The Steel Woods - Old News

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Artist :   The Steel Woods
Album Name :   Old News
Genre :   Outlaw Country
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Old News (The Steel Woods) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. All of These Years The Steel Woods 4:11
2. Without You The Steel Woods 4:16
3. Changes The Steel Woods 5:55
4. Wherever You Are The Steel Woods 6:14
5. Blind Lover The Steel Woods 4:17
6. Compared to a Soul The Steel Woods 4:34
7. Old News The Steel Woods 4:04
8. Anna Lee The Steel Woods 4:02
9. Red River (The Fall of Jimmy Sutherland) The Steel Woods 1:59
10. The Catfish Song The Steel Woods 4:14
11. Rock That Says My Name The Steel Woods 6:27
12. One of These Days The Steel Woods 4:02
13. Are the Good Times Really Over (I Wish a.. The Steel Woods 4:02
14. Whipping Post The Steel Woods 5:46
15. Southern Accents The Steel Woods 4:44

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  • Talent Run Deep

    It’s not often you get the opportunity to hear an overly talented band who can write deep, moving songs that touch your heart. The Steels Woods, tagged a deep Southern Rock band is more. Listen to them. Listen to the lyrics they write. They are deep. You’ll hear blues, country, southern rock and a soulful southern gospel sound too. I can’t wait to hear this new album fully. Straw in the Winds was a definite 5 star, Old News is too — so I would be highly surprised if this sophomore album would be any less.
  • Best thing to happen to southern rock lately

    January cannot get here fast enough! Old News gave me chills the very first time hearing it. I just wanna hear the rest of the album but I know it'll be worth 5 stars!!!

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