Michael Bublé - Love (Deluxe Edition)

Michael Bublé - Love (Deluxe Edition) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Michael Bublé
Album Name :   Love (Deluxe Edition)
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Country :   USA

Love (Deluxe Edition) (Michael Bublé) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. When I Fall in Love Michael Bublé 4:03
2. I Only Have Eyes for You Michael Bublé 3:22
3. Love You Anymore Michael Bublé 3:02
4. La vie en rose (feat. Cécile McLorin Sal.. Michael Bublé 3:49
5. My Funny Valentine Michael Bublé 4:25
6. Such a Night Michael Bublé 3:17
7. Forever Now Michael Bublé 3:40
8. Help Me Make It Through the Night (feat... Michael Bublé 3:42
9. Unforgettable Michael Bublé 3:08
10. When You're Smiling Michael Bublé 2:50
11. Where or When Michael Bublé 3:05
12. When You're Not Here Michael Bublé 3:38
13. I Get a Kick Out of You Michael Bublé 2:57

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Love (Deluxe Edition) (Michael Bublé) Album Comments

Love (Deluxe Edition) (Michael Bublé) Album Reviews

  • michael!!!!

    so far, i love it!! it's amazing❤️ love you
  • Oh happiness!

    His voice.... My happy place!
  • The Best!

    Love it! One of the best albums out there! Can’t wait to hear the rest of his album! :)
  • Relaxing really...

    Listened to the first song off of this album on Spotify. I use to listen to his songs from 2010 here and there. I have to say I do like the change in music. The lyrics are great if you'd like to listen to music on a Friday night with a glass of wine. Buy this album you won't regret it.
  • Loyal Listener

    I have every album and I wouldn’t miss having this one!!! Ecstatic to have some new Buble tunes!
  • Wow!

  • Epic Bublé

    I have all if MBs albums. This one so far is awesome. I can't wait for the rest. Way to do "Everything" and then some!! ❤️❤️
  • Swooning!

    Ash West
    I love his voice. Cannot wait for the whole album ♥️
  • Release date

    UGH!!! I can't wait for the release date of 16 NOV- Release the album sooner, UGH! LOL
  • Buble at his best

    Mr. Blooboo
    A great farewell from Michael Buble to all who adored his music.

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