Kane Brown - Experiment

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Artist :   Kane Brown
Album Name :   Experiment
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Baby Come Back to Me Kane Brown 3:45
2. Good As You Kane Brown 3:12
3. Lose It Kane Brown 3:00
4. It Ain't You It's Me Kane Brown 3:12
5. Short Skirt Weather Kane Brown 3:14
6. Homesick Kane Brown 3:25
7. Weekend Kane Brown 3:47
8. Work Kane Brown 3:05
9. One Night Only Kane Brown 3:12
10. My Where I Come From Kane Brown 3:02
11. American Bad Dream Kane Brown 3:18
12. Live Forever Kane Brown 3:04

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Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Reviews

  • Amazing

    Oh my god he’s amazing. I barely listen to country but now imma listen every day
  • LOVE

    This is a great blend of Country, rock and a bit of pop. People need to get over what they "think" Country is because these days it is a bit of everything so get over it! This man has a beautiful voice and I truly enjoy all of the tracks on this album! I look forward to hearing more from him!
  • Love the music

    Idc what anyone says about this not being country, it’s a new generation so country is basically like technology it’s upgrading by the creator and what taste of lyrics and beats they think their fans will love so all them haters are just want a be country singers KANE BROWN ROCKS,LOVE THE MUSIC
  • Garbage is an Understatement

    I’m just amazed of the stupidity someone would have to possess to sign this clown 🤡 to a record deal & promote him. Talentless & as I titled this, Garbage would be an understatement in defining this poor excuse for music. Country Fans, our home of Country Music, Nashville, has been invaded & overtaken by L.A. Liberals. They want to take our firearms away, our hard earned money, & the rest of our Constitutional Rights away, but for now they’ve taken away our Country Music & replaced it with this garbage.
  • Not country music but...

    This is definitely not country music so if that’s what you are looking for this is not it, however I love country like Tim or Brad but I also love pop and this is like pop music with a hint of country in it. So no this is not country but it’s still good!!
  • Quit calling this misogynistic garbage country

    Kane has a really good country voice that is being drastically wasted...If you want to make R&B and pop music cool. Move over to those genres. But quit trying to invade country spaces to do it in. There’s real country artists out there who deserve to be discovered for their body of work. And take that Bruno Mars wannabe Thomas Rhett with you!
  • Boycott

    All-time Worst Fake-country album
  • amazing

    This is just great like dead amazing you freakin kill it kane
  • Impressive

    It’s a another story of another underdog, however, Kane kills it!
  • Different BUT I do like it

    Awesome & very talented. Keep up the great work Kane... you’re awesome!!

Kane Brown - Experiment Album Wiki

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