Architects - Holy Hell

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Artist :   Architects
Album Name :   Holy Hell
Genre :   Metal
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Death Is Not Defeat Architects 3:45
2. Hereafter Architects 4:15
3. Mortal After All Architects 3:39
4. Holy Hell Architects 4:13
5. Damnation Architects 4:08
6. Royal Beggars Architects 4:01
7. Modern Misery Architects 4:13
8. Dying to Heal Architects 3:50
9. The Seventh Circle Architects 1:48
10. Doomsday Architects 4:08
11. A Wasted Hymn Architects 4:34

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About Architects - Holy Hell Album

Holy Hell is the eighth studio album by British metalcore band Architects. It was released on 9 November 2018. It is the follow-up to the band's previous album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and is the first recorded without founding member and main songwriter Tom Searle, following his death in August 2016. ..

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Comments

Holy Hell (Architects) Album Reviews

  • Just Dicovering

    You know, there are bands that you hear about from other bands you may follow....Architects are that band for me. I always see a lot of groups who I listen to, recommend them. I had a friend send me “Hereafter”.....I was sold. This album is beautifully put together. The guitarwork is excellent and the flow of the album is really well put together. Really excellent effort. I will be digging into the back catalog once I have my fill with this record.
  • Well...

    A bit more singing than I was hoping for but architects make it sound so good! Please stay heavy! Well worth all the hype.
  • Amazing!

    J sonic
    Beautiful album
  • Emotional Masterpiece

    Seth Arryn
    I love the Architects! I discovered them when the single A Match Made in Heaven came out...After that I purchased Daybreaker and LF//LT while anxiously waiting for AOGHAU. Needless to say, AOGHAU was as good I had hoped for...(Tom was a genius writer). After Tom’s passing I’m sure there were people who wondered if the Architects could carry on, especially without the chief song writer. Rest assured, Holy Hell is as good as their other works. With Holy Hell you feel the emotion in every song...and feel their loss. I’m sure Tom has heard this album and couldn’t be prouder. Tom lives in Holy Hell and will continue to in all of Architects’ future works.
  • Wow

    Just wow.
  • Greatest album to date

    Angel Los Angeles
    Tom seeing all of them doing him proud for this hard hitting work put into the impactful list of tracks the album came out to be.
  • Masterpiece

    Robert gorgis
    Hands down, album of the year!
  • One of the best metal albums you will hear.

    This album has so much emotion behind it due to all the lyrics being written by Dan Searle, the drummer of former guitarist Tom Searle who was dan’s brother. Tom died of cancer in a couple years back. And the passion they had for him really shines through every song. Every song has something that will stand out at you. Whether it be a guitar riff, a breakdown, a heavy growl, ETC. These guys have such a unique sound for metalcore, and always bring something refreshing to the table. I can’t compare this album to the last because they’re simply different. Holy hell has a new guitarist on it while their last album was written by Tom. But both albums really shine. Yes there are some breakdowns that sound similar to the other ones on the album, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that every breakdown is just great. My favorite part about this great band is the music never gets old. Do yourself a favor and purchase this great piece of work Architects have created.
  • Album of the year

    Literally nothing comes close. Tom would be proud.
  • Kellykz1😂

    If this sounds like something your dad listens to you can’t be older than 6. Anyway, this is🔥. They get better and better with each album. RIP Tom 😥

Architects - Holy Hell Album Wiki

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