Sean Feucht - Wild (Live)

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Artist :   Sean Feucht
Album Name :   Wild (Live)
Genre :   Christian & Gospel
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   02 November 2018
Country :   USA

Wild (Live) (Sean Feucht) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. There Is a Name Sean Feucht 9:11
2. Praise Is the Highway Sean Feucht 5:45
3. Till the Whole Earth Looks Like Heaven Sean Feucht 6:46
4. Heart and Hands Sean Feucht & Amanda Lindsey Cook 4:59
5. Wild One Sean Feucht 7:42
6. Singing the Walls Down Sean Feucht & Bethany Wohrle 7:17
7. Still Will I Love (Song for Refugees) [f.. Sean Feucht 4:15
8. Spirit and Truth Sean Feucht 8:28
9. All It Takes Is One Sean Feucht 8:47
10. The Power of the Blood Sean Feucht 4:29
11. Forever We Worship Sean Feucht 5:56

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Wild (Live) (Sean Feucht) Album Reviews

  • Wonderful worship experience

    Great worship should enable us to come into the Father’s presence, providing a way for us to connect with Him at the deepest level. This album is a great tool to provide that path. Wonderful, anointed music from a brother who has a heart for God’s Kingdom around the world.
  • Powerful

    This is a beautfil album that captures a heart of passion for God, and God's own passion for his world. A deep sense of peace and hunger stirs as you enter in.
  • Love you man

    Just great Holy Spirit music
  • So good!!!

    Just amazing and powerful!
  • Nancy Catherine

    Bringer of Joy
    The songs will touch your heart and draw you close to the Savior. The words to the songs are true and eternal-multi-cultural and multi- generational. Let them motivate you to love God, love Others.
  • Contagiously Compelling Worship!!

    Sean's music has always been great. His mission to bring worship to God as the Center of Everything, even in the darkest places on the earth, is as transparent and as real as ever in this release. If you want your spirit and heart to be stirred, and more deeply awakened, then Wild is what you need to listen to next. Thank you Sean Feucht for worshiping contagiously and compelling my heart for more!!
  • Heart of Missions

    If you have a missional bone in your body, you do not want to miss out on this album!
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    I am really enjoying the songs that have been released so far and looking forward to the full album when the other songs are available! May you continue to Burn 24-7, Sean 🔥!
  • Perfect timing

    jesus is enough
    Gods love is all over this one!!! Thank you Sean for sharing your laid down love for the nations.
  • heart and hands 🙌🏼

    cmt ♥️♥️♥️
    so thankful for bethel and their ministry. so often we say at certain times that listening to a certain song or album or whatever will bring the presence of God into your home or wherever you're listening. but the truth is, His presence has been there all along. we're just being made aware of it. any music from bethel or their artists will make you aware of the presence of God. i've only heard a preview of 'heart and hands' (that's all i've heard), and it's Spirit-anointed. this album will be one of the best.

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