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Artist :   Bring Me the Horizon
Album Name :   Amo
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   13
Relase Date :   25 January 2019
Country :   USA

Amo (Bring Me the Horizon) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. i apologise if you feel something Bring Me the Horizon 2:19
2. MANTRA Bring Me the Horizon 3:53
3. nihilist blues (feat. Grimes) Bring Me the Horizon 5:25
4. in the dark Bring Me the Horizon 4:31
5. wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth) Bring Me the Horizon 4:34
6. ouch Bring Me the Horizon 1:49
7. medicine Bring Me the Horizon 3:47
8. sugar honey ice & tea Bring Me the Horizon 4:21
9. why you gotta kick me when i'm down? Bring Me the Horizon 4:28
10. fresh bruises Bring Me the Horizon 3:18
11. mother tongue Bring Me the Horizon 3:37
12. heavy metal (feat. Rahzel) Bring Me the Horizon 4:00
13. i don't know what to say Bring Me the Horizon 5:52

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About Bring Me the Horizon - Amo Album

Amo (stylised in lowercase) is the upcoming sixth studio album by British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. Originally scheduled for release on 11 January 2019, it will be released on 25 January 2019. The album was announced on 22 August 2018, a day after the release of the lead single "Mantra". It is produced by frontman Oliver Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish, and was written and recorded primarily in Los Angeles. The band announced they will embark on the First Love World Tour in 2019 in support of the album. ..

Amo (Bring Me the Horizon) Album Comments

Amo (Bring Me the Horizon) Album Reviews

  • Not the worst but far from the best...

    I like this album and I really appreciate them experimenting. However almost all songs got old really fast. Mother tongue and medicine sound so radio that I literally will do anything to not listen to it again. It’s over played and boring now. However tracks like “I don’t know what to say” and “Nihilist blues” are absolutely amazing songs.
  • One star

    No caption needed
  • There’s no BMTH here

    Diezil V
    Long story short is this a BMTH album for non BMTH fans. It’s music. Decent music I guess. But I wouldn’t look here for anything that resembles what these guys used to be.
  • Extremely disappointing.

    If your expecting BMTH this isn’t it. Not even close! Don’t be surprised if, like most fans, you hate it. As for it being a pop record, it’s not even a good one at that.
  • What do I think? This is very disappointing 😒

    Review as of March 7th, 2019: After hearing all songs, I’m in the minority because I was very unimpressed (outside of wonderful life/heavy metal) so it’s 1 out of 5 stars for me. Now listened to the new “Pop” songs like “medicine” and company... the rest of their songs of this album it has brought me to the final review of 1 out of 5 stars unfortunately. This album could have been so much better, but honestly it’s not. 1 Positive? OK: Shout out to Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth though, he made wonderful life a solid song! I tried really hard to like/enjoy amo but I could only like maybe 2 of all their songs (those were misleading because the rest was not good). After BMTH’s last album “That’s the Spirit” they tried to do too many different things in amo and that is caused it to be cluttered and very inconsistent. Oliver failed... he failed to deliver (after listening to his interviews with no major rock influences within the last 30 years [which is complete bs/garbage])+ making it about himself and bashing their own fans in order to gain new ones (this has costed BMTH badly). They “sold out” in a negative way and I really think this is the point of no return. Heard rumors that they will aim for even more “pop” or even dive into “country” for their next album and this will make it even more disappointing 😔 Also, fluff all the reviewers giving this album (or any one for that matter) 5 stars before every song was released and making a final conclusion, you ruin iTunes by providing inaccurate statements and overhyping any future album before its official release 😡
  • Love it!

    I can’t stop listening to this album. Very clever lyrics and the songs have a great vibe. Yeah it’s pop rock. But it’s great music. Standout tracks: Heavy Metal, Wonderful Life, Mother Tongue, sugar, honey, ice, & tea
  • Filth

    I haven’t a problem with BMTH changing their sound as I love count your blessings all the way up to that’s the spirit which is a drastic difference in sound. So that’s not why I gave this album a one star review, rather it’s that this new album is such a blistering pile of hot garbage. Every other BMTH album is different from the last but there is still that distinct BMTH sound while in amo they completely one hundred percent changed to what they thought would sit with the biggest audience i.e. selling out. Kinda sad tbh cuz this band introduced me to metal and was my favorite artist for awhile and to to see them degenerate to this is depressing.
  • TNBMTH (The New Bring Me The Horizon)™︎

