Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It

Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Cody Johnson
Album Name :   Ain't Nothin' to It
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Ain't Nothin' to It Cody Johnson 3:22
2. Noise Cody Johnson 3:09
3. Fenceposts Cody Johnson 2:57
4. Understand Why Cody Johnson 3:10
5. Long Haired Country Boy (feat. The Rocki.. Cody Johnson 4:17
6. Nothin' on You Cody Johnson 4:20
7. Honky Tonk Mood Cody Johnson 3:13
8. Monday Morning Merle Cody Johnson 3:49
9. Y'all People (Dedicated to the "CoJo Nat.. Cody Johnson 3:08
10. Where Cowboys Are King Cody Johnson 3:04
11. On My Way to You Cody Johnson 3:33
12. Doubt Me Now Cody Johnson 3:03
13. Dear Rodeo Cody Johnson 4:14
14. Husbands and Wives (Live) [Bonus Track] Cody Johnson 2:48
15. His Name Is Jesus (Live) [Bonus Track] Cody Johnson 4:14

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Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Comments

Ain't Nothin' to It (Cody Johnson) Album Reviews

  • Stuck on Repeat

    Love every song! Good stuff!
  • 😍😍😍

    COJO is absolutely amazing!! There isn’t one song I don’t like. Can “Nothin On You” be added to ringtones PLEASE PLEASE!?!?
  • Love him

    I’m obsessed with cojo for years now ❤️❤️❤️
  • Nice voice

    Sounds country to me. Didn’t win me over but it’s not bad. Keep going and find those hits. Good job
  • Love some COJO

    Went to the same church as COJO. His first time singing, in public, was at church. One thing I can tell you about him- his heart is in the right place. His parents are the sweetest most down-to-earth people and that’s how Cody is. Every song he sings he has a passion for. He took the slow road to Nashville because he’s not a reckless money seeker just trying to be famous. As a person, Cody is such a good man. As a singer, Cody is getting the spotlight he deserves and I’m so happy for him. And this album is amazing! If this is your first time hearing Cody Johnson, go listen to some of his older albums also. He sings about his life- and he is real.
  • CoJo the 🐐

    REAL country music! 🎶
  • Ya’ll People

    Rj 56
    Love it !!!
  • Yee Yee

    Love me some real country
  • Cody Johnson is real country music

    So nice to hear Texas country as opposed to what’s been coming out of Nashville lately .. We have seen him twice live and he’s spot on !!!
  • Love this album

    I love every single song!

Cody Johnson - Ain't Nothin' to It Album Wiki

Ain't Nothin' to It is a 2019 studio album by American country music singer Cody Johnson. The album is Johnson's inaugural release for Warner Music Nashville, and his seventh overall...