Kane Brown - Experiment

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Artist :   Kane Brown
Album Name :   Experiment
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Baby Come Back to Me Kane Brown 3:45
2. Good As You Kane Brown 3:12
3. Lose It Kane Brown 3:00
4. It Ain't You It's Me Kane Brown 3:12
5. Short Skirt Weather Kane Brown 3:14
6. Homesick Kane Brown 3:25
7. Weekend Kane Brown 3:47
8. Work Kane Brown 3:05
9. One Night Only Kane Brown 3:12
10. My Where I Come From Kane Brown 3:02
11. American Bad Dream Kane Brown 3:18
12. Live Forever Kane Brown 3:04

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Experiment (Kane Brown) Album Reviews

  • Crap

    If there was an option for zero stars it would deserve it because one star is too kind.
  • He does it again

    So much love 😍💓
  • Country? Hardly.

    Charley Pride is phenominal country and he is Black. This individual is NOT country. Just a wannabe.
  • Great Music

    Kane Brown is one of the most amazing country artists in the industry. I can’t really grasp the hatred for him. Does it seriously matter whether his music is hip hop or pop? If it sounds good and it’s music that makes Kane a talented artist. Just because his music doesn’t have a guitar toned background and consistently talking about boots, trucks, and beer doesn’t make him non country, it just makes his music unique and more catchy... nobody wants to listen to three separate Blake Sheltons that sound exactly alike! Give the dude a break.
  • To all you Haters

    You are not really listen with your ears ...........saw him on the voice last night ,what can I say ,He was truly amazine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just Amazing!

    Love this new album as much as the last one. Every song is a hit and I can’t get enough of LOSE IT and LOST IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. ❤️KB!
  • Country's Latest Token African American

    I get the impression that Sony chose him because he is an "acceptable" African American image. The image and music is great...but it's copycat pop masquerading and marketed as Country. Vocally, he is weak, but then so are a number of other so-called country-marketed artists,.but great vocals aren't important anymore...and neither is melody. Don't misunderstand...I don't need to go back to steel and fiddles but there has to be SOMETHING that identifies the Country music genre as Country. How can one really identify a genre if it sounds exactly like another genre? I'm sure Kane is a nice guy, but he is in he wrong room.
  • Voice is perfect

    I love the album. I enjoy listening to his voice. Anyone can feel the genuine emotion expressed in his songs.
  • Great Album

    Love the touch of blues with country. This album is so worth the download!!
  • He has done it again

    el tubo 24
    The album is amazing... I have no words I can relate so almost all of the songs...

Kane Brown - Experiment Album Wiki

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