Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust?

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Artist :   Papa Roach
Album Name :   Who Do You Trust?
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   12
Relase Date :   18 January 2019
Country :   USA

Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Ending Papa Roach 3:29
2. Renegade Music Papa Roach 3:29
3. Not the Only One Papa Roach 3:25
4. Who Do You Trust? Papa Roach 3:16
5. Elevate Papa Roach 3:11
6. Come Around Papa Roach 3:30
7. Feel like Home Papa Roach 3:10
8. Problems Papa Roach 3:03
9. Top of the World Papa Roach 3:53
10. I Suffer Well Papa Roach 1:21
11. Maniac Papa Roach 3:20
12. Better Than Life Papa Roach 3:21

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Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Comments

Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach) Album Reviews

  • Love PR but this isn't PR

    Like the title and others have said, this isn't Papa Roach. One of the few things PR brought to the music scene was stuff people could relate too, you could feel the emotions with each riff, each pounding of the drum, and each note being pelted out into the world. Sorry, but this simply doesn't cut it. Bring back the old PR.
  • Throw me more... more 💚

    Favorite artist. Love this collection. Never disappointed in Papa Roach.
  • A step too far...

    PR has changed a lot, and I've liked just about everything they've put out since beginning to make their changes and grow as a band. This took the changes a little too far for me. There's only 4 songs that I think are worthwhile on this album, which is a little disappointing since there's usually only 1 or 2 songs (if any) that I wouldn't want to listen to on repeat.
  • Love it!!!

    I listen to the entire album 3 or 4 times a night. The Ending, Come Around and Better than Life are my favorite. Thank you for the music guys! ❤️👏🏻
  • Not entirely a fan

    I like PR. Their last album was my favorite album of last year with banger after banger. Even my favorite bands don't drop albums where I like every song anymore, so Crooked Teeth was extremely impressive. This... this is pretty much poop. I do like the first 3 songs, but after that it's pretty unbearable. It sounds like they tried to imitate All Time Low or ADTR and it's just not them. I'm down for experimenting - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This unfortunately did not work. I look forward to the next album
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

    Their sound is way different than their last album, and not in a good way.
  • Has some good songs. Maniac!

    This album does not contain hit after hit, but it does has some good songs, “maniac” for example. Listen to the entire album in full on Apple music, Tidal, Spotify, etc....
  • Overthought and over produced trash

    eMpTy Element
    These dudes... lol Almost 20 years into releasing music into the mainstream and this is the record they wanted their fans to have? I’m all for evolution and growing as musicians. This is not growth. This is cheap, straight up sellout in mind, over produced nonsense. Nothing about this record speaks to anyone or anything... they wrote songs they hoped people would find catchy and mailed it. Garbage
  • Solid album

    The sound changes, yes at first it sounds cheap. But after a little it grows and gets catchy. Not as much raw emotion as the other albums such as crooked teeth and Between angels and insects but nevertheless a solid album. Great live performers as well. Great concert and always reveal these songs quite well
  • Too much experimenting

    When they had new material coming out, I was excited. However, when the best track is the lead track "The Ending", that's where I got off the train. I'm usually an advocate for change and evolution, but when I like P.O.D. better than Papa Roach (I've never really liked P.O.D.), yeah it says something for me.

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