Switchfoot - Native Tongue

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Artist :   Switchfoot
Album Name :   Native Tongue
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Native Tongue (Switchfoot) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Let It Happen Switchfoot 4:41
2. Native Tongue Switchfoot 4:38
3. All I Need Switchfoot 3:08
4. Voices Switchfoot 2:58
5. Dig New Streams Switchfoot 3:45
6. Joy Invincible Switchfoot 3:42
7. Prodigal Soul Switchfoot 3:51
8. The Hardest Art (feat. Kaela Sinclair) Switchfoot 4:13
9. Wonderful Feeling Switchfoot 4:06
10. Take My Fire Switchfoot 3:45
11. The Strength to Let Go Switchfoot 4:18
12. Oxygen Switchfoot 4:14
13. We're Gonna Be Alright Switchfoot 2:55
14. You're the One I Want Switchfoot 2:05

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Native Tongue (Switchfoot) Album Reviews

  • Smashing Expectations....

    Switchfoot's latest offering is a colorful introspection. Great melodies and songwriting give way to a more melancholy sort of vibe. Really enjoy the soaring harmonies on "All I Need" and the more poppy "Voices", but "Dig New Streams" is a welcome monkey wrench thrown in for good measure. The record is super polished with every beat and sound perfectly positioned in the mix. "Joy Invincible" is sure to help bring you out of a rainy day with it's message of hope. "Wonderful Feeling" and "The Strength to Let Go" are great worship anthems. One of my favorite tunes is "We're Gonna Be Alright" with its snappy beat and fun springlike weather peaking out behind the clouds. This record has a theme of surrender and returning home which is why it may come accross as offensive to some. I do not fault the band for not making an album like all the others. Thanks for Smashing Expectations and giving us fans a snapshot in time along your musical timeline.
  • Fresh and spectacular

    Mets Guy
    I love this new Switchfoot album. Soaring chourses, thoughtful lyrics and some experimentation. This band keeps getting better and better.
  • Awesome album

    Switchfoot never disappoints
  • Rich New Sound & An Experienced, Melodic Vibe

    Jason's I-tunes Acct
    How can this band still make me shake my head with passion, eyes closed, making me feel like a teenager experiencing their sound all over again?! I’m laying here in bed while my wife sleeps with this album on repeat, softly singing the melodies ... feeling like the band has somehow been peeking into this season of my life. Each song strikes with incredible melody while mixed with powerfully written real life experiences. My favorite album thus far. Well done boys! 👊🏽💥
  • Native Tongue!!

    Pink Paige🌺
    Wow! You did it again Switchfoot! Good job! I heard “native tongue” On the radio and loved it! 👍👍
  • Disappointed

    Been following Switchfoot since day 1, this album is just not them. Not good. A few good songs, but the majority is awful
  • Disappointed, I should have just bought a few songs instead of the full album

    There are a few bands I buy the full albums every time. Switchfoot was one. A few songs are good but most are hard to listen to. Go back to the old Switchfoot. Sadly, I can’t count on buying the full album anymore for these guys.
  • Well at least they're back

    Im glad they decided to keep on producing, but the up-beat rock like "dare you to move" and "meant to live" just sticks out to me more. This is "good" music, but I'm missing the rock band part :p which is why I like them so much.
  • Must have for any alt rock fans

    RT Liz
    I’ve been a huge fan of switchfoot since the beautiful let down days, and what can I say with this other than they’ve done it again. These songs will get stuck in your head but also have deep meanings behind the lyrics; if you’re debating to buy it or not just do it you’ll be glad you did.
  • 😊❤️😊

    I absolutely love Switchfoot. Thank you guys for always inspiring me deep in my spirit.

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Native Tongue(s) First language, the language a human being learns from birth Native Tongue (Poison album), a 1993 album by Poison Native Tongue (Switchfoot album), a 2019 album by Switchfoot Native Tongues, an American hip hop collective Native Tongue (Carl Hiaasen novel) Native Tongue (Suzette Haden Elgin novel) Native Tongues (book), a book by Charles Berlitz.