Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust?

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Artist :   Papa Roach
Album Name :   Who Do You Trust?
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Ending Papa Roach 3:29
2. Renegade Music Papa Roach 3:29
3. Not the Only One Papa Roach 3:25
4. Who Do You Trust? Papa Roach 3:16
5. Elevate Papa Roach 3:11
6. Come Around Papa Roach 3:30
7. Feel like Home Papa Roach 3:10
8. Problems Papa Roach 3:03
9. Top of the World Papa Roach 3:53
10. I Suffer Well Papa Roach 1:21
11. Maniac Papa Roach 3:20
12. Better Than Life Papa Roach 3:21

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Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Comments

Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Reviews

  • Change isn’t always good

    Yikes. I’ve been a PRoach fan since 2000. They’ve never made an album I didn’t like, but we’re 4 songs into this one and I haven’t enjoyed any of them. Bands change - I get that, but this is just sad. They sound like every other trash electronic “rock” band out there now. Why can’t bands just play their instruments anymore? The production and vibe are terrible. I hope this is a bump in the road...likely the first PRoach album I don’t buy.
  • Love this!

    I don’t understand some of the review comments. Of course a band isn’t going to maintain the same sound they did 20 years ago. That would make them stagnant. Most bands don’t make it this far so I know people just aren’t used to that. Papa Roach continues to grow and get better which is exactly what we expect from such a great band. You guys are awesome! Thank you for playing at Camp Humphreys, S. Korea. We really appreciate it and really enjoyed the show! I can’t wait to see you guys again!
  • Amazing as always

    Hi Kya fun
    Papa roach is amazing and my favorite band and these songs are amazing 😁
  • Terrible

    I don’t even know what to say.
  • Far cry, but fun

    This is a far cry from Infest and Lovehatetradgety. Fun riffs. Reminds me of an earlier era of music, just not theirs. Rehashed licks and a California pop rock sound. Just from the pre releases anyway. Still a good listen. My taste in their music is more along the lines of their song “Binge”, “Between Angels and Insects” and “Born with Nothing, Die with Everything” just for reference.
  • Greatest artists of all time returns!

    Kunye vest
    These guys are amazing! This album is so different and unique it innovates art on so many levels....they bring all kinds of rock and different genres and combine them cohesively. The soundscapes they create is incredible!!! These songs are beautiful and really there is nothing like it!! This is going to be the greatest album and work of art of all time! All the soundscapes they create will bring so many complex levels of emotion and creativity that many generations will follow and remember this band! This is their best album! They get better and better. I know they will pull back all their old fans and create a ton of new ones! The rock!

    GRASSMAN 4:20
    Put the rest of it out a then make a call until then just wait 3 songs sound good so far !
  • It’s time for the change

    JR for the killers
    Great music.
  • mixed feelings....🤷🏻‍♀️

    so out of the 3 singles, none of the songs take enough risk, barely drawing me in or keeping me hooked, and songs could be more fierce. album definitely Needs more screaming and rage… If they replicate “crooked teeth” (the song) their music would be so much better. i might see these guys in concert --they are touring with shinedown and asking alexandria (both of which i love) so hopefully PR's music sounds better live.
  • disappointing

    papa roach changed their style one too many times to adjust to this pop/alternative craze. im no longer a fan and will not be purchasing

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