
    Kane I love all your albums don’t let anyone tell you that your not country because your country and I’ve seen you in concert twice 1- Tuscaloosa Alabama 04/19/18 2- Pensacola Florida 01/11/19
  • Kane Brown

    Love this guy and the music he has produced! The only negative this I have to say about this album is, I want to be able to download “lost in the middle of nowhere” and it can’t be found on iTunes. I think someone should make that happen
  • Cant wait for new album from George strait

    George strait will save country and also the people that is complaining about us giving him one star y’all don’t know what country is and this is not it and he doesn’t even deserve one star, but George strait makes me feel better
  • His voice!

    up on the creek

Kane Brown - Experiment Album Wiki

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