Coldplay - Live in Buenos Aires

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Artist :   Coldplay
Album Name :   Live in Buenos Aires
Genre :   Alternative
Tracks :   24
Relase Date :   07 December 2018
Country :   USA

Live in Buenos Aires (Coldplay) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. A Head Full of Dreams Coldplay 4:59
2. Yellow Coldplay 5:50
3. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Coldplay 4:04
4. The Scientist Coldplay 6:28
5. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face Coldplay 4:34
6. Paradise Coldplay 6:59
7. Always in My Head Coldplay 3:41
8. Magic Coldplay 4:45
9. Everglow Coldplay 4:55
10. Clocks Coldplay 4:20
11. Midnight Coldplay 1:45
12. Charlie Brown Coldplay 5:46
13. Hymn for the Weekend Coldplay 4:00
14. Fix You Coldplay 5:27
15. Viva La Vida Coldplay 4:11
16. Adventure of a Lifetime Coldplay 5:06
17. De Música Ligera Coldplay 6:09
18. Colour Spectrum Coldplay 1:57
19. In My Place Coldplay 4:37
20. Amor Argentina Coldplay 5:16
21. Something Just Like This Coldplay 4:04
22. A Sky Full of Stars Coldplay 4:36
23. Up&Up Coldplay 8:45
24. End Credits Coldplay 2:03

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Live in Buenos Aires (Coldplay) Album Comments

Live in Buenos Aires (Coldplay) Album Reviews

  • Amazing album and relived memories!

    Listening to this album gives me the chills. I saw their “A Head Full of Dreams” Tour twice and every time I listen to this, it transports me to the nights I saw them live.
  • 👌

  • Coldplay presents... Coldplay Fans: The Album

    It's annoying that the fans are louder than Chris..
  • Zoe’selz

    B Isn’t I know eaewsz Iep🤢🎃
  • Bad audio quality.

    Love Coldplay, they’re my favorite band, this audio recording/mixing on this live album is not good. Just hard to to listen to. Especially “A Head Full of Dreams”. Just sounds muffled and really base heavy.
  • My first review

    I like Coldplay. I like their songs. The live release is nothing special, espcially given that we already hsve Coldplay 2012, which had a similar setlist. You get technically perfect renditions of the songs we love (which we already have). Little improvisation. What would have made this special to me was either heavy improv, live collaborations, video (fortunatley they released a DVD too)), or going super heavy on the new material ('Fun', 'Army of 1'). For good live releases, I'd point to Dave Matthews' Central Park live album (the improv-heavy collsborationw with Warren Haynes), John Mayer's 'Where The Light Is' (again, improv). Read the other reviews. "I love Coldplay". They say little about what distinguishes this performance from any other Coldplay performance. I wanted to love this but I'll stick with the studio versions. Sorry.
  • Wow!

    This is so compressed and distorted it’s hard to listen to.
  • Get this!!!

    Amazing LIVE Album!!!
  • One of the few bands better live!!!

    I have seen Coldplay in concert twice and would give anything to go again! They are amazing live and truly a spiritual experience. Somehow even without the visual, this CD captures just that.
  • Masterpiece

    Masterpiece like alwaysss 😍❤️❤️❤️

Coldplay - Live in Buenos Aires Album Wiki

Live in Buenos Aires is the fifth live album and concert film by Coldplay, released on 7 December 2018. The album was recorded on 15 November 2017 in La Plata, which was the final concert of the A Head Full of Dreams Tour, while Live in São Paulo was filmed on 8 November 2017. The set also includes the documentary Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams, directed by Mat Whitecross, about the album of the same name. Its release marks the first time a Coldplay concert has been released in full..