    Kit Karamak
    Listen to any of the singles before you purchase. Sykes said he is done with rock and that pop is where it’s at, but this is a pop-rock album. It’s a great pop-rock album, but the band should have not taken the path of Metallica in doing so. When a novelist presents a new genre of story to their publisher, they are advised to write under a pseudonym (IE Nora Roberts becoming JD Robb because romance fans don’t want to read sci-fi). Misha of Periphery has several projects. His prog metal and djent-y music go into Periphery, the rest of “Bulb”’s work goes into other projects. Why musicians don’t practice this, I will never know. However, if you’re still reading this, or if you’re the band, this is a great pop rock album. It’s better (and heavier) than anything Sal penned with My Darkest Days. And, while pop rock bands, like Nickelback, have been making heavier music as of late, it’s still not metal. In Nihilist Blues, the lyrics, “won’t somebody raise the roof” made me cringe. But, on the whole, the band’s lyrics have evolved and become more image intensive. Great visuals from a lyrical stand point, but musically... ...well, let’s just say the band hasn’t found THEIR formula yet. It sounds like they’re writing with an “idiots guide to writing pop songs” and they are blending Japanese Pop with what’s selling in the US this month. Maybe the drummer got a Roland TD-20 V-drum set, and maybe the guitarist bought a used Roland GR-33 on eBay and they jammed one day, and said, “we could do this live!” Maybe the band’s producer said, “Oh, you’re behind in your mortgage? Well, the music industry is in “Disco-2” phase, so if you wanna make money, you need to cater to POPULAR music.” Meanwhile, in Scandinavia, you only get girls if you’re writing power metal or Viking metal. So, what’s pop in one place isn’t popular everywhere. And, if you’re here to listen to any kind of metal, keep moving, because this album is a heavy pop-rock album. Albeit a very good one, but it’s formulaic. There are parts of songs with skull rattling bass lines meant for subs at clubs. The songs aren’t written to get stuck in your head in the shower, they are written to compliment the lyrical theme of each song, and convey its message. It’s got a few songs that are catchy in spots, but the gratuitous use of melodyne / autotune’s vocoder-like plug ins, and vocaloid effects is over the top. It’s not because anyone can or cannot sing; these effects are used to give it the pop feel. It’s always strange when talented musicians utilize tactics that are used by untalented persons to hide flaws, simply because the talented musicians are trying to “do that, too.” Needless to say, the album will sell once pop fans hear it. But the pop fans may be driven away by the old metal fans, leading me back to wondering why the band just didn’t amend their name (the way New Kids On The Block changed to NKOTB). That would have sent a clear signal to listeners that there is a difference, and expectations should be different, as well. But, if you are a lover of all music types, this album does what Sykes meant for it. They’re not kings of pop with this, but more radio channels will play this music, and the band will get paid to play radio festivals. Personally, I would have rather seen them evolve like Japan’s Girugamesh, with the ‘Music’ and ‘Monsters’ albums, which were inspired by Linkin Park, but Girugamesh did it with style and panache. Sykes and BMTH did Amo with gusto, but it seems like they were trying REALLY HARD to write a pop rock album, instead of just writing rock with some pop inspiration behind it. In the end, there IS musical evolution here, just not on the scale of change between The first and last album of, say, The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. This was a genre jump, not an organic evolution of their material and writing style. Just like what Metallica did. Thrash, hard rock, alternative rock. Very sudden and very obvious change. Who cares if it’s for money. The band needs to eat, pay their bills, and pay their mortgage, and I respect that. But, at that point, use a pseudonym, gang. My wife and my toddler LOVE IT. Especially Mantra. The baby got up and started dancing. He loves everything. This baby will dance to Amon Amarth, Metallica, Michael Jackson and Mozart. But he ran over and grabbed my wife’s phone and tried to throw it on the floor when we played him BeeGees. Maybe he hates Barry Gibbs’ voice, or he just hates original disco. But he loves AMO. The thing is, jumping to that style in a sudden stroke is going to damage the relation with old fans and confuse potential new fans.
  • Crap

    As it states, way to sell out the band.
  • Interesting

    I feel dumb!
    I liked them better as a rock band. This is not bad stuff I purchased four of the songs on here, mostly the more solid tracks that sound more like their old stuff. I like the other genres they’re trying to incorporate just a lot of the songs are just missing “that something” and seem like just random sounds. If your not going to have hard hitting lyrics, guitar riffs and drum solos, you gotta have a poppy sound or catchy beat and lyrics to make the other genres work. I like the mixing genres I always found the idea of rock with techno, rap with rock, pop with and edge and the like to be more interesting than one single genre, (save for like country and rap...that should just not happen) but they seem to have missed their stride on most of the songs in the album.

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