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Artist :   Mumford & Sons
Album Name :   Delta
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Country :   USA

Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. 42 Mumford & Sons 4:00
2. Guiding Light Mumford & Sons 3:37
3. Woman Mumford & Sons 4:34
4. Beloved Mumford & Sons 4:25
5. The Wild Mumford & Sons 5:31
6. October Skies Mumford & Sons 3:43
7. Slip Away Mumford & Sons 4:55
8. Rose of Sharon Mumford & Sons 3:23
9. Picture You Mumford & Sons 4:03
10. Darkness Visible Mumford & Sons 3:11
11. If I Say Mumford & Sons 4:29
12. Wild Heart Mumford & Sons 5:05
13. Forever Mumford & Sons 4:36
14. Delta Mumford & Sons 6:16

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Delta (Mumford & Sons) Album Reviews

  • Wow...just wow

    Zee Dogg
    So disappointing in so many ways.
  • Darwin Was Right

    Evolution doesn’t begin to describe how M&S continues to try new and interesting arrangements. Musicians are no longer a single sound played over and over, album after album. I’m disappointed by all the reviews I see here that say something negative when they no longer agree with the groups choices. Art is an experience, Delta delivered.
  • Worth the Wait

    Different than their old stuff but breathtaking! I love it.
  • Best Album of the Year

    This album has won my heart! Best album of the year. It's everything you could hope for in an album and more!
  • Dramatic yawn

    Poetry airport music
    Nothing special here. Same overly dramatic ooohs & aaahs. Folk music was about the words. There are no words here. Makes Coldplay lyrics seem meaningful. 4 chord Crapola
  • Obsessed

    Love it
  • Disappointing

    The early releases had potential, but a very bland compilation of music.
  • Needs more authenticallity

    Alan Acosta-Carey
    Some of these songs sound a little overdone🤷🏻‍♂️
  • I cried...

    I have been a fan of Mumford for years and years and every album they give a distinct feel. I absolutely love their beginnings with classic old school folk but what I love about these artists is they are not afraid to go beyond what people labeled them as. They let themselves go beyond that folk style and try to do something new, which is why we call them artists In the first place. This album highlights the grand feeling of what Mumford and sons does so well. They build up every song to an epic proportion that just caries you away in a wave of imagination. I find myself not writing many reviews for music but this album is a true joy, by the time I got to track October Skies I found myself shedding tears. This album shows me that artists that are labeled to one style can make something new and make it stand out with excellence. It is considered now one of my favorite albums that has come out in the past few years. Great job.
  • Don’t Hate on Growth

    Read too many reviews of people “wishing it was Sigh No More or Babel”. Yes, Wilder Mind was an interesting deviation off their path that didn’t quite fit, but this album is particularly phenomenal. Have you listened to things like “The Wild”? Dynamic, cinematic, lyrically bold and incredible musically. Yes, they’re blending new styles with folk, but that’s why they even made folk a name again in 2009. Growth into new styles and exploration is a natural part of being a band. Wilder Mind may have faltered, but I really believe they nailed it on Delta. If you can continue to hate on impeccable lyrics, amazing melodies, and dynamic production, you aren’t a fan of Mumford. (Also, let me add that if they did produce an album identical to something like Babel the complaint would be they didn’t do anything “different” and “fell short of potential”)

Mumford & Sons - Delta Album Wiki

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