David Gray - Gold in a Brass Age

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Artist :   David Gray
Album Name :   Gold in a Brass Age
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   11
Relase Date :   08 March 2019
Country :   USA

Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Sapling David Gray 3:26
2. Gold in a Brass Age David Gray 4:20
3. Furthering David Gray 4:32
4. Ridiculous Heart David Gray 4:00
5. It's Late David Gray 2:15
6. A Tight Ship David Gray 4:49
7. Watching the Waves David Gray 4:44
8. Hall of Mirrors David Gray 4:03
9. Hurricane Season David Gray 5:35
10. Mallory David Gray 4:45
11. If 8 Were 9 David Gray 3:40

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Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Comments

Gold in a Brass Age (David Gray) Album Reviews

  • David Gray

    CB 128 :)
    This album is so dreamy and the perfect evolution. I’m so excited to have this album; my companion on all long summer rides.
  • Agree w/ Terry212

    bigsled 1
    I hate when superfans give their band 5 stars regardless. This release is a snoozefest. Sure its got Davids great voice but the songs are sooo boring and all sound exactly the same. Two very nice tracks > A Tight Ship and The Sapling otherwise as previously mentioned this " easy listening" sounds like elevator or dentist office music.
  • borrrrrrrrring.

    Gray started out making alternative folk rock. Great stuff. White Ladder introduced some electronica into his singer-songwriter formula, and it was a pretty perfect album. As soon as he hit it semi-big, however, he started recording album after almost of slow, stately ballads. This is more of the same. I mean...how many ballads with similar instrumentation does one need?! This is 100% adult contemporary with none of the edge or drive of his earlier work. The songs are pretty enough, but...zzzzzzz.
  • Classic Gray

    I adore this song (The Sapling). Uplifting and perfectly paced, like so many of my favorite David Gray songs. Update: the third song from this record was now released. All three are stellar. Just incredible!
  • Awesome

    Dg never disappoints
  • David Gray!!!! At His Best!!!!!

    I have listened to all David Gray’s Albums and grew up listening to him and lots of other music. But, he is at the top and his song on this album The Sapling proves it. Can’t wait til March to hear the rest!!!!!
  • Just waiting

    Looking forward to hearing the rest, been looking forward to something new for a bit. Thanks David
  • The Sapling😍

    Newt Fan Lover
    Just thank you!

David Gray - Gold in a Brass Age Album Wiki

Gold in a Brass Age is the eleventh studio album by English musician David Gray. It was released on 8 March 2019 under IHT Records..