Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It

Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Cody Johnson
Album Name :   Ain't Nothin' to It
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Ain't Nothin' to It Cody Johnson 0:00
2. Noise Cody Johnson 0:00
3. Fenceposts Cody Johnson 2:57
4. Understand Why Cody Johnson 0:00
5. Long Haired Country Boy (feat. The Rocki.. Cody Johnson 4:17
6. Nothin' on You Cody Johnson 0:00
7. Honky Tonk Mood Cody Johnson 0:00
8. Monday Morning Merle Cody Johnson 3:49
9. Y'all People (Dedicated to the "CoJo Nat.. Cody Johnson 0:00
10. Where Cowboys Are King Cody Johnson 0:00
11. On My Way to You Cody Johnson 3:33
12. Doubt Me Now Cody Johnson 0:00
13. Dear Rodeo Cody Johnson 4:14
14. Husbands and Wives (Live) [Bonus Track] Cody Johnson 0:00
15. His Name Is Jesus (Live) [Bonus Track] Cody Johnson 0:00

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Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Comments

Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Reviews

  • Is Nashville waking up?

    The best country today ain't on the radio at all. It's CoJo, Buddy Brown, Aaron Lewis and guys that don't care about whats popular. They speak their mind & let the chips fall where they may. That's Country Music!
  • Yes

    Keep country alive!!!!!!
  • No Thank You 😂

    Thomas Mickie
    Literally the same album he’s released 4 albums over!
  • Well well we’ll

    I think George Strait will be proud..
  • King is back

    CoJo baby lets go
  • Best Album of 2019

    This will be the best country album released in 2019. Cody Johnson is the best in country music right now.
  • Keep it comin

    Have been a CoJo fan from the beginning! Real country music at its finest! Love love love:) honestly can not wait for this album I can not stop listening to these songs. There aint one bad song by Cody Johnson I love his lyrics and his story in each one of his songs! Please release this album sooner!
  • ❤️

    no nickname needed to express
    Just give me this whole album already!
  • 🔥

    CoJo continues to produce great music!
  • True to Texas

    Cody Johnson hasn’t disappointed me yet. I’ve been listening to him for a long, long time now, and he has remained consistent and to his roots since day one. I couldn’t ask anymore from a Texas Country singer and songwriter. Cody, you’ve been there with me through the lonely times out working in the oilfield in the gulf, and on Saturday nights at a dancehall. Keep on bringing that good stuff bud!

Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It Album Wiki

Cody Johnson (born May 21, 1987 in Sebastopol, Texas) is an American Texas country singer-songwriter. He has self-released six albums; the sixth album Gotta Be Me debuted at number two on Billboard's Country Albums chart..