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Artist :   Anderson .Paak
Album Name :   Oxnard
Genre :   Hip-Hop/Rap
Tracks :   14
Relase Date :   16 November 2018
Country :   USA

Oxnard (Anderson .Paak) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Chase (feat. Kadhja Bonet) Anderson .Paak 3:23
2. Headlow (feat. Norelle) Anderson .Paak 4:10
3. Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Anderson .Paak 4:28
4. Who R U? Anderson .Paak 2:48
5. 6 Summers Anderson .Paak 4:42
6. Saviers Road Anderson .Paak 2:24
7. Smile / Petty Anderson .Paak 4:42
8. Mansa Musa (feat. Dr. Dre & Cocoa Sarai) Anderson .Paak 2:53
9. Brother's Keeper (feat. Pusha T) Anderson .Paak 4:14
10. Anywhere (feat. Snoop Dogg & the Last Ar.. Anderson .Paak 3:46
11. Trippy (feat. J. Cole) Anderson .Paak 5:23
12. Cheers (feat. Q-Tip) Anderson .Paak 5:34
13. Sweet Chick (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid) Anderson .Paak 3:57
14. Left to Right Anderson .Paak 3:55

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Oxnard (Anderson .Paak) Album Comments

Oxnard (Anderson .Paak) Album Reviews

  • Not bad

    ryan herry heller
    This is great but this is the problem where’s bubblin?
  • Definetely

    Since Kendrick j Cole snoop dr dre and pusha t are on this, this will be a fire album no doubt. And you are a really great songwriter
  • Yeah baby

    This here is a slamming classic
  • Where’s Bubblin

    Can’t wait for the album. Know it’s going to be tight. But where is Bubblin on the album?
  • Rare

    As someone who cut his teeth on Mowtown and the 60’s, this is a significant musician/songwriter reminiscent of Gaye or Redding. Truly an artist and a treasure.
  • Inspiration

    Jagwar Dot
    All Three Albums By This Man Has Been Classic From Venice, To Malibu (Which Is My Favorite BTW), To NxWorries (Which Is Him & Knxwledge) - Yes Lawd! Even Though This Is His 3rd Solo Album, Everything He Touches Turns Into A Master Jam, So Wthout A Doubt I Know This Will Be A Hit As Well. Even If It Isn't He's Had An Amazing Streak So ONE Bad/Decent Album Is Ok In My Book.
  • I’m so ready for this...

    My favorite artist by far since his Breezy Lovejoy days! Tints with its almost throwback roller skate jam vibe is an amazing teaser to this album. I’m truly looking forward to it!
  • .Paak coming in with the heat!

    So many slim shadys
    Love the first single! I hope the rest of the album is just as good!
  • This guy really from Oxnard?

    I haven't heard the full album, but this guy apparently reps the Lemonwood/Channel Islands/Hueneme scene. A bit different from the old school, south side Colonia - El Rio rappers (Mr. Happs, etc). He got some high profile names featured in a lot of his tracks so we'll see how this plays out.
  • Obviously

    Billy III
    Let’s not kid ourselves

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