Little Mix - LM5 (Deluxe)

Little Mix - LM5 (Deluxe) album wiki, reviews
Artist :   Little Mix
Album Name :   LM5 (Deluxe)
Genre :   Pop
Tracks :   19
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Country :   USA

LM5 (Deluxe) (Little Mix) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The National Manthem Little Mix 0:29
2. Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj) Little Mix 3:49
3. Think About Us Little Mix 3:55
4. Strip (feat. Sharaya J) Little Mix 3:19
5. Monster In Me Little Mix 3:45
6. Joan of Arc Little Mix 3:11
7. Love a Girl Right Little Mix 3:02
8. American Boy Little Mix 3:11
9. Told You So Little Mix 3:12
10. Wasabi Little Mix 2:34
11. More Than Words (feat. Kamille) Little Mix 3:18
12. Motivate Little Mix 3:21
13. Notice Little Mix 3:34
14. The Cure Little Mix 3:35
15. Forget You Not Little Mix 3:07
16. Woman's World Little Mix 3:37
17. The Cure (Stripped) Little Mix 1:47
18. Only You Cheat Codes & Little Mix 3:09
19. More Than Words (feat. Kamille) Little Mix 3:19

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About Little Mix - LM5 (Deluxe) Album

LM5 is the fifth studio album by British girl group Little Mix, and was released on 16 November 2018, by Syco Music and Columbia Records. The album's title, artwork and release date were revealed on 15 October 2018 through the group's social media. The group stated that they were inspired to name the album LM5 because they "love what [their fans have] named each of our eras over the years". This is based on the common practice by fans of an act ..

LM5 (Deluxe) (Little Mix) Album Comments

LM5 (Deluxe) (Little Mix) Album Reviews


    #little mix 4 life
    This is my by far FAVORITE album I love woman’s world and YALL ARE AMAZING
  • Na

    R&B Souldier
    I get this is supposed to be impowering to women but most of it just sounds bad, and it isn't exactly impowering in a good way either.
  • Little Mix

    LM5 and Glory days are my favorite album!(I love all of the albums). I showed all of my friends Woman like Me and everyone loveddddd it. Keep going Little Mix!😉
  • best album ever

    I love their vocals and have been a fan basically since the beginning 😍😍😍
  • Love it 😍 I

    Love the group. Some may pick favorites but i can’t. I love them all and absolutely love the album.
  • the flavor!

    the flavor!

    Marisolll <3
    An album I can listen through all the songs can take my coins!! I love these girls
  • #Mixer4Life

    All I have to say is that on my app that I have this album free, I have a playlist with my fav songs and the whole all is. Little Mix is great. 4 explicit songs, so what. Still amazing
  • I’m Proud of My Girls

    A Fellow Mixer
    This honestly shows the growth in the group. I remember them saying they didn’t want to put an parental guidance label on there album, but now that they did it show that they wrote what they wanted to write. There starting to do what they like and want. They are stay true to themselves. I love that this album expresses personal and passion for topics, without becoming boring or being a long ballad. They were able to keep the beat going at the right time to get everyone moving, then on more personal or intimate tracks they kept it balanced enough to where it’s not too sad or to up beat. Being the 5th album, they have come along way from the beginning days of there career. All that’s needed to top the cake is a Grammy Nomination or Win, in which they will accomplish. I’m so proud of them.

    the harmonies and everything is perfect. Simple.

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