Architects - Holy Hell

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Artist :   Architects
Album Name :   Holy Hell
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Death Is Not Defeat Architects 3:45
2. Hereafter Architects 4:15
3. Mortal After All Architects 3:39
4. Holy Hell Architects 4:13
5. Damnation Architects 4:08
6. Royal Beggars Architects 4:01
7. Modern Misery Architects 4:13
8. Dying to Heal Architects 3:50
9. The Seventh Circle Architects 1:48
10. Doomsday Architects 4:08
11. A Wasted Hymn Architects 4:34

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About Architects - Holy Hell Album

Holy Hell is the eighth studio album by British metalcore band Architects. It was released on 9 November 2018. It is the follow-up to the band's previous album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and is the first recorded without founding member and main songwriter Tom Searle, following his death in August 2016. ..

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Comments

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Reviews

  • Astounding Record a new fan of Architects.

    This record really hit home for me the relatability and musicianship of this group is amazing. A home run great job guys!!!
  • I’ve heard this before

    Sounds like Tom’s replacement listened to the other albums and put twists on his old riffs. Lyrics are reused often. Love these guys. They are obviously still grieving and maybe some more time would have helped. Yes, I know everyone grieves differently but there is nothing different here. Nothing stands out. The punch isn’t there.
  • Tom Searle

    There’s no doubt Tom Searle was the biggest brain behind Architects and it’s amazing to hear that they have continued to produce great music since his tragic death. I’ll admit, when I first listened to “Doomsday” it sounded too much like “A Match Made in Heaven” from their previous album and I lost some interest. Needless to say they won me back with the rest of it!! It’s funny how if a band evolves and changes their sound everyone wants the old stuff and if they don’t change enough people get bored. Sort of a thin line... If this is your first purchase of an Architects album GO BACK AND GRAB “Lost Forever, Lost Together” first. You wouldn’t start watching Breaking Bad on Season 4 would you? Same methodology here.
  • Amazing!

    Love this whole album!
  • Wow

    I’ve been following this band for years and wow this is their and justice for all. From opening to close this captivated me. You can feel the emotional weight from beginning to end. The title track hits harder than anything I’ve heard from other bands. This album hits me on a personal level and I can’t let it go. Their best work to date. And yes Rest In Peace Tom you would be extremely proud. This album hits me every time i listen to it. It’s been a daily listen to me .
  • OMG

    Tom would be proud. Keep it up guys
  • One of the Best Albums of the Year

    I’ve been a causal fan of Architects for almost 10 years now. Not listening to every album but loving what I did listen to (Nightmares & Hollow Crown). After hearing about what happened to Tom Searle something inside me said “listen to what these guys are going to put out next”. And Boy....was I pleasantly surprised. This album is very dark, but brutal has Holy Hell (pun intended). It’s go more of a Meshuggah type of grove that I really like. It’s kind of missing an element with the guitar playing. That being some of the higher melodic notes that are on previous records (for example the tapping in the bridge of Early Grave). Maybe those parts were one of Tom’s contributions to the music and why those parts aren’t there as much. There is also this ambient keyboard going on throughout the album. Sounds like strings you’d hear in a movie score. I love it because it really does a great job keeping the mood of the album and keeps the album together as a full recording that should be heard from beginning to end. What a fantastic album, RIP Tom Searle.

    Hard to come by GREAT Metal albums these days! This is a great album from Track 1 to 11!!!
  • Best Architects Album

    This is the best Architects album yet. It slaps hard and I can’t stop listening to it.
  • My review.

    I’ve never listened to these guys before. Everyone here saying album of the year are already fans of theirs. As a first time listener, it’s not bad, but it’s boring and extremely generic.

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