Casting Crowns - Only Jesus

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Artist :   Casting Crowns
Album Name :   Only Jesus
Genre :   Christian & Gospel
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Country :   USA

Only Jesus (Casting Crowns) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Bridge Casting Crowns 4:34
2. Nobody (feat. Matthew West) Casting Crowns 3:26
3. Only Jesus Casting Crowns 3:43
4. In the Hands of the Potter Casting Crowns 4:08
5. Even When You're Running Casting Crowns 4:49
6. One Awkward Moment Casting Crowns 4:32
7. Awaken Me Casting Crowns 4:54
8. One More Song for You Casting Crowns 4:26
9. Start Right Here Casting Crowns 3:41
10. The Change in Me Casting Crowns 4:36
11. Love Moved First Casting Crowns 3:25
12. Home Casting Crowns 4:04

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Only Jesus (Casting Crowns) Album Comments

Only Jesus (Casting Crowns) Album Reviews

  • Incredible Album

    B-Rent 23
    Casting Crowns is one of the only current Christian artists to write meaningful and thoughtful lyrics that stick to God’s word. (Good music also, not trying to be hip-hop radio hits, very well balanced and unique melodies/sounds) Focusing less on self and boosting our own feelings emotionally, and admitting boldly that Jesus is all that matters. It’s not our legacy, or how we feel. My wife and I have appreciated this entire album so much. Thank you.
  • Wonderful

    Casting Crowns knows how to make great music. I love their music and this album is amazing! You can never go wrong with Casting Crowns.
  • Casting Crowns Does it again

    This album has that distinct Casting Crowns sound, however this one has a new maturity that the other albums haven’t had. This album has some great songs that will sound incredible live ,especially “Awaken Me”
  • Another Worship Event

    Every time I listen to the Crowns I feel like I have gone to worship. Always a great feeling!
  • Best Yet

    As always just the best. Been a Crowns fan for years and every offering just gets better and better. Can't wait to see the Only Jesus live show.
  • Superior

    There is not one bad song one this album. It is incredible from start to finish. The story of hope, redemption, and coming is intertwined into every lyric and note. And it gave this dead man life.
  • Immediate favorite

    K to the E ven
    I can't stop listening to this album! Real, raw, well thought lyrics, melodies and music! Doesn't sound overproduced which is refreshing! Thank you for not using electronic drums and keeping it real:) Sincerely, a drummer:)
  • Awesome

    Artist checker
    This is the music that will bring you back up and just Beautiful
  • Another GREAT album

    I’m a huge fan of Casting Crowns and this album, as with all the others, did not disappoint!!! I can’t say enough positive things about this band and what the music means to me 🥰 💯💜
  • Fairy tales

    There is no invisible man living in the sky

Casting Crowns - Only Jesus Album Wiki

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