The Steel Woods - Old News

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Artist :   The Steel Woods
Album Name :   Old News
Genre :   Outlaw Country
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Old News (The Steel Woods) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. All of These Years The Steel Woods 4:11
2. Without You The Steel Woods 4:16
3. Changes The Steel Woods 5:55
4. Wherever You Are The Steel Woods 6:14
5. Blind Lover The Steel Woods 4:17
6. Compared to a Soul The Steel Woods 4:34
7. Old News The Steel Woods 4:04
8. Anna Lee The Steel Woods 4:02
9. Red River (The Fall of Jimmy Sutherland) The Steel Woods 1:59
10. The Catfish Song The Steel Woods 4:14
11. Rock That Says My Name The Steel Woods 6:27
12. One of These Days The Steel Woods 4:02
13. Are the Good Times Really Over (I Wish a.. The Steel Woods 4:02
14. Whipping Post The Steel Woods 5:46
15. Southern Accents The Steel Woods 4:44

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Old News (The Steel Woods) Album Reviews

  • The Steel Woods are an amazing Southern Rock Band!

    Smashing hits!
    Now these guys know how to sing and play! Simply awesome!! A+ in my opinion!
  • Incredible!

    Just wants free minutes
    Nothing I can say just listen to them that is all
  • Worth every cent

    By far the best album out this year. Killer job on this album from the Steel Woods. Last album was great but this one surpassed that one for sure! Great to see some good music coming out of Nashville for a change. Blind Lover, Rock that says my Name, Without You, and Anna Lee have been played on repeat since I’ve purchased this album.
  • Old News is Good News

    The boys second helping has great covers and even better originals Do your self a favor pick up a copy
  • Heck Yeah Man

    I was raised on Marshall Tucker, The Allman Brothers, Skynard, The Outlaws, etc. I am SOOOOO happy to have made it to the next evolution of Southern Rock. These boys are talented and deep and really, really good. Can't wait for my first live show.
  • Awesome Album!

    This is a truly talented band! They are gonna hit it big and I will see them in concert when they tour!
  • Good Music Is Still Possible

    I purchased their album prior to this and could listen to the tracks start to finish, and this second album is just a continuation of that appreciation. It's great to hear a group that has excellent story telling in their lyrics, while incorporating strong instrumentals as well. These guys need to come out West, I really want to hear them live. If you're looking for something different than the poptry that floods the radio today, don't hesitate to purchase.
  • Best one yet

    Jinks fan
    If I could give this more stars I would. Buy it you would not regret it.
  • Southern Rock is Alive and Well!

    This is an excellently crafter southern rock record. It leaves behind the unfavorable pieces of the southern past and looks forward with a clear, honest perspective. Perfect covers and deeply introspective originals abound.
  • Everything country music wishes it was

    Fisher Gray
    This band writes such deep lyrics about things other than trucks, girls, and beer. The talent these guys have is absolutely insane, and they have truly set themselves apart and shown themselves to be far more in touch with their roots than any other “country” group.

The Steel Woods - Old News Album Wiki

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