David Gray - Gold in a Brass Age

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Artist :   David Gray
Album Name :   Gold in a Brass Age
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   08 March 2019
Country :   USA

Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Sapling David Gray 3:26
2. Gold in a Brass Age David Gray 4:20
3. Furthering David Gray 4:32
4. Ridiculous Heart David Gray 4:00
5. It's Late David Gray 2:15
6. A Tight Ship David Gray 4:49
7. Watching the Waves David Gray 4:44
8. Hall of Mirrors David Gray 4:03
9. Hurricane Season David Gray 5:35
10. Mallory David Gray 4:45
11. If 8 Were 9 David Gray 3:40

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Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Comments

Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Reviews

  • Love David Gray but..

    So looking forward to new album but very disappointed. I do not like all synthesized background. His voice and piano is all he needs.
  • Ugh....please find the David from 20 years ago!!!

    So disappointing yet again!! Such a talent that continues to make each album worse than the last.
  • Massive Disappointment

    First album of David’s that I can’t stand. I tried listening to it a few times and it never got better.
  • slow and boring

    a fan from the white ladder days and attended 3 concerts. None of this is concert material. I'll pass on this one....
  • Love it

    Alex 222344444
    Can’t wait for D.C. show!
  • WOW

    The Dude1
    I really like this album,very melodic and his voice sounds awesome, just listen !
  • Perfect

    David Gray’s sad slow songs are so deep, they’re nothing for the faint at heart. I never really liked his fast upbeat songs. Hence I’ve never bought an entire album of his. This album though I purchased in its entirety. Why? Because like me, he has matured, things are not as they were 10 or 20 years ago. The words in each song reflect that. Which is what makes him a poignant poet. The music is unusual, the instruments go back to his “white ladder” album. I thoroughly enjoy this album. I respect the man and his life of passionate music and lyrics.
  • You can do better

    Joseph Nathaniel Miller
    I’ve purchased every album David Gray has put out and I have to say I’m disappointed. Yeah it’s David Gray but he’s using computerized loops and sounds. Get some great writers and real instruments and Clune back on drums and make a Great Album! Not just throw something out to meet a music contract. You are my absolute favorite and You Have More Greatness! I think you need some new Artists to reinspire You! Love from Louisiana!
  • Nah

    Just nah
  • Listening none stop since it came

    Proves he's getting better with age, this album doesn't sound as sad to me as others, but even with the upbeat vibe, I find myself lost in thought while listening.

David Gray - Gold in a Brass Age Album Wiki

Gold in a Brass Age is the eleventh studio album by English musician David Gray. It was released on 8 March 2019 under IHT Records..