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Artist :   Sabrina Carpenter
Album Name :   Singular Act I
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   8
Relase Date :   09 November 2018
Country :   USA

Singular Act I (Sabrina Carpenter) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Almost Love Sabrina Carpenter 3:32
2. Paris Sabrina Carpenter 3:38
3. Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer) Sabrina Carpenter 2:55
4. Sue Me Sabrina Carpenter 2:59
5. prfct Sabrina Carpenter 2:46
6. Bad Time Sabrina Carpenter 3:04
7. Mona Lisa Sabrina Carpenter 2:18
8. Diamonds Are Forever Sabrina Carpenter 3:49

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About Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act I Album

Returning after her chart-topping album EVOLution, featuring singles such as “On Purpose” and her biggest hit yet, “Thumbs” Sabrina Carpenter returns with her newest LP, titled Singular: Act I, which was released on November 9, 2018. On May 13th of 2018, Sabrina announced “Almost Love”, which is the lead single of Singular. “Almost Love” was released on June 6th. The album’s release date was revealed during Sabrina’s performance of “Almost Love” on The Late Late Show with James Corden ..

Singular Act I (Sabrina Carpenter) Album Comments

Singular Act I (Sabrina Carpenter) Album Reviews

  • Zero stars

    This is sick trash it makes me want to puke her face is disgusting
  • It’s Awesome

    Her songs are great. Everyone is saying that it’s “too old for her” but let’s switch her voice with a guys voice, then it’s totally ok. She’s 18 she’s old enough to know what she wants to sing about. And to that I say rock on Sabrina
  • Yas Sabs ❤️❤️

    Girl she went from acoustic to ENERGETIC AND POPPY this is absolutely amazing the only song I probably have a problem with is hold tight maybe its because of uhmeer but other than this its AWESOME im literally going to her concert I hope she has a world tour of singular I WOULD COME but great job ❤️ love you Sabrina I hope we meet someday 😊😊😊 and sue me I never get tired of it o my god like o my god ❤️❤️❤️ “so sue me for looking too pretty tonight for your favorite color under the lights” see I’m even singing it in this review Here are my rating: 1. Sue me 2. Almost Love 4.prfct 5.mona Lisa are forever 7.bad time 8.hold tight This album is prfct 😂😂 and I hope you feel that way to you "almost lovers" need to BECOME lovers this is awesome "hold tight " act ll is gonna be awesome there is never a "bad time" to here this you are beautiful like a "diamond" this album is beautiful just like "Paris" "sue me" for loving this album so much you will stay "forever" like "Mona Lisa" ❣️❣️❣️ Love you Sabrina your #1 fan
  • SUE ME✨

    Brina SNAPPED with SUE ME! It’s the best song she’s ever come out with! I also really love Bad Time, Diamonds Are Forever and Almost Love. She is so underrated it hurts :( but I think this album is a pivotal point her her career. Make sure you buy her CD at Target! Outstanding job Sabrina, I absolutely cannot wait for Act II! 💛 Ps For all the people who say she’s being inappropriate, she’s 19 years old! I mean it’s not like she’s swearing every other word. She’s not a Disney darling anymore. Her music is amazing in every way!
  • Love it

  • Is this just for the Album?

    Sabrina you have changed. More grown up. Hope you don't go too grown up. I really loved Bad Time and Sue Me was perfect. I can't wait to here your next. I've noticed each of your albums are unequ but this album took the turn. IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. Not a bad thing just don't go crazy and pleas stay clean. Will some of your next albums sound a bit like this new one? 🤔 Pleas be wise, and be smart in your decision.
  • She’s growing up

    musics the best thing
    I see bad reviews on this like what happened she’s to young for this. SHE IS 19!! She is trying to break out of the Disney star so she Courbet taken seriously.. and this is just her way. She’s not acting out like some other Disney stars.. she is just making music for more mature audiences.. I mean would you rather her act crazy so Disney would have to let her go or have her write more mature music?
  • no, just no

    this is terrible! i don't mind her growing up and writing more mature songs but this is just bad. shes trying to sound sexy and it sounds so bad. the grinch thing was so bad and its not even on this album but its so bad i need to talk about it oh my god. almost love and diamonds are forever were by far the worst.
  • Million stars

    jaynie pillai
    Your my icon my idol I love you so much and you inspire me to write my own songs. Thank you love you. Great job.

    She’s the best not only with girl meets world she’s Awsome

